Satan’s Schemes and How They Work

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Schemes Related to Christians
In 2 Corinthians 2:11, Paul notes that he provided certain information to the Corinthian believers (via letter) “so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes.”  The idea here is that far from leaving the true believer in Christ alone, Satan does whatever he can to take advantage of authentic Christians through a variety of schemes.  His schemes are often extremely convoluted and in-depth.  They are many faceted in order to make it more difficult for the average person to understand what he is doing.

Many commentators have written on the subject of what constitutes Satan’s schemes.  One writer notes that his schemes for authentic Christians include the following:

  • To drive us to despair
  • To tempt us to become proud
  • To tempt us to become perplexed or confused
  • To cause us to think impure, lustful, or even blasphemous thoughts
  • To tempt us to fall through carnal friends and/or relatives
  • To leave us alone for a while, only to attack when least expected [1]

I’m sure there are many other avenues you can add to this short list yourself.  It is clear that where the authentic Christian is concerned, Satan will attempt whatever he can to bring that believer down in failure.  Though he knows he cannot rob us of salvation, his main goal is to keep us from trusting and obeying God in all things.

Just as God wants His children to follow Him by submitting our will for His in all things, Satan works to keep us from fulfilling this goal.  In essence, Satan works constantly and consistently to keep us from being effective in the world so that others do not come to know God through salvation.  It is fortunate that God does not rely on us completely for bringing others to Him.  He allows us the privilege of being part of the process, but it does not depend solely on us – thank God.

So, as far as Christians are concerned, Satan has a lot he can pull from to cause us to become completely ineffective for God’s Kingdom.  It is for this reason that Paul – in speaking to the Corinthians – also explained that some of them had gotten sick and some had even “fallen asleep,” (cf. 1 Corinthians 11:30).  Paul only used this term “fallen asleep” when he was referring to Christians who had physically died.  He never used the term when discussing the lost who had died.

Schemes Related to the World
But what about Satan’s schemes with respect to the world?  It seems as though it’s the opposite side of the same coin.  In other words, while Satan is doing his level best to tempt Christians to doubt God, to pay attention to lustful and idolatrous thoughts, to bring us to the point of despairing for life, to become arrogant, or completely confused about God’s Word, Satan seems to use these same things with respect to the world, however the impact is different because the means to the end are often different.  The difference is that when he plies his trade using these schemes with the world, there is a completely different reaction.

I was on a social network site yesterday and we were discussing the recent tragedy in Connecticut that took nearly 30 very young lives.  During the course of the conversation, someone mentioned the fact that when the news reports these events, there is almost always reference to a “second shooter” initially.  With respect to the Connecticut shooting, there was video of the police chasing someone into the woods near the school.  That since has been “scrubbed” from the Internet.  No mention of a second shooter has been made since.

One individual commented with words like, “Oh please…bring out the black copters too!”  He then vented to say that Christians shouldn’t be taking up their time with ol’ wives tales and even referenced 1 Timothy 1:4, which states, “nor to pay attention to myths and endless genealogies, which give rise to mere speculation rather than furthering the administration of God which is by faith.”

While I don’t believe that we Christians should become inordinately involved in researching one conspiracy after another, the sad reality is that verse from 1 Timothy has nothing to do with potential reality (even if it is initially seen as a conspiracy theory) that is often contained in conspiracies.  Paul was specifically calling out false teachers who relied heavily on tradition as opposed to the truth of God’s Word when teaching.  In other words, anything that distorts the truth of Scripture should be soundly rejected and nipped in the bud.  All too often though, these untruths are left to flourish.  That verse has nothing to do with attempting to determine whether or not a tragic event like the ones that just occurred (in Oregon and Connecticut) had something more going for them than what the mainstream media decides to tell society.

THE Overall Plan
We have referenced the fact – many times over the past few weeks – that this world is building toward a one-world government.  That government will have as its leader the Antichrist.  He will be the Absolute Imperial Dictator of the world before Jesus returns.  Now, we can either choose to believe what the Bible teaches us in that regard or deny it.  It’s certainly your choice.

For me, I believe that the Bible speaks very clearly about this final, Gentile-led empire that will be ruled by Satan’s “son,” the Antichrist.  My study over the years has brought me to this rather stark and unyielding conclusion.  I fully realize that others believe something else and they also base their conclusions on their own study of Scripture.  Frankly, I wish I could find a way to agree with them because I do not like the thought of a one-world imperialist government ruled by an autocrat who believes that every other individual on this planet is there to serve him.

The Scriptures seem to be very plain regarding this final kingdom.  It will happen and the other reality is that we know that it will not happen overnight.  I have shown how many of these things began in the mid-to-late 1800s, especially with respect to America and have been building since then.

The banking oligarchy has done whatever it can to place themselves above governments, including the government of the United States.  This goes back at the very least to J. P. Morgan (Jr.), Carnegie, and Rockefeller and the presidential election of 1896 with William McKinley.

If this is true, then it is also clear that this same “global elite” call the shots for our government today and in fact, our government is largely used for their purposes.  Space does not permit me to rehash what I’ve said or others have said because there is truly so much there.  However, any intelligent person today – with a little effort – can do the research and arrive at something that at least causes them to question several things.

Conspiracies Abound
We are aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK and Bobby Kennedy.  These seem multi-layered.  We are also aware of Chappaquiddick and Ted Kennedy.  That has never been adequately explained to this day.

We know of Watergate, which was officially and originally denied, yet became Nixon’s downfall.  We are aware of issues and questions surrounding 9/11 during the Bush administration.  We are also aware of “Fast and Furious” and “Benghazi” during Obama’s first term.  What do we make of these things that seem to be the norm for nearly every presidency?

In short, there have been many situations involving aspects of the United States government throughout various administrations that just does not pass the muster.  Based on that alone and our knowledge of actual history (though many attempts continue today to rewrite it), it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that possibly – just possibly – when any government wants to get their own way, they resort to using the same types of schemes used by others that have initially originated with Satan, who is ultimately behind any of these schemes played out in our government in order to hide the truth.

We need to keep this in mind when we are discussing any event that takes place in society that seems to have been perpetrated by one lone nut job:  is this a false flag that will allow the government to push us toward one of their goals?

In the past few weeks, we have heard of the gun-wielding lunatic in Oregon and the other one in Connecticut.  In the former, two civilians were dead, plus the “lone” gunman who apparently shot himself.  In the latter, nearly 30 children died and the “lone” gunman also killed himself.  In the Columbine massacre of 1999, the two perpetrators are also said to have worked alone and killed themselves.  When the shooter dies, he can never be questioned, can he?

Klebold and Harris
There is a good deal of information out there about Klebold and Harris (Columbine).  Were they truly “loners” and bullied as the mainstream media attempted to project?  Chances are actually good that they were part of a small, but organized group of individuals called “Trench Coat Mafia,” who were fascinated with Nazism and Satanism.  Many of the notations in their journals included references to Nazi themes.  In fact, Eric Harris is quoted as saying “I love the Nazis.”  He was obsessed with Hitler, Himmler, and all things Nazi, including the SS Knights of the Black Sun.  The Nazi (again, meaning National Socialism) perspective was also included in several papers that Harris turned in for class projects.

Moreover, there is information that shows that Harris’ father was in the intelligence department of the military.  “The [Columbine High School; CHS] Trench Coat Mafia also had U.S. Intelligence ties. Psychologist Dwayne Fuselier was the head of the FBI Columbine investigation. Fuselier’s son, Scott, had been a member of the CHS Trench Coat Mafia with Harris and Klebold.”

James Holmes
In connection with James Holmes and the Aurora, CO shooting, several things jump out at us.  First, Holmes did not kill himself, but it’s a sure bet he will never testify and no one will ever get close enough to him to find out what was going on in his head.  Holmes was also brilliant.

Throughout his life, Holmes had been quiet and shy, and academically brilliant. He was an outstanding honor student, Phi Beta Kappa graduate in neuroscience, and member of Golden Key Societies.

“James Holmes had mastered neuroscience, an interdisciplinary that collaborates with other fields such as chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine and allied disciplines, philosophy, physics, and psychology in the study and science of the human nervous system.”

Yet, somehow, this same James Holmes became a murderer, massacring many people who sat enjoying the newest Batman move from Christopher Nolan?  Does this make sense?  What about a man with the goatee who, according to photos, greatly resembles Wade Michael Page, the main shooter in Wisconsin, who eye-witnesses say was also in the theater in Aurora, CO?

As an aside, “…what are the odds that the JOKER James Holmes’ mother happened to be a psychiatric nurse and…appears to be the last person to have any contact with Page before the massacre?”

Immediately after the massacre, before witnesses were interviewed and bodies recovered from the scene, law enforcement declared that James Holmes acted alone, he was a ‘werewolf,’ a lone nut wolfAlready, James Holmes’ links to the ‘Satanic Principle,’ Anschutz Medical Center, and U.S. Military Intelligence will also be conspicuously absent from national, international news and debate.”

Wade Michael Page
More interesting still are the alleged connections between James Holmes and the Wade Michael Page, shooter at the Sikh Temple.  Allegedly, an eye-witness of the Aurora, CO shootings – Corbin Dates – (he was actually in the theater) has stated that he saw a man with a goatee in the front row just before the movie began.  Soon afterwards, Dates noticed the goatee’d individual received a phone call, got up, went to the emergency exit door and propped it open slightly with his foot.

We know that Page was one of the perpetrators of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting.  We also know that his girlfriend – Misty M. Cook – said Page dropped off the face of the earth six weeks before that rampage.  Beyond this, Misty Cook was/is a “white supremest maiden of the Third Reich.”  Wade Michael Page was at first described in the news as nothing more than a “frustrated neo-Nazi.”

Oh and by the way, Page has a connection to the state of Colorado (and potentially Columbine) as well and may well have been part of that massacre somehow.  The information is there for those who want to research it. A good question that desperately needs an answer is why were PsyOps, NATO, NSA, CIA and FBI all on the ground at Columbine High School and actively in effect?

There are also many other unanswered questions related to the massacre that occurred at Columbine.  A father of one of the victims has contested that “his son Danny’s autopsy showed that he was killed by a bullet that was fired from the front in an upward trajectory. ‘What [was] in front of Danny Rohrbough? Law enforcement shell casings,’ Rohrbough’s attorney Barry Arrington said. The Rohrboughs said that the ballistics map showed that there were no shell castings from Harris or Klebold in the area where the shot was fired that killed Danny and up to 6 (six) other students.”

Nazism Alive and Well
Immediately after the [Columbine High School] Nazi Pretext False Flag Operation, Page withdraws and turns up with Todd Blodgett, a notorious and ruthless Nazi related CIA and FBI operative.

“What are the odds of Page disappearing around the time of the Aurora Massacre and a well-built man with a goatee like Page showing up in the theatre in his old stomping grounds to yet another similar DARK KNIGHT Columbine False Flag killing field?

“What are the odds of Page becoming the main principal (sic) DEAD DARK KNIGHT in yet another Columbine-Aurora like killing field in Oak Creek, Wisconsin?”

We could also highlight some very interesting connections between the two most recent tragedies that have occurred in America – one on each coast, but space and time doesn’t permit.  Ask yourself what the Libor Scandal may have to do with any of it and why are the fathers of the sons who committed these heinous crimes expected to testify in the same case?  Coincidence?

VRIL Society and Satanism
The truth of the matter is that it appears that Page was part of the SS Knights of Black Sun.  Moreover, there is a connection with the VRIL Satanic Principle that was first unveiled by German Physicist W.O. Schumann.  This goes back even further to another group – VRIL Society of Maidens (who were psychic mystics) – and one specific individual from that group known as Gudrun.

The VRIL SOCIETY MAIDENS were pyschic-mystic mediums tied intimately into the development of the Nazi’s secret rocket-flying disc programs; out-of-body vastral (sic) travel (remote viewing); and wonder weapons such [as] the Atomic Bomb. The maidens allegedly obtained their knowledge thru astral contact and communication with white blue-eyed aliens from a distance solar system 65 million light years away from Earth.”

Think Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Indiana Jones from George Lucas) and is Joseph Stalin’s favorite and most gifted psychic-mystic in the movie.

So why am I pointing all of this out?  Because the one main thread that is common to everything we have discussed is fully satanic.  While that is a given, we also know that there are direct links back to Hitler and Nazism.

I really do not think we know enough about Hitler, Nazis, and the Third Reich.  I’m not saying that we should drop everything and start researching either.  I am saying that there is an incredible amount of information there that shows us how Satan has been working and continues to work throughout society.

The Third Reich Lives in the Global Elite
I fully believe that the global elite has been using the gnosis unearthed by Hitler’s Third Reich to create a huge gateway into society.  Hitler has been quoted as stating that there will be a 1,000-year Reich!  He believed with all his heart that Nazism would long outlive him.  Himmler also noted that though the Nazi “machine” would one day be stopped, Nazism itself (National Socialism) would live on.

This is the goal of the global elite, as I – along with many other writers – have been talking about.  It is what they live for and it is what they have been working toward for many generations.  They do so unknowingly because Satan needs to get the world to the point of being one in purpose and destiny, something he tried and failed to do at the original Babylon (Tower of Babel).  The globalists are not aware of this ultimate goal.  They believe they work toward the full unification of the globe for their ultimate benefit; a benefit that will not only provide them with everything they want but will also bring the “messiah” to the earth.  What they do not understand is that they are being used by Satan for purposes that he has not shared with them, though God – through His Word – has shared it with us.  Since the global elite does not care about the Bible and is blind to its truth, they will never realize what’s going on.

I think if we could pull back the veil that keeps us from seeing what Satan and his minions through human beings on earth have created within society – the living organ that actually undergirds society – we would be completely shocked.  I believe it is that convoluted and deeply entrenched within society.

Just as Hitler used the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical entities, I firmly believe the global elite has continued using the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical entities like Hamas and Al Qaeda for their purposes.  I’ve said this repeatedly as have numerous other writers.  These radical groups do the grunt work and are not afraid to die.  The chaos they create helps governments become more dictatorial in nature and people become more willing to give up their rights in exchange for some perceived measure of “safety.”

Do NOT Underestimate Satan!
Satan is not an idiot!  We too often underestimate him or we believe we should not spend time focusing on how he works because that is tantamount to “glorifying” him by giving him credit.  The truth of the matter is that we have a glimpse of what he does in Scripture but those few glimpses provide us with insight into the type of thing he does in order to entrench himself and his maneuverings deep within society.  To fail to understand how those things are created and how they work is to wind up not being wise to his schemes.

The book of Esther is a perfect example.  I would like to stress that Esther relied on God Almighty.  Her faith was resolutely in Him.  At the same time, she was not blind to Satan’s goals and learned of a plan that was to effectively take place through Haman that was designed to eradicate Mordecai and the Jews.  Where did he come up with the plan?  Satan.

Haman concocted a plan to eradicate the Jews in the kingdom of Ahasuerus, but through Esther, his plan was not only discovered, but the tables were then turned on Haman.  He went to the gallows that he had built for the death of the Mordecai and the rest of the Jews.  Esther became aware of one of the schemes of the enemy and because of it, the plan was routed and Haman was destroyed.

Haman was the human agent for Satan in his attempt to destroy the Jews.  That time, Satan failed.  Though he has tried many times since then, he has continued to fail, though Satan’s greatest effort was obviously during Hitler’s regime.  It is very likely that Hitler and the leading Nazis opened themselves up to satanic influence which rewarded them with tremendous knowledge and power, in exchange for providing Satan human agents to again, attempt to kill all Jews.

There is always a far larger picture than many are willing to admit.  However, what has been Satan’s two overriding goals that have kept him going?  They are to 1) kill all Jews, and 2) to lift his throne so that he is equal with God.

Satan has been working toward the completion of these two goals since he first fell.  During the Tribulation period, Satan’s hatred-fueled-power will be fully unleashed against Jews (and also Christians) as he gathers the people of this world to join him in his fight against God!  This is what it is all about!

The more you know, the less you are likely to become embroiled in minutiae.  The blinders will come off.  When we see what our government is doing by trying to enact stricter and stricter anti-gun laws, it would be easy to become wrapped up in stopping it, or at least trying.  However, eliminating guns from society is only one spoke of the global elite’s wheel.  There are many spokes but they all point to the center and in the center are the two goals I just mentioned that Satan has been chasing after since he first fell from grace.  The individual spokes are merely the ways in which Satan is trying to bring it all about.

It’s not gun control.  It’s not removing our 4th amendment freedoms through the TSA or some other government agency.  It’s all of it working together to create a one-world government that ultimately puts Satan in charge of this entire globe.  If we lose focus of that fact, we will be forever trying to put out one small fire after another.  That’s exactly what Satan wants!  The more we know about how he works, the less we will be ensnared by him.

So where do we go from here with respect to the global elite and Satan’s schemes?  Can changes be made?  Can Satan’s goals be headed off just as Haman’s were?  Only to a very small extent and it can happen mainly at the local level rather than the national level.

Moreover, how does the Christian respond to this spiritually dark net that Satan has been surreptitiously been placing over the entire globe?  We will discuss it next time and my apologies for the length of this post.  I will endeavor to make the next one shorter. 🙂



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  • 1. caucazhin  |  January 2, 2013 at 2:25 PM

    I agree with most of what u said and its sad that there are so few believers who see the real TRUTH. Instead they love their cookie cutter, generic, homogenized, churchianity.
    Over the vacation I watched the 1958 movie A NIGHT TO REMEMBER. Its about the sinking of the Titanic.
    As a parallel in the Book of Daniel that movie is a perfect reflection of the world heading as fast as it can to a collision with ” the STONE uncarved by hands would destroy the great image ”
    For me that movie is a picture perfect parallel of human history showing how especially after the Gilded Age man thought he would ascend to godhood through technology.
    Its also interesting to note that JP Morgan was suppose to be on the Titanic when it sailed but was either sick or had other business I cant remember. He was also the owner and financier of The White Star Line who built the Titanic……..PEACE


  • 2. Sherry  |  December 17, 2012 at 6:19 PM

    Well! That was quite a meal! I have a hard time wrapping my head around this common thread of nazism (and LIBOR) (sounds too much like conspiracies!) but perhaps I can write it out simply:

    Satan-inspired individuals come up with these Satan-inspired ideas and make organized societies of them by exploiting the sinful human nature knowing that some loner will desire the commaraderie of one of these groups and take the bait and do their evil bidding. Its precisely orchestrated to cause chaos and misery because Satan hates mankind. Once a lover of Satan has done his bidding then the global elite rush in to exploit the carnage caused by him through their governments’ puppets, i.e., the politicians that have been put in place through them. All of this is being done to get the world to desire a single king over them with a single government.

    I suspect that it won’t be long before we see evil event upon evil event. Satan knows his time is running out. It amazes me that this evil creature knows scriptures better than we do yet he continues on believing he will sit on a throne above God in the end and have the worship of all beings, spiritual and human.


    • 3. modres  |  December 17, 2012 at 6:36 PM

      I always appreciate your perspective, Sherry 🙂


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