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“I Had to Be White”

Recently, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson (of Bond Action) stated the following: “White Americans are under assault, and with the re-election of President Barack Obama, black racism is on the rise!” [1] What is amazing – for those who are not aware – is that Rev. Peterson is black, but not only understands what is happening in America with respect to race relations, but is also willing to warn people. This is something those in Washington, DC and Hollywood remain purposefully oblivious to.

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I think there is a HUGE difference between people discussing aspects of what is taught in Scriptures about the end times – times I have repeatedly stated that I believe we are now living in – and those who seem to be thoroughly ensconced in trying to spread as much fear as possible based on what they tell us is happening or going to happen in society.

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Without Jesus, There IS NO Christmas!

Whether atheists or foolish people will ever be willing to admit it or not, Jesus Christ is THE reason for Christmas, period. I’m well aware of the push to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” because the very word “Christmas” is offensive to so many. Ask me if I care?

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Illegal Drugs Often Equals Violent Crime

With all the tragedies we’ve been hearing about in the news of late, it makes you feel like sometimes, you just can’t leave the house. This morning I read that four firefighters in the town of Webster, NY were shot as they arrived at 6:00am to fight a fire. Two of them were wounded critically, while the other two died. How absolutely tragic is that? Our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those firefighters wounded and killed. I cannot imagine dealing with that type of loss.

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Smoking in Movies Accounts for Nearly Half of All Smoking

According to American Academy of Pediatrics, the title of this article is a true statement. In fact, it is part of their findings; their research. They go so far as to state, “There is a lot of research that shows the link between smoking in TV or movies and in children.” [1] That’s remarkable, isn’t it? So what we are being told is that when movies show people smoking, or using tobacco, or even having tobacco products in scenes in movies, young children – because they are impressionable – find their curiosity piqued and are more likely to take up the habit of smoking than if they only watched movies that did not have characters smoking or did not have tobacco products in them.

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What is a Christian to Do?

I was talking with my wife this morning and I realized that I am very frustrated about what I see happening in life. In fact, it angers me. We have so much corruption and graft in our government, it tends to make one’s head spin. The most frustrating part of this has to do with what Congress seems completely incapable of seeing and/or stopping.

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Paul Prays and God Answers…God’s Way

I was teaching on Romans 15:22-33 last night and church. Initially, as I began to study the text, I must admit thinking along the lines that this was not the most exciting Scripture to teach on and I had to “fill” an hour. The Lord understands our weaknesses and in my case, arrogance at believing there would not be enough in His Word to fill an hour. Sorry, Lord.

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