770 MILLION U.S. Dollars Sent to Repair or Reburbish Foreign Mosques

January 27, 2012 at 6:54 AM 6 comments

You know, it boggles the mind.  In a time when this administration is suggesting that the interest deduction for homeowners be eliminated, it continues to send some 770 million U.S. dollars to foreign countries to help repair their mosques.

I believe this program began with either Clinton or Bush, yet it continues today in spite of the fact that we simply do not have the money to do it and when this administration is looking for new ways to either tax Americans or do away with tax deductions (ultimately, the same thing) that we’ve enjoyed for generations.

Why is the United States sending ANY money abroad to help repair mosques?  Churches are not being refurbished; just mosques.  In fact, churches are being destroyed by radical Muslims throughout numerous places in Africa alone.

The Muslim Brotherhood has essentially gained the majority in Egypt, something that Mossad Yousef said would “never” happen because there are allegedly too many young people who want Democracy.  Well, it happened and in spite of them and their desires.

The United States does not have the money to continue refurbishing mosques anywhere.  If they want them rebuilt, repaired, or refurbished, let the country they are in do it without American dollars.

This situation is so asinine, it’s pitiful.  This country is in dire straights and while some might think that 770 million dollars compared to the overall deficit is nothing, the truth is that this is only one program that is helping to push this country toward bankruptcy.  So far, all this administration can do is blame the GOP in spite of the fact that for the first two years or so of his presidency, Mr. Obama had a majority Congress that was in his favor.  Rather than own up to his own problems, he continues blaming Bush or the GOP.  Get over it already and repair our OWN country.

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  • 1. Eileen Plunkett  |  September 17, 2012 at 5:05 PM


    • 2. modres  |  September 17, 2012 at 5:38 PM

      I’m not sure of your point. I did not say that the program BEGAN with Obama, but unfortunately, he is allowing it to continue. At a time when that type of money could better be spent here at home, I don’t believe any president of either party has any right to continue to waste that kind of money on foreign projects. Maybe you disagree and certainly, you’re entitled.

      Regarding factchecks, I frankly have my doubts about many of these sites that supposedly dispense just the facts and nothing but the facts. Snopes is another one that has been caught in numerous lies.

      The best type of fact checking is done by perusing numerous websites and resources to find out what they ALL have to say and then go from there.

      My whole point is this: should THAT type of money be spent on foreign projects when there is plenty of work that same amount of money could be doing here at home?

      At the same time, the United States has given billions of dollars annually to Egypt for the past four years. With respect to the way they are treating Americans, should that money continue to be given to them? Why isn’t that money being used at home, here in America?

      I think under the severe economic conditions that this country is in – and considering that Mr. Obama in less than four years has added 6 TRILLION dollars to our national debt, WHY for goodness sakes, are we continuing to send BILLIONS of dollars to other countries? It’s insane and needs to stop!

  • 3. Sherry  |  January 27, 2012 at 11:56 AM

    And our nation’s homeless could use the help that kind of monety would provide. When are we going to have a president who takes care of our own backyard? I mean, if the U.S. government is intent on taking tax money for social services shouldn’t it be in the U.S. only?

    Maybe this is the form of jizya…

  • 4. Sherry  |  January 27, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    Reblogged this on quotes and notes and opinions.

  • 5. Mike Ritter  |  January 27, 2012 at 9:16 AM

    Now that I’ve read your diatribe, let’s do a little research (since you didn’t cite any programs or real facts) and set the record straight. The 770 million dollar program was first funded in 1984 (under Reagan) that dealt with a sewer system in Cairo. Because the mosque was in the low water area, it needed repairs. The amount spent on rhe mosque was 2.3 million. The sewer project ended in 2006. The USAID did spend $15 million on a 1300 year old mosque, Roman tower, & a Greek Orthodox church. Actually, many of the mosques and churches that were repaired have been associated with each religion over the years. There is a program that was signed by Clinton late 2000, under republican Congress, but first grants were not awarded until Bush took office. The program is called Ambassabors Fund for Cultural Preservation. Apparently the report from WSB-TV was very misleading and factually incorrect. It’s a shame the reporter didn’t do his homework. Check the actual figures with the USAID. When you’re biased and trying to sensationalize a story, you leave out the real facts. Unfortunately people take as the gospel and treat it as fact.

    The last part of your statement again doesn’t reflect reality. You mention the first 2 years of Obama’s presidency. Let’s look at the facts: deepest recession since the depression. The recession ended in summer of 2010. This train wreck stated in 2001 with 2 unfunded wars, Huge tax breaks paid with borrowed money. The housing bubble, and loss of jobs. When Obama took office we were losing as many as 750,000 jobs per month! That problem doesn’t stop overnight or even quickly! Simple Econ 101. Now we’ve seen economic growth, millions of jobs have been created since the end of recession. Many companies are reporting record profits. But companies like Verizon pay their exec’s millions while cutting jobs and benefits! It’s no wonder Congress, and espicially the repub House has lower ratings than the President… It’s a do nothing house. Most of what they pass won’t make it in the Senate, so they do it for show. And for almost all legislation to pass in the Senate, you need 60 votes.

    As a suggestion for several of your shows, why not have an honest discussion about Christianity, Islam, and Judism. I would love to see a Muslim defend and justify the part of Sharia Law (criminal aspect) and its barbaric punishments. But more importantly there are many aspects of the 3 religions that are the same.

    • 6. modres  |  January 27, 2012 at 10:16 AM

      Diatribe? Hardy, Mike. What YOU’VE written is a diatribe.

      We can bounce facts around ’til the cows come home and neither of us would be convinced about the other’s position.

      The problem though stems from the fact that Mr. Obama no sooner took office and decided rather than jobs, his first “fix” would be instituting a multi-trillion dollar tax-based approach to healthcare.

      Since he has been in office, he has SPENT, SPENT, SPENT.

      He has NOT created private sector jobs.

      I can continue with a litany of problems, but I’m sure you would not see them as problems generating from this administration. As Mr. Obama likes to blame first Bush and now the Republicans, that tendency seems to run in the “family” of Dems and liberals.

      The reason the GOP tends to say “no” to the president is simple: nearly EVERY one of his wants has to do with raising taxes on the Middle Class. Any idea just how many hidden taxes were built into the Obama healthcare package? But Congress had to “pass it to see what was in it,” right? What a joke.

      You’re probably a gov’t worker, a college student, or on some other entitlement program. I’m not, so for me to have more taken out of my paycheck is a bit much.

      You obviously believe that taxing the rich will somehow create more jobs. Warren Buffet owes 1 BILLION in taxes and he’s fighting it. How much has Michael Moore paid?

      Taxing large companies like Verizon does not create jobs. It’s ridiculous to think so.

      You are obviously happy with the way Mr. Obama has done with nearly four years under his belt. It’s ABYSMAL, Mike. Absolutely absymal.

      He continues to offer no real solutions to the problem and loves to play the blame game.

      Regarding the “three main religions,” can you please show me where Jesus lived a life of violence? Can you also show me where He carried a weapon? Can you show me how He was far more concerned with legalities of the law rather than love for His fellow human being.

      You can compare all three major religions if you want to, Mike, but it would be an exercise in stupidity.

      What you NEED to do is compare Founders – Jesus vs. Muhammad.

      Mike, it is clear we are on completely different ends of the spectrum here. What is the point to this discussion? There is none. It’s simply an argument; a one-upmanship thing.

      I hate playing that game. I’ve debated enough over my lifetime for several lifetimes. No one ever wins – no one.

      If you’re one of the people who believe that because I have a blog, I am somehow automatically inviting debate, you’re wrong. This is my blog. I write about what I wish to write about. If you want to debate me, then start a blog and quote me and debate my words until your hands turn to stone. Go for it.

      Just don’t do it here. That’s not the purpose of my blog, all right?

      Far more intelligent people than you or I have debated these same issues and if you can name one person who has changed their viewpoint because of those debates, I’d be amazed. The big names who constantly go back and forth are giving YOU and ME the information we use here.

      People accuse me of being a mouthpiece for FOX News. I hardly ever listen to them. I watch CNN more. More importantly, I normally get my news and information from independent sources that don’t worry about trying to placate their “corporate” sponsors. People who believe that the liberal media is unbiased are naive to say the least. No large media bureau is unbiased – including FOX News.

      C’mon dude, take your opinion and keep it to yourself or your blog. You KNOW I’m not going to convince you of anything.

      I do not understand why people like you even follow this blog. It’s clear you are here solely as a dissenting voice.

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