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Herman Cain’s Alleged Sexual Harassment vs. Barack Obama’s Known Illegalities..

I was under the distinct impression during Mr. Obama’s first election campaign that it was the media that got him nominated and into the White House. My opinion has not changed. They did this by what they chose to pump up (“Change is coming!”) and what they chose to ignore (many of the items on the list above). They are poised to do it again and even Michelle Obama has stated that the media has been very fair to them. It’s not so much that the media has been fair – they haven’t been fair at all. It’s that they were and are complicit in directing an election to their desired ends. That’s how Mr. Obama got elected in the first place and if by chance, he is re-elected in 2012, it will be due to the shenanigans of the same media. Bet on it.

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New Scam Hits the United States – Beware

New scams seem to be popping up all the time. Don’t get taken for a ride. If someone calls telling you that they are locked up in a police station in a foreign country, hang up, call the person they are claiming to be to see if it is true. Better yet, just hang up. You’ll probably save yourself a good deal of time and trouble.

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Backyard Skeptics Misquotes Thomas Jefferson About Christianity

The reality seems to be that groups like Backyard Skeptics (maybe “Backwards Skeptics” is more like it) try to hard to appear to be simply skeptical, when in reality they are far more left of center than they care to admit. No worries though because when they make a huge mistake like they did recently (by misquoting Jefferson), their foot becomes firmly planted in their collective mouth and their true distaste of Christianity comes to the fore.

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A Culture, Not a Costume

At the risk of being verbally eviscerated, I wanted to briefly comment on a subject that I came across today on the ‘Net. I’m sure I’ll be seen as complete insensitive (and possibly racist, but what’s new, I’m white, therefore I am racist automatically according to some people).

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A Different Kind of Man?

I saw a brief clip on the Internet for Dancing with the Stars, in which Chaz Bono – who not long ago went through transgender surgery to become a man – stated that he came on the show to portray a “different” kind of man. The audience responded with a very large ovation and a few hoops and hollers.

He then went onto say that had he had that type of role model as a kid, his entire life would have been different. Applause and affirmation again from the audience.

Obviously, Chaz’ reference to a different kind of man points to the fact that though he was born a female, he chose to have surgery done so that he would become a man. It’s an interesting play on words, I guess, but ultimately, what Chaz means is that he is the different kind of man; a man who was created that way surgically.

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Is Mr. Obama Following a Scripted Plan for Re-election?

Yes, I sounds conspiratorial. However, we are talking about the government and there is no reason to believe that the government of the United States has always been straightforward with its citizens. I don’t believe those in government think they need to be.

Since Mr. Obama announced that he is running for re-election, several things have caught my eye. I’m sure I’m not covering everything in this brief article, but a number of important things.

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Iran’s Bold Attempted Assasination on American Soil: Where’s the Proof?

Here is a blog that I am inviting intelligent comments. I would like to know what people actually think of the recent situation in which people in parts of our government actually uncovered a plot allegedly by Iran to kill the Saudi Ambassador and to do it here on American soil.

IF you have studied this situation and have an opinion – an intelligent one – I’d like to hear it. What have you learned? What evidence have the American people been presented?

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Nashville Hotel Caves into Pressure Against Anti-Sharia Event

In another situation of pressure mounted to create change, a hotel in the Nashville area has cancelled an event that at least some have termed “anti-Sharia” because of “fear the event could attract protests and disrupt business.” [1] If this were not sad, it would be funny.

It is likely that groups like CAIR have gotten on the horn and either threatened or intimidated the folks at the Hutton hotel, owned by Amerimar Enterprises. Spokespeople for the hotel stated that had they known what the event entailed, they would not have booked. They received complaints from the public and apparently from their clients.

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Statue of Jesus May Be Removed After Pressure Mounts

Atheists and those who believe that a statue of Jesus overlooking a ski resort in the Montana mountains has no right to be there, harp on the separation clause. In reality, they simply don’t like it because it has everything to do with religion and for the most part, they hate religion. They would never admit that. What they do admit is that they believe it is for the weak, not for those who have “seen the light” and realize that there is no God, etc., blah, blah, blah.

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Democracy, Imperialism, and Sharia Law

It would seem that for a man whose father was so angered by the specter of United States imperialism, he has seen fit to ignore that anger. I’m speaking of course, of Mr. Obama, who has chosen to help topple governments in Egypt and Libya in the hopes of creating (or at least allowing) democracies to become firmly established where there were once dictatorships.

Such seems not to be the case though as Sharia Law under the leadership of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has begun to take hold in earnest and is now threatening to do the same thing in Libya, long held by defeated and murdered dictator, Qadaffi.

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