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Mr. Obama: A Failure or a Success?

I realize that many will think I’m simply bashing Mr. Obama, but in truth, he has not stopped bashing Bush and the GOP since he took over, or at least since the GOP gained a majority in the Senate.

For an indepth look at Mr. Obama’s failed campaign promises, feel free to head on over to Jon’s website, which can be found here:

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The Middle East Predicament

I read a great article by Gary Stearman from the latest Prophecy in the News magazine. In it, he reminded all of us that the rhetoric coming from Hamas is murderous. In other words, they will not be content until they have taken all of Jerusalem for themselves. The Prime Minister of Hamas – Ismail Haniyeh – “reiterated on Saturday that his organization will never recognize Israel and will never give up on Jerusalem…” [1]

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What is the True Purpose of Prayer?

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, praying, and writing…about prayer. It’s a deep subject and one that tends to confuse. Why should we pray? For whom should we pray? How often should we pray? Why are some prayers answered in the affirmative while others are answered in the negative? What does God want from us? The list of questions goes on.

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Poor Mr. Obama…

I have to say I’m sick of all the bleeding hearts who believe that at every turn Mr. Obama has tried to do right by the American people and failed either because of Bush’s failed policies or because the GOP simply says ‘no.’ Such is the life of a liberal who seems unable to see the trees for the forest.

Some don’t like it when I complain about Mr. Obama or his policies. That’s too bad as Bush got enough flack from every quarter and most of the news media was completely against him. Even Michelle Obama admits that the news media has treated them kindly. They’ve treated them too kindly, in my opinion.

Where is the media with Solyndra? Why aren’t they getting to the bottom of the situation? There are so many things the media has simply chosen to ignore because it is not expedient for them to have to deal with them. If they deal with them, they are admitting that there are chinks in Mr. Obama’s armor.

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770 MILLION U.S. Dollars Sent to Repair or Reburbish Foreign Mosques

You know, it boggles the mind. In a time when this administration is suggesting that the interest deduction for homeowners be eliminated, it continues to send some 770 million U.S. dollars to foreign countries to help repair their mosques.

I believe this program began with either Clinton or Bush, yet it continues today in spite of the fact that we simply do not have the money to do it and when this administration is looking for new ways to either tax Americans or do away with tax deductions (ultimately, the same thing) that we’ve enjoyed for generations.

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One of Our Newest Books – Under Grace – Available Free Through Kindle!

Get “Under Grace” through Kindle free!

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Even MORE Reasons to Love Georgia!

Apparently, and very recently, “Georgia citizens today delivered sworn testimony to a court that Barack Obama is slam-dunk disqualified from having his name on the 2012 presidential ballot in the state, because his father never was a U.S. citizen, which prevents him from qualifying as a “natural-born citizen” as the U.S. Constitution requires for a president.” [1]

What that means essentially is that Georgians will not be voting for the man even if they want to because he is completely and legally ineligible. I tell ya what…that makes me happier than a pig sipping his swill! Shoot.

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Interpreting the Bible and the Anti-Supernatural Bias of Ex-Christians Free!

On Saturday, January 28th, you can download the Kindle version of either of these books completely free of charge!  It’s one day only so get ’em while they’re hot and free!

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Two Free Books Through Kindle Direct Publishing!

Enjoy two free books from Kindle on January 25, 2012!

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Jesus as Creator

The problem with trying to understand Jesus as God has to do with the fact that He was also a Man. There was a duality within Jesus that no other man has ever or will ever experience.

Jesus was fully God and after incarnating as Man, was also fully Man. He is the GodMan. Because of that, confusion arises as to the reality of Jesus.

We see passages of Scripture like that of John 5:30 which states, “I can do nothing on My own initiative. As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is just, because I do not seek My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.” This makes us think, “See? Jesus really doesn’t have the power in and of Himself. He can’t be God.” This is a misnomer because at times like these, Jesus was simply responding to life’s circumstances as a Man would do.

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