Gun Control for Society, but Not for Hollywood?

December 18, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Last time, we talked very briefly (even if it didn’t seem like it) of Satan’s two main goals: 1) Destroy Jews, and 2) Remove God.  He will finally be in a position to attempt to fulfill both of these goals once one very large event happens.  He must gain total control of the world, as the Bible clearly says he will.  Once there, he must install his spiritual son to the position of Absolute Imperial Ruler.

This is the last kingdom of all the kingdoms revealed to the prophet Daniel.  This final kingdom will have aspects of similarity between it and the previous kingdoms, yet it will be different in major ways.

Once the world arrives at this point, with Antichrist firmly in control, Satan will begin a reign of terror in which he will do his level best to completely eradicate all Jews from the world while at the same time, consolidating all of his power in order to overthrow God. If he can successfully eliminate every last Jew from the face of the earth, then it will be impossible for God to uphold His promise originally given through Abraham, that the Jews will inherit all the Land God promised them during the upcoming Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ.  If Satan can do this, then God will be proven to be a liar, which of course, He is not.  There is a lot riding on Satan’s two-fold goals.

Gun Control
We talked last time about some of the things in society that Satan has been using in order to bring about this one-world order, something the global elite like to call the new world order (NWO).  We talked mainly of gun control that is on the horizon due to the recent gun-related massacres that have taken place in various parts of the United States.  We also pointed out the link to satanism and Nazism that seems to tie many of these events together.  Further, we drew your attention to the fact that Hitler and his SS looked forward to a day when the Third Reich would celebrate 1,000 years of reign, something that the global elite of our day has picked up and run with, which is why things are continuing to move toward that period of global dominance by a one-world order.

This is nothing new at all.  People have been discussing it for years.  The only real difference between then and now is that more seems to be happening and far more has become terribly obvious.

What is interesting of course, is that though Hollywood continually produces movies and games that are more violent than the last ones, when the subject of gun-control comes up, rarely if ever, are the products of Hollywood ever included in that process.

I’m notsaying that average people fed a steady diet of Hollywood gore and violence pick up guns and go on shooting sprees.  I amsaying that people in society whose minds are already compromised through drug use and many other things, are the ones who are likely to settle things with the illegal use of guns.  It is a fact that James Holmes, Wade Michael Page, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, and the two young men from Oregon and Connecticut broke many laws by having the guns they used in their possession.  A person under 21 cannot possess handguns and he was carrying them illegally in his car and on his person.  He broke the law.

The idea that removing certain guns from society by simply making them illegal to purchase will create a safer society is ridiculous.  These guns cannot be removed from society at all because they are already here anymore than we can fully remove drugs from society for the same reason.  More laws do not reduce drug use at all.  Everyone knows this.  Laws do not stop crime.  They simply allow law enforcement to arrest someone and charge them with breaking an existing law.  That’s all laws do and that’s all laws were ever meant to do.

It will be impossible to remove guns from society.  It cannot happen because there are too many ways for guns to come into this country illegal as it is and that will only increase if the government attempts to ban most or all weapons.

Did Prohibition remove alcohol from society?  No! It simply make the Mafia rich and the average person who wanted liquor still obtained it from the many speakeasy establishments that were set up in most towns and cities.  The idea that alcohol was outlawed simply shifted the profit from the legitimate businessman to the criminal.  It’s the same thing that will happen in America if guns are “removed” (which is simply another way of saying “made illegal to own”).

Do you think that Hollywood will stop producing violent movies where many characters in those movies use guns as a matter of course, if guns are outlawed in society?  If you said the answer is “yes,” you are seriously deluded.  If anything, the use of guns in movies would increase, if that’s even possible.  One particular upcoming movie release – Django Unchained – highlights Jamie Foxx’s character killing many white people (with glee, I’m sure) over the treatment of black slaves in the movie.  While the premiere has been cancelled, the movie is still slated for a Christmas Day opening. [1] Merry Christmas Jesus…

Because of the recent shootings, the attack on the 2nd Amendment of the United States is now getting underway, as never before.  The rhetoric has not stopped, with even a few Democrats in Texas calling for the shooting of people in the NRA and who support the NRA and other gun-related groups, who support the 2nd Amendment.  He was literally calling for mass killings, but that’s okay because he is a liberal Democrat.  Had something like this come from a conservative, the Secret Service, the FBI, and other groups would have been at the man’s door.  Of course, the Democrat in question has since issued a paltry, begrudging apology.

Repeatedly, statistics have proven that a lack of guns in society does not produce the sought after result.  It does not make society safer.  It simply takes away the ability of the citizen to respond to violence within society that is perpetrated by criminals.  Our government knows this, but they don’t really care about the facts or the truth.  Just a quick look at “Fast and Furious” and “Benghazi” verifies this for all thinking people.

So we can expect our rights as law-abiding gun owners to be further restricted and anyone who attempts to stop this erosion will be vilified by liberals everywhere.  We will be seen as having no heart and no feelings.  We will be accused of not caring how many children die because our 2nd Amendment rights are more important.

What is also very interesting is that the same people who were inaccuratelycalling semi-automatic rifles assault weapons have now switched their verbiage.  Please notice that they are now calling these weapons what they are – semi-automatic weapons.  Diane Feinstein is now referring to eradicating semi-automatic weapons instead of as she used to say “assault weapons.”

Obviously then, the people in our government are not stupid.  They are calculatingly intelligent and understand the nuances of verbiage.  The ideal for these people is to eradicate all semi-automatic weapons, but they will (for the time being) continue to point to AR-15 rifles as if that’s the only thing they are concerned about.  It’s not the only thing they are concerned about and time will prove this out.  They want an entire gun ban and to that end they work.

Truth is Off the Table in Favor of Lies
Truth really doesn’t seem to matter to people today.  The only thing that matters is for the powers that be to get what the want and that involves removing weapons from society so that resistance is more difficult.  We are being forced to move toward a socialist society where the richy-rich will run everything and the rest of us will be at their mercy.  It’s the way it works with socialism, especially a socialism that is really two-tiered; the upper level created for the rich, based on capitalism, with the lower level created for the rest of us, based on socialism. People do not seem to understand that the rich will always remain rich and will control everything.

But what does the Christian do?  Can we stop what is in process?  Do you really think we can override what God has clearly said will become reality?  It won’t happen.  At best, we can get involved in our local communities in an effort to keep things “normal” for as long as possible, but even here, this should not be the Christian’s main focus.  By creating this coming two-tiered society, they will essentially be fully eliminating all of the competition for their corporate dreams and they will have a world filled with “workers” who will do their bidding.  We cannot really stop it because of the encroaching blindness that hangs over our society.

What Can Authentic Christians Do?
So if we cannot stop it, what should we do?  There are four things that we can do.  First, we should learn to pray without ceasing.  It’s never to late to learn and it is better late than never.  Pray for all things.  Learn to praise God for all things as well.  Constantly learn to turn your attention to Him.  Give Him your concerns.  Pray that only His will be done in and through your life.  Pray for the lost of this world that He would give you opportunities to reach out to them with the words that will open their eyes to the truth.

Second, we can and should come out of “Babylon” as much as possible.  Yes, we need to shop for food and other incidentals.  We are part of this world but we are certainly not of it, are we?  If our citizenship is truly in heaven, why are we trying to make ourselves to comfortable here?  When we are told to come out of Babylon, God is saying that we should refuse to be enamored by the world and what it has to offer because that will only lead to destruction.  We should not live as the world lives.  We cannot chase after the things the world loves.  Whether it’s music, books, movies, the latest car, or whatever, we must pull away from such pursuits.  The more involved we become in the world’s system, the more difficult it will be to see what God wants us to do in the here and now.  We cannot afford to be distracted by the world’s alluring features.

Third, we must use our remaining time on earth for the purposes of evangelism.  We have to get into the habit of realizing that dead people walk among us, every day.  I’m obviously not talking about “zombies.”  I’m talking about people who do not have authentic salvation.  They need it.  We have it and can share our knowledge and understanding of authentic salvation through our life, word, and deeds.

Fourth, I believe we can change things locally.  What I mean by that is that though things will start at the federal level, it will take time for the federal gov’t to truly encroach upon all levels of society.  Because of this, get involved in your community.  Do you have the inclination and opportunity to run for a seat on your local city council?  If so, then do it.  Become part of the process that keeps things from turning bad in your area.  This is probably the only area where your vote and input actually count for something.

You also never know that during the process of becoming more involved in your community, how many other lives you will touch for Jesus Christ.  None of us know when we will die.  You can be right as rain today, and die of a heart attack tomorrow.  That is in God’s hands.  Between today and our coming death, it is important that we use our time wisely.  It is also important that we make the most of every opportunity.



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