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Don’t Do Us Any Favors, Alex Jones

Look, the entire problem with guns is not that law-abiding citizens have them. It’s that criminals and people with mental disorders have them and as I’ve stated before, even if purchase requirements become much more constrictive, that problem will not be solved.

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Gun Control for Society, but Not for Hollywood?

Last time, we talked very briefly (even if it didn’t seem like it) of Satan’s two main goals: 1) Destroy Jews, and 2) Remove God. He will finally be in a position to attempt to fulfill both of these goals once one very large event happens. He must gain total control of the world, as the Bible clearly says he will. Once there, he must install his spiritual son to the position of Absolute Imperial Ruler.

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Only Liberals and Bleeding Hearts Say Guns Don’t Save Lives…

This is the kind of news you never hear about in the news. Why is that? It’s because it would destroy the lies that liberals tell us regarding guns, e.g. that by eliminating guns in society, the world is a safer place. First off, criminals will ALWAYS be able to get guns. Gangs like the Mau Maus of the 1950s in NYC were capable of making their own guns called “zip guns” that fired a .22 caliber bullet. It’s not that difficult. Second, we only need to look at the current situation in the UK to realize that if law-abiding citizens HAD guns, at least some of the violent crime perpetrated against them would be curtailed.

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