Poor Mr. Obama…

January 27, 2012 at 10:59 AM 4 comments

I have to say I’m sick of all the bleeding hearts who believe that at every turn Mr. Obama has tried to do right by the American people and failed either because of Bush’s failed policies or because the GOP simply says ‘no.’ Such is the life of a liberal who seems unable to see the trees for the forest.

Some don’t like it when I complain about Mr. Obama or his policies.  That’s too bad as Bush got enough flack from every quarter and most of the news media was completely against him.  Even Michelle Obama admits that the news media has treated them kindly.  They’ve treated them too kindly, in my opinion.

Where is the media with Solyndra? Why aren’t they getting to the bottom of the situation? There are so many things the media has simply chosen to ignore because it is not expedient for them to have to deal with them.  If they deal with them, they are admitting that there are chinks in Mr. Obama’s armor.

It seemed like the very day Bush took office (actually way before because of the debacle with the election and all those voting cards), the media would not give him any room to make a mistake.  From the way he pronounced words (or left them out) to the way he responded when terrorism declared war on the United States, nothing the man could do was ever good enough.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I am by no means a George W. Bush-worshipper.  In fact, there are any numbers of things he did that I completely disagree with, but I’m talking about the media and how they hated Bush and love Obama.  They loved Clinton and hated Bush Sr.  It’s almost categorical down the line knowing how the media would come out and what they would say.

There is precious little to no real journalism when it comes to the Obama Administration.  Chris Matthews and too many like him seem unable to suck up to Mr. Obama enough.  What I object to are people who believe that he was handed such a raw deal from Bush that it is impossible for him to really do anything about it during his first term as president!

Mr. Obama himself said (just after or just before being elected) that he would rather be a great one-term president than a mediocre two-term one.  He seemed at that point to understand that he was inheriting problems but also seemed determined to fix them and understood that he needed to work quickly to do just that.

In other words, Mr. Obama WAY back during the days of his campaign seemed to clearly understand what he was up against, yet he was not dissuaded from moving forward.  He was going to solve our problems.  Change was coming.  Now, nearly four years later, he continues to blame Bush and the GOP in spite of the fact that Congress was overwhelmingly Democratic for the first two years of his presidency.  What changed?  Either Mr. Obama was way too optimistic or he is a completely inept president.  I think it was a combination of both.

We expect something from our public employees and those in Congress and in the White House are on the public dole whether they care to admit it or not.  We expect them to be leaders, not destroyers.  Too many in Congress are concerned with their pet projects (“I want all guns to be outlawed!” “I’m here to ensure that all women everywhere can have abortions any time, any place, and at the tax payer’s cost!”, etc.) and far too few seem to care about the little person.

Is it any wonder that people are so upset and want HUGE change in our government?  It has become so bloated that it’s leaking lard and still some legislators and the president want to add MORE debt to an out of control debt-cycle.  When does it stop?  Where does it stop?

If people think I’m taking Mr. Obama to task simply because I do not like the man, they are wrong.  I’m taking Mr. Obama to task because of his failed Marxist policies.  He seems to have no real agenda other than making the government larger at the taxpayer’s expense.

I’m sorry that I have to say there is nothing about Mr. Obama that impresses me.  At the same time, there was little about both Bushes that impressed me.  I tend to appreciate Bill Clinton because when he speaks, he seems to BELIEVE what he says and to prove it, he can speak off the cuff.

It’s pretty sad when me – a conservative – can say that I would prefer Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama, but that’s the truth at least for me.

If people reading my blog don’t like it, that’s really their problem, isn’t it?  No one is forcing anyone to read my blog and in fact, if NO ONE read my blog, I would still be posting solely because it is a catharsis for me.  This is one way in which I let off steam and get my thoughts in order.  I also play the drums and other musical instruments and I wouldn’t like anyone sitting there listening to me play drums telling me how badly I was doing.  It’s for fun and relaxation.

If you love Mr. Obama, that’s fine.  Do that.  Love the man.  I WISH I had respect for him, but I don’t.  Even with that, I do not refer to him as anything but Mr. Obama, so I’m doing my best to show respect for someone I have little to no respect for and believe me, it is difficult.  He is called so many names and I refuse to participate in that because it’s simply wrong.

But don’t think that because you happen to love Mr. Obama that you have the right to come here and tell me that I cannot dislike the man and his policies.  For you to do so is the highest form of demagoguery whether you think so or not.  I hope I’ve made myself clear but if not…feel free to read this entire post again….and again, until it sinks in.

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  • 2. JMCS  |  January 28, 2012 at 1:10 AM

    Mr. Obama has not the slightest bit of shame. He got us deeper in debt. He blamed his failures on the congress. And worst of all, he plans on running for president further.

  • 3. Sherry  |  January 27, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    Well said. Be prepared for the “racist” tag on your good name. 😕

    • 4. modres  |  January 27, 2012 at 12:51 PM

      Ah, what’s new? 🙂

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