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Babylon and Its System, Part 3

Van Tassel, in the 1950’s, held public meetings where the public could ask questions of Ashtar and where answers would be provided, channelling their information through Van Tassel. The Ashtar Command revelations were compiled into a book that details future events that will take place on the earth. Interestingly, Ashtar himself is said to be, “a Beloved Christian Commander and a very beautiful Being.” [3] Fascinating, isn’t it? Angel of light maybe to deceive? I think so. See 2 Corinthians 11:14.

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Gun Control Bait and Switch?

Either President Trump is playing Congress and has no intention of signing anything that further infringes on the 2A or he is honestly considering it. The fact that he has ordered the ATF to outlaw bump stocks and is considering banning suppressors is enough to make me very concerned. It is not far-fetched to think that President Trump is truly in favor of Red Flag laws, which will be abused by the Left to simply confiscate guns from law-abiding people.

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Gun Control, Red Flag Laws and POTUS

If President Trump continues down this path, he will lose a good portion of his base. It’s already happening as I see more conservatives and patriots saying that Trump “lost” their vote for re-election. The problem though is if not Trump, then who? Who will step up to be a better candidate than the current president? If Mr. Trump is not careful, he will continue to alienate more of his base who will either not vote in 2020 or vote for someone else who has no chance of winning, out of principle.

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Ironic How World Blames God for Problems

The idea that the Daily News doesn’t like the fact that politicians and other leaders offer “prayers” when a tragedy like this occurs (hence their missive, “God Isn’t Fixing This”), proves the Daily News misses the point entirely. The Daily News wants greater gun control (and probably would thoroughly enjoy full gun confiscation, like the teetotalers so desperately wanted the absence of liquor in society because they thought that would solve all the problems), which would only teach us that the absence of guns doesn’t solve anything at all, since humanity will not have changed.

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Liberal leftists can always be counted on to add nothing to the conversation

The real issue is the heart. People kill people with knives, baseball bats, rocks, and more. A recent knife attack in China left 27 people dead and 109 injured, many more than were killed or injured in the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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Police Justify Illegal No-Knock Raid Because Owner Might Have Gun

The government is working very diligently to eradicate our rights and not just rights under the 4th amendment either. There are too many individuals in law enforcement who play fast and loose with the law to obtain what they want, even if that means violating the rights of citizens. It shouldn’t be happening, but it is and at an unprecedented rate too.

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Professor Christopher Swindell Should Be the Marxist of the Year!

What boggles my mind is that these leftists actually believe what they’re doing is the correct way to handle things like this. Did they sit the poor kid down at a table in a darkened room with a bright light shining in his face? Were there two teachers playing good cop, bad cop with the kid until he “confessed” about the “real” reason he brought the toy gun to school?

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NJ Dems Caught on Open Mic on Guns: Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate

One thing he left us with was his belief that we on the right constantly assume the government is coming for our guns and before we know it, the black helicopters will be flying overhead to round us all up as well. This is what those on the left do because it’s easier than engaging in honest discourse. Of course, not all on the left are that way, but it seems that the majority of them are and it makes for impossible discussion. When someone on the left resorts to ridicule and denigration (as they are wont to do), they are essentially refusing to engage in intelligent dialogue, but would rather act like 8-year-olds on the school grounds (no offense to mature 8-year-olds meant). The left also has a tendency to forget things…a lot.

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Obama is “Constrained” – Cuomo? Not So Much…

When he can use it to his advantage, Obama refers to the Constitution. He recently stated that he is “constrained…by a system that our Founders put in place. It’s a government of and by and for the people.” [1] Great words. Hear, hear.

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Columbine Victim Speaks Out About Gun Control Efforts

Criminals will always find a way to get what they want, without exception. People who are intent on murdering other people will find a way to do it. Yet, some would prefer to believe that restrictions on guns (or even a complete confiscation of them) would mean that criminals won’t be able to obtain them either. Anyone who believes this really needs to have their head examined and that’s putting it as nicely as I can.

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