Ten Kings, the Antichrist, and the New World Order, Part 1

October 24, 2016 at 3:42 PM 1 comment

In an article we published regarding the documentary, Saudi Arabia Uncovered, we discussed the coming time when, according to the Bible, the world will essentially be divided up into ten regions (cf. Revelation 17), each region likely ruled by a member of one of the families that make up what we might call the Elite. These individuals are the most powerful on earth solely because of their wealth – all 85 of them. Due to that, they’ve been working to change the world to their liking. Much of that includes finding ways to rule over all areas of the world for their own benefit. For them, it’s not necessary that all agree how to run the entire world (as each ruler can ostensibly decide what is best for his corner of the globe). It’s more likely that all members of the Elite will share the resources from all over the earth for their own benefit and gain total control of all that occurs on earth. Of course, the last thing they will expect is to have someone not part of their inner circle make his way to the top and even rule over them. According to Scripture, this is what will occur and we’ll get to that.

region4Previously, we highlighted Region 7 based on information put together by the secretive Club of Rome. Region 7 includes twelve countries and will very likely, be ruled/controlled by the Saudi royal family, currently ruling just Saudi Arabia. Under Region 7, Saudi Arabia will have greatly increased national borders. Also note that on the map, Israel is not individually listed so it is very possible that the goal would be to eliminate Israel and even go so far as to remove all Jews from Region 7 (along with Christians). However, it is also interesting to note that in the Club of Rome’s own documentation, Israel is listed under Region 4 along with a few other nations. In essence then, according to the desires of the Elite, Israel will be relocated to the southern portion of Africa as shown on the map below.

Region 7 (purple) represents the area over which the Saudi royal family would rule.

Region 7 (purple) represents the area over which the Saudi royal family would rule.

If not for Scripture, looking into this entire area would constitute some ill-defined conspiracy theory and if the reader takes the time to research this area enough, it won’t be long before things become really wacky and convoluted. One wonders how much disinformation is part of the picture as well? But, as long as we keep anchored in Scripture and the picture that unfolds there, we will be on solid ground. What is interesting is to see aspects of secular society attempting to do what Scripture clearly states will take place throughout the globe.

It is helpful to recall that the underlying goal toward global unification is predicated upon Satan’s promises to be like the Most High (cf. Isaiah 14:14). In his rebellion, Satan promised in his heart that he would rule as God. At its very core, being the absolute ruler is being “like the Most High.” Satan intended then (and intends now), not only to free himself from God’s rule (cf. Psalm 2), but to take His place as sole ruler of a Creation he did not create. How’s that for hubris?

The stupefying arrogance of such a position is seen for what it is by those of us who understand God’s program as revealed in Scripture. Even though Satan is extremely powerful compared to human beings, his power is virtually nothing when compared to the all-encompassing power of God Almighty.

Though the Bible appears to indicate that the world will eventually become unified, with ultimately one individual ruling over all of it with the title “Antichrist,” non-Christians balk or even laugh at such a notion. How – they ask – could the world possibly become a world that is ruled over by one individual? Even some Christians tend to view those portions of Scripture that deal with a one-world system ruled by one specific individual as allegorical; truth presented with fanciful language but not to be taken literally. It is too difficult for many to wrap their brains around such a notion. Yet, this is what the Scriptures actually appear to teach and much has happened in world history that supports such a difficult-to-believe scenario. We are moving in that direction. Satan will be allowed to have his day, though he will never have the opportunity to be “like the Most High” simply because he is not God.

It is our belief that since the time of Satan’s fall, he has been building his one world kingdom over which he hopes to rule permanently. He has been using human beings in his attempts to accomplish his goal, which explains why the world has seen the Stalins, the Mussolinis, and the Hitlers. Yet, even a cursory reading of Scripture proves to us repeatedly that Satan is held in check on a leash, the length of which is solely determined by God based on each specific situation. While it seems clear that he is allowed some room to work freely, Satan must constantly seek God’s permission to bring his own goals to fruition. Moreover, he can only operate within the parameters of God’s will.

The first chapter of Job is a case in point. There, we learn Satan could not initially bring any physical harm to Job personally. Satan had to keep his assault relegated to Job’s family, workers, and possessions, trying to demoralize him. When that didn’t work, Satan “dared” God to allow him to physically harm Job. This God allowed, with the proviso that Satan could not take Job’s life, again limiting Satan.

satan-goalsYet, God has continued to allow Satan to do what he will in an effort to bring this world to some sort of political and economic union. Why? We believe it is due to the big picture God wants presented to God’s entire Creation. In essence, Satan is being allowed to bring the world together to rule. However, in truth, Satan is being used by God to prove God’s point to the entire universe. It is exactly how God used Pharaoh of old or others who attempted to stand in His way.

God is supreme. There is none like Him. He shares His glory with no one (Isaiah 42:8). His entire Creation will learn this once and for all at Jesus’ return when Antichrist is vanquished and Satan imprisoned in the Pit for 1,000 years.

When we say there is no one like God, we are including all of His attributes and character, much of which the world is temporarily blind to now. The world does not see a truly loving God, who gave Himself for the sins of many. One day, the entire universe and every living creature in it, will acknowledge that God is love and His love is a pure love like no other and that is the second point in allowing Satan to bring things to a head.

Aside from the fact that Satan will be publicly, universally, physically, and visibly defeated by God the Son as Jesus returns physically to this earth at the end of the Tribulation period, the world will also be forced to see and acknowledge that God is love, unlike no other love the world has ever been able to define. The world will see that God is also fully just. This is all part of God’s big picture and if Satan’s rebellion wasn’t a useful tool to help bring this to the fore, God would not waste His time with Satan.

We know that Satan tried to gain mastery over God’s Creation twice before; once in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2-3), and once not long after the Great Flood of Noah’s day (Genesis 10-11). In fact, the failure of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden constituted Satan’s first major step in installing himself as king over God’s Creation.

Genesis 10, we are introduced to Nimrod, a hunter of men. Nimrod could arguably be the first global tyrant or dictator, likely Satan’s chosen man to bring the world together and through which Satan would rule at that time.

In Genesis 11, we see that under Nimrod’s leadership (he was already a king in Genesis 10), the people worked together to create a society that was fully one in unity and purpose. Nimrod directed them to build a temple that would reach the heavens. It would prove to God that humanity could not be stopped, storming the gates of heaven if possible.

However, God had something to say about that and He chose to confound the languages, thereby creating many unique culture groups of people from what had been one. At that point, since people no longer all spoke the same language, universal communication was impossible, so the plans to build a tower that reached the heavens were abandoned. People separated themselves into smaller groups with others they could understand and began their own smaller societies.

However, it is our contention that the main reason God disrupted society’s plans at that time was due solely to His timing of certain events. Much had to be accomplished, which would take centuries before God would allow Satan to attempt another global unification.

Abraham must be born. From him, the promised son Isaac would eventually be born. Then Jacob, and then the twelve patriarchs, which would ultimately give rise to what would be known as the nation of Israel. Israel was created to be a light to the nations and though they often failed miserably, that nation gave birth to the Light of the world, Jesus, the Messiah and Savior, God the Son. Though they failed many times and in many ways, Israel’s ultimate mission did not fail. God is not yet done with Israel.

Once Jesus lived, died, rose again, the Church was born in Acts 2 and the chosen twelve apostles were given their marching orders and the growth of Christ’s Body (the Church), began in earnest. The gospel was going out to every nation, every tribe, and every tongue to this day.

Eventually, God allowed Satan to begin again to direct the affairs of men – however slight – toward a unified global system of governance, as he had blatantly tried in Genesis 11, in order that the Scriptures might be fulfilled. Remember, Satan is being allowed and even used by God Himself to bring a unified world to fruition. That is key. However, it must never be forgotten that Satan is fully limited by God Himself and under His control.

Next time, we will discuss what this coming world order may look like and how it will work. We also want to discuss the Antichrist and we’ll try to answer some questions like how he rises to the top of the heap, is he part of the elite families of rulers, why will there be an Antichrist at all if Satan is able to establish a one-world system though it will be divided into ten regions according to Revelation 17? Please join me then.

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