Enemies of Freedom Continue to Trash 1st Amendment

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The enemies of freedom only refer to Jesus when it serves their selfish purposes. To protect religious liberty today, is viewed as "hate."

The enemies of freedom only refer to Jesus when it serves their selfish purposes. To protect religious liberty today, is viewed as “hate.” Apparently, the 1st Amendment is now considered hate-speech.

You’ve no doubt heard that legislation in the state of Georgia (and other states) has passed the legislative body and is heading to Gov. Nathan Deal’s desk for signature into law. The legislation – named the Religious Liberty Bill, so named because of its protection of 1st Amendment rights for religious organizations – wouldn’t be needed if people (and I’m talking to leftists here mainly) took the 1st Amendment seriously.

The bill…declares that no pastor can be forced to perform a same-sex wedding.

The bill also grants faith-based organizations – churches, religious schools or associations – the right to reject holding events for people or groups of whom they object. Faith-based groups also could not be forced to hire or retain an employee whose beliefs run counter to the organization’s.

No pastor of any church should be forced to marry anyone including those with whom that pastor disagrees ideologically or theologically. Unfortunately, the mentality that is becoming the norm in America is guided and built by Cultural Marxism, which determines truth based on felt emotion. It’s 100% asinine, yet there it is and no one cares that it’s asinine.

Should a Muslim Imam be forced to marry people who are not Muslim? Should a Jewish Rabbi be forced to do the same? Should Christians have to marry people who are outside the Christian faith? Moreover, should any pastor, Imam, or rabbi be forced to marry people who are not in agreement with the individuals wanting to be married?

But what does the left say about it?

It’s appalling that anti-equality extremists in the legislature are trying to ignore the will of the people of Georgia…

The will of the people has nothing to do with truth! The Constitution of the United States determines the laws of this land. Moreover, because someone shouts discrimination does not mean that discrimination actually occurs. Why should any pastor be forced to marry people with whom that pastor does not agree? Moreover, why should any church be forced to rent its facilities to anyone with whom the church leadership does not agree?

So now the corporations are getting involved. Besides Coca-Cola and a few others, Marvel and Disney have both said they will stop filming in Georgia if the bill passes because it appears discriminatory. Never mind that Christians are being discriminated against on a daily basis. None of that matters. The only thing that matters is that there is no appearance of discrimination with respect to the gay community. That’s all that matters.

The really, truly asinine thing about non-discrimination clauses is that, in theory, they work fine, but in reality, they don’t. There is always the chance that someone is going to be offended or discriminated against.

Here’s a perfect example of how the left discriminates, sometimes without even realizing, when they try to come off as being magnanimous and widely accepting. Here’s a paragraph from the book Hollywood Gays, by Boze Hadleigh. The book is a bit of an expose on 10 specific gay men in Hollywood, all of whom are now dead, but the author was able to interview all of them prior to their deaths. Granted, the book is about gays in Hollywood and the perception that Hollywood attempts to portray even though the gay community in Hollywood has been there from the start (see Behind the Screen – How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood 1910-1969, by William J. Mann).

In discussing the anti-homosexual attitudes (homophobic) that tend to reign in America and even in Hollywood despite the fact that gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in Hollywood seem to be more of the norm than heterosexuals), author Hadleigh recounts what one writer noted about Braveheart.

L.A. Reader critic Andy Klein pointed out that Braveheard – directed, coproduced by, and starring [Mel] Gibson – includes a sorry scene played for laughs: throwing a gay man out of the window to his death. And although the film purports to be historical – had the incident occurred, its inclusion would be justifiable though not the tone of levity and satisfaction – this episode (involving royalty) never happened. Therefore, the gratuitous and hate-mongering scene presents homophobia as ‘entertainment’ at a time when gay-bashings and murders are at an all-time high.

With the above, I would agree. No one should be doing that kind of thing in a movie, trying to pass it off as historical accuracy when it clearly wasn’t. And by the way, there is good potential that Alexander the Great was gay as were numerous other leaders. The Roman Empire had their fair share of gay men as soldiers and leaders. It’s not as if gays did not exist. I don’t disagree with the above statements I’ve quoted. However, let’s look carefully at Hadleigh’s follow-up comment regarding the above situation with Braveheart. He states…

Imagine the same scene being filmed, or viewed, with any other minority as victim…

Really Mr. Hadleigh? We should only consider that same scene if a minority is involved? That automatically excludes white men and as far as most are concerned, also excludes white women. Whites are often victims of heinous crimes perpetrated by blacks or other minorities yet they are rarely, if ever, charged as “hate-crimes.”

But again, this is the way the left – enemies of freedom – think. Whether they’re bashing the Religious Liberty Law to protect pastors and churches of all faiths and denominations or implying that true crimes only occur against protected people groups, the fact of the matter is that they’re constantly trying to change the narrative so that actual truth is silenced in favor of their created truth.

In reality, if people revered the 1st Amendment (as well as the other amendments of the Constitution), state legislatures would not have to go the extra mile and create legislation that attempts to shores up any loopholes where people of faith are concerned.

Here’s an example of a Muslim baker refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple (undercover video). Where’s the outrage? Where’s the cries of concern and shouts of “discrimination!”? The fact that the media remains silent about this simply proves the agenda.

It’s a shame that in today’s world, if you’re a Christian, you can expect to be harassed, denigrated, shoved to the side and threatened with lawsuits and/or jail time if you dare to practice your Christianity. The same most assuredly does not apply to people of other faiths.

Here’s the text of the 1st Amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Where does it allow for being infringed based on anything? It doesn’t and because it is being infringed, lawmakers feel the need to shore things up. In doing so, they are being wrongly accused of being “discriminatory” or worse. This is the way the enemies of freedom work. If they can’t win in court, they’ll shout loud enough to shut you down and be in your face while they do so.

The whole thing is a sham and we know the spiritual being behind all of it, don’t we?

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