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Stop with the Lip Service

The fear of the LORD is the true basis for living the Christian life where the rubber meets the road and in a way that pleases God. That, I believe, is how we are “filled” with the Spirit and empowered to live a life that brings Him much glory. It is not some ethereal, mystical “infilling” that we are to look for, but a real understanding and growth of the fear of the LORD that transforms us from within so that our lives become more naturally filled with His character and likeness. Because the changes come from within us, living the Christian life becomes far more natural to us.

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Three Men and God

Everything we fear actually becomes the very thing we worship, because we are giving precedence and importance to that thing or person, whether or not we are willing to admit that. We must work to actively fear the LORD and by doing so, will push out everything else that vies for our attention and adoration.

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Discerning the Times: CV-19 and Fear God, Shun Evil

But what is interesting about Job is even though he feared the LORD at the outset, God allowed Satan to put that fear of the LORD to the test. What is fascinating about the whole thing is that Job came out of the entire situation with an even greater fear of the LORD! This should speak to us all as a reminder that we can never fear God enough in this life. There is always another level of fearing the LORD that we must seek to develop. In fact, our fear of the LORD will not be perfected in this life, but only when we receive our glorified bodies and our sin natures are removed.

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Discerning the Times: Nehemiah, The Chosen and CV-19

I tell you this so that your main focus will be the cultivation of the fear of the LORD. As a result, whether you find you have immense empathy for people and a desire to help them or you react toward sin the way Nehemiah did, we should always realize that without fear of the LORD, these things are often done from our flesh.

Teach me Your way, O LORD; I will walk in Your truth; Unite my heart to fear Your name. (Psalm 86:11 NKJV)

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Whom or What Do You Fear?

Nehemiah moved ahead with the king’s permission in spite of the terrorist threats from his enemies he encountered. In fact, not only did Nehemiah not give into his enemies, but what is interesting is how he stationed some men as guards and soldiers who carried spears and arrows in case of an attack by their enemies. The men who were directly working on the wall had a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other, also prepared to immediately be able to defend themselves in case of attack.

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Nehemiah’s Fear-Based Anger

Nehemiah’s first reaction is one of righteous anger and he remonstrated against those Jews who had created such heavy financial burdens for their Jewish brethren. But what he said next is the main reason for his anger.

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Discerning the Times: Equipping Saints and UFOs

Only as Christians are taught doctrine, theology and all aspects of Scripture, will they be in a far better position to go into the world when they leave church and be ready to provide an answer to anyone who asks about the hope that we have in Christ. We should do this with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15). In that verse, Peter also tells us to “sanctify” our hearts, meaning we should actively and continually separate our hearts to God, ridding ourselves of the things in this world that compete for God’s attention. This must be taught and lived by each Christian in order that they might become better evangelists. Obviously Christians have a responsibility to study the Bible on their own as well.

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We Cannot Atone

I’ve often wondered what Potiphar and his wife may have thought once Joseph became second in command (if they were still alive by that point). I’m quite sure they must have been shaking in their shoes fearing some sort of retribution by Joseph for how badly they had treated him. Yet, the situation is really never mentioned again nor does it appear that Joseph nurtured any sort of resentment in his heart toward them. The fact that years later, he could so fully forgive his own brothers for the part they played in selling him into slavery tells us that Joseph was a man of mercy and truth. This is exactly why Joseph is a type of Christ in Scripture.

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Would You Know God, Pt 2?

In 2 Chronicles 33, we read of horrible king Manasseh, who began his reign at 12 years-old and ruled for fifty-five years in Judah. He was thoroughly idolatrous, even offering his own children to Molech. He also used witchcraft and sorcery (v 6). He was very likely originally advised by counselors who were evil themselves. However, as he became an adult, he alone bore the responsibility of his actions that ultimately caused God to send Assyrian armies to Jerusalem to take Manasseh captive.

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Would You Know God, Pt 1?

The reason “pride goeth before destruction” (Proverbs 16:18), is due solely to the fact that pride replaces fear. The two cannot coexist. It is one or the other. Which lives in you? Which lives in me? We cannot have both. We either want to live in fear of the Lord or we will live in proud ignorance.

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