Statue of Jesus May Be Removed After Pressure Mounts

October 25, 2011 at 11:47 AM 2 comments

Apparently, there is a statue of Jesus on Federal land in Montana that may have to go.  The reason has to do with what critics are saying is an issue of separation of church and state.  The statue in question is on Forest Service land overlooking a ski resort.  Some people don’t like it there.

Frankly, the old “separation of church and state” excuse is really getting worn, kind of like Al Sharpton calling white people racists.  In Al’s case, he is an avowed racist, but he has an excuse since he’s black, right?

Atheists and those who believe that a statue of Jesus overlooking a ski resort in the Montana mountains has no right to be there, harp on the separation clause.  In reality, they simply don’t like it because it has everything to do with religion and for the most part, they hate religion.  They would never admit that.  What they do admit is that they believe it is for the weak, not for those who have “seen the light” and realize that there is no God, etc., blah, blah, blah.

Not all people who want the statue removed are likely to be atheists either.  Some may simply be dogmatic when it comes to observing the rule of law under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I think it’s a lot of hullabaloo over nothing, but that’s my opinion.  The actual statue is not that attractive in my opinion (my apologies to the sculptor/creator).  In truth, it looks a bit gaudy for that reason I’d probably vote for its removal, but not for any connection it has with religion.

Here’s the interesting thing though.  If this was a statue of Muhammad, I wonder who (besides Muslims) would be up in arms?  I cannot imagine anyone getting upset.  They would feign political correctness and say that the statue is merely a work of art that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

Muslims would be the ones who would be threatening to behead the artist/sculptor and anyone who had a hand in putting the statue up in the first place.  There would be protests and demonstrations in the streets, with placard-waving Muslims saying “democracy can go to hell” and other fascinating sayings that leave freedom-loving people scratching their heads.

It’s funny that if it has anything to do with Islam, it’s fine.  Leave them alone.  They’re just peace-loving people who do not want to harm anyone and who want to be treated in kind.  Our current man in the Oval Office has removed the idea that Islam is a religion of hatred or violence from training materials, so it must be true.

I think it’s absurd that there are so many easily angered individuals who become so desperately offended at the sight of Jesus carved in rock that they have to protest to the government.  I understand their point.  The statue appears to be on Federal land and since all people who pay taxes are paying for that Federal land, then doggone it, it should not appear that the Federal government is supporting one particular religion.  Point noted; however, I wonder if Jesus were on land NEXT to Federal land that could still be seen from the ski resort, if the same people would complain.  Of course they would, because as pointed out, they just don’t like religion.  They are convinced that God does not exist (for those who are atheists), yet they cannot prove to anyone else that God does not exist (though they have somehow managed to prove to themselves that God is nowhere to be found).  None of this matters though, because to them, it’s important to prioritize the things in life.

Look, we’ve got wars going off around the world, thousands dying of starvation and other diseases, weather and nature running amok, but for these folks, the reality is that this statue of Jesus simply disturbs them and keeps them from fully enjoying the ski slopes of Montana.  Yep, I get it.  These people are individuals with absolutely nothing better to do than pick their battles wrongly.

Who cares if millions die each year due to famine and pestilence?  Who cares if there is a war happening in Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere?  Who cares if the Middle East is always on the verge of nuclear obliteration?

Who cares that our Federal government is running this country into the ground by continually spending what it does not have to spend, under the “leadership” of Mr. Obama?  Who cares that too many states in the United States are becoming bankrupted by the illegal alien traffic that seems to not let up?  Who cares that the Federal government cares nothing about the problem and proves it by refusing to do anything about it and suing those states who try?

Who cares that our country is quickly going down the tubes, brought to you by socialists, Marxists, and communists alike who seem to control too much of what happens in this country?  None of this matters because the biggest problem we obviously face as a country is the fact that a statue of Jesus stands with arms raised and nail-scarred hands in view, overlooking a ski resort in the middle of Montana?

I’m glad the anti-religious folks have things under control.  Whew, for a minute there, I thought they were going off half-cocked and completely whacked.



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  • 1. Nelson Swiger Jr.  |  October 25, 2011 at 11:58 AM

    I don’t understand how a statue of Jesus can be offensive if you do not believe Jesus is real. I am not offended by Santa Clause and I believe Santa is harmful to children because he is almost god like in the fact he can see all and can control time to deliver to all the world. Parents lie to their children about Santa and so this teaches lying is acceptable. But, I am not at all offended by the jolly fat man in the red suit.

    There is only one explanation to all this. That statue convicts those that see it and everyone knows deep in their soul God is real and that they will have to give an account to him one day for all they have done. What they do not realize is they can remove everything they want but the guilt of sin will remain until they repent or die in their sins.


    • 2. modres  |  October 25, 2011 at 12:28 PM

      I would agree, Nelson. It reminds me of the atheist spokesperson who said he was “extremely offended” that a cross was being used the 9/11 memorial. It makes little sense to me, frankly. Funny how intolerant atheists can be of religion when – as you say – they do not believe God exists. While they are willing to allow us to have our “fantasies,” apparently that means it should be kept completely behind doors…


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