ISIS Continues Unabated While Leaders Continue to Look Dumbfounded

March 24, 2016 at 7:10 AM

It seems the only thing the world knows how to do is "mourn" and become "saddened" by the atrocities committed by radical Islamists.

It seems the only thing the world knows how to do is “mourn” and become “saddened” by the atrocities committed by radical Islamists.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Brussels suicide bombing, which killed 34 people and injured many more, is simply the latest in the ongoing butchering by the Islamic group known as ISIS. Of course, the tragedy is that leaders like President Obama have tried to quiet fears by telling the world that ISIS is on the run or is losing its power. The plain fact of the matter is that this is most certainly not the case.

In the past year, we’ve seen numerous attacks in France and other parts of Europe and now Brussels. The problem in Brussels, as in other countries, is the build-up of Muslims in a concentrated form. Over the past few decades, Muslims moved into Brussels on work permits and even though that program was halted, the Muslims that were already there were allowed to stay. Beyond this, those Muslims used a loophole in the legal system to bring over family members. Between that and the high birth rate of Muslim children, the Muslim population in Brussels quickly grew to a hefty 300,000. It allowed several Muslim men to be elected to city council where they immediately began to move things in the direction they wanted them to go.

What is also interesting is that whenever Muslims like these speak about politics, etc., you will hear them say how “compatible” Sharia law is with whatever country they happen to be in and the laws there. It is amazing how – to them – Sharia is always compatible with every set of laws imaginable, even the U. S. Constitution! But clearly, this is not true, because their repeated goal is to change the laws of those lands so that Sharia and only Sharia becomes the law of the land.

Beyond this, what is also most interesting is how Christianity and Christians are still routinely denigrated, yet Muslims are a “protected” culture so it is, at the very least, inadvisable to speak out against the atrocities that are committed in the name of Allah. But here in America, people come unglued when legislatures attempt to pass laws that will actually cement the protective hedge that should already be in place for religious organizations, under the 1st Amendment. While the common complaint is that these laws are discriminatory and therefore should not be enacted, the truth is that churches should not be forced to go against their religious beliefs to marry people of the same-sex, or hire people who do not agree with their particular ideology.

We know of the problems that Christians have faced when refusing to bake a cake for same-sex couples. The media trips over itself to ensure that this information gets out there in order to show how “bigoted” Christians are where same-sex marriages are concerned. Yet, this same media dutifully and completely ignores the same issue when it involves Muslim bakeries, as seen in the video below.

The reality is that there is a concerted effort behind ISIS and Islam in general to show them as the victim, not the victimizer. This is not only disingenuous, but in reality, quite the lie.

In Muslim countries, gay people are routinely executed for being gay. People found committing adultery are often taken out to the public square and stoned to death or beaten to death with rods. These barbarisms are not only ignored by the media, but militant gay groups have little to nothing to say either. It’s almost as though they’ve been told to ignore it. The question is why?

The truth of the matter is that the attack on Christianity and Christians is heating up. The goal is to wipe out what is seen as nonconformity so that the world can move on toward peace and unity. It clearly cannot do that if those darn Christians keep demanding their constitutional rights.

With Justice Antonin Scalia now dead, there is the real possibility that a more liberal-minded justice will be put in his place on the Supreme Court. If that happens, then we might eventually see the 2nd Amendment and even the 1st take huge hits…in the name of unity – one for all and all for one mentality.

ISIS will not stop until they are stopped, but it appears quite clear that too many world leaders have a plan and the plan is to tell us that ISIS is on the run and they have been diminished while in truth, they are actually growing in strength. I’m quite surprised that there are not more suicide attacks throughout the world and/or in America especially. It may not be long before they start to occur with more regularity on American shores.

Of course, if/when this happens, the emphasis will be on the need to create more anti-gun laws or as some media commentators harped after the Boston Marathon Bombing, that if not for the NRA, the suicide bombers would not have been able to have gotten gun powder to make explosives. The path from gun powder to suicide bombers was circuitous with credulity stretched to the limit, but that doesn’t bother most people today since they long ago gave up on thinking critically, if in fact, they ever possessed that ability.

The truth seems to be that the people in control – call them the elite, the globalists, the oligarchy or what have you – appear to be using ISIS and radical elements within Islam in order to foment change throughout society. The one, big thing these leaders want seems to be the eradication of Christianity and the public face of it. I’m sure as far as they’re concerned, it’s “okay” if we Christians remain Christians as long as we keep it to ourselves, however, there will come a time when Christians will be chased down and executed because of their refusal to worship the coming man of lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2; Revelation 13). What we are seeing in society now is simply warming up to that overall goal.

So, as Christians, what can we do? Aside from praying, continuing to live lives that bring glory to God, and evangelizing the lost, there isn’t much. Though it might appear otherwise, God has the situation completely in hand. He’s allowing the things to take place because of His goals that He will bring to fruition.

As things heat up, it will likely make more Christians feel powerless. We cannot give into it though. We can and should resist evil and we can and should use the laws at hand to protect ourselves. However, there will come a day when laws won’t mean much, if anything, and we will be stripped of our rights.

ISIS and radicalized Islam will continue for as long as they are allowed to continue. From what the Bible appears to indicate, it may well be part and parcel of the upcoming seven-year Tribulation period. It would appear as though world leaders are using Islamic forces to eradicate the things that are no longer wanted or will be tolerated in the world. This is why it seems that nothing is really being done to stop ISIS and other radicalized elements within Islam. In reality, nothing is being done to stop them because these elements are being used by the elite to further their agenda. It is supposed that the double talk will hide the truth sufficiently.

What this means is that more suicide attacks will occur and the world will “mourn” in great sadness, as if this and this alone will cause Islamists to wake up and realize how reprehensible they are being. They don’t care. What they do, they do for Allah. This is what they believe and nothing except force against them will help them understand that they are absolutely wrong. The problem of course, is that world leaders will not use force against them as long as they are using these radical elements to foment change in society. These world leaders tell us one thing but their actions speak far louder than their words. We see what’s going on and their real lack of action against radical Islam is all we need to provide the truth about the situation.

The elite do not care about the individuals in society. We are all expendable as far as they’re concerned. God is allowing it because we must remember that God is allowing Satan to attempt to fulfill his promises of Isaiah 14, ending in his “I shall be like the Most High” promise. This is what it is all about. The elite have no clue that they are being used by Satan himself, but it is clearly spelled out in the Bible.

In the meantime, live for God, love the lost, and allow Him to work in and through you so that others will come to see their need for Jesus and the only salvation that is truly available to all people.

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