Saudi Arabia Uncovered

October 17, 2016 at 9:45 AM 2 comments

What the world doesn’t know about Saudi Arabia is due solely to the fact that the royal family of that nation likes to hide the truth. As it turns out, Saudi Arabia is a very oppressive regime that treats average citizens like chattel. The oppression used is like any other regime led by a dictator, where the difference of opinions is not allowed and punishable by public lashings, prison, and/or executions.

However, the world at large rarely if ever sees this side of things because the Saudi royal family keeps it that way. In the documentary Saudi Arabia Uncovered, the brutality of the Saudi regime is uncovered via hidden camera (since it is a crime to film anything within that nation unless it is done through official means). In that nation, women have virtually no rights at all. They are not allowed to drive, cannot vote, and if they happen to get in a man’s way, they might just as easily be knocked out the way and onto the ground for their trouble. Women who speak up or try to gain more rights for all women are seen as “dissidents” and face prison or worse.

A Saudi woman is knocked out of the way and onto the ground because she didn't move fast enough to get out of the man's way.

A Saudi woman is knocked out of the way and onto the ground because she didn’t move fast enough to get out of the man’s way.

Protests are not allowed in Saudi Arabia and those involved in them are usually on the receiving end of the full force of Saudi Arabia’s police force. But again, the world rarely, if ever sees this. Only due to the brave individuals who strap on undercover video cameras (and/or use cell phones to capture video footage), are we privy to the inner and secret workings of a regime that is desperate to keep its society silent so that the world will not know.

How many times have you heard someone say “When will America wake up?!” on some social network? The truth of the matter is that people can be wide awake and terribly afraid for their own lives or the lives of loved ones. This is true in a nation like Saudi Arabia where fear is the main weapon used by the regime to keep people in chains.

Yet, major powers like the United States and England do business with Saudi Arabia…and look the other way. Why do these countries do business with them? It is said because of the intelligence related to ISIS and other terrorist groups. Oh…it’s also because Saudi has oil and so clearly, things should remain nice so that they don’t turn and stop selling their oil.

By the way, this goes back to Nixon when he pulled the dollar from being backed by gold and had it backed with oil. This represented a huge deal with the Saudis and forced all other countries to convert their money into dollars before buying oil from the Saudis. This of course, artificially propped up the US dollar because it was in constant circulation. Since Nixon – a Republican – the US dollar has been backed not by a precious metal, but by oil and that in connection with the Saudis. In essence then, this gave the Saudis entrance into America’s economy and they appear to have taken advantage of it. In fact, there are many questions the documentary tries to answer with respect to Saudi Arabia’s direct or indirect involvement in terrorist groups through “humanitarian” organizations set up and funded by the Saudis in places like Bosnia and elsewhere. The question regarding the Saudi’s involvement in the original 9/11 attacks is broached.

There are many troubling issues that the documentary brings out and a few that they do not broach at all. For instance, if you recall the so-called “Arab Spring” from a few years back, you’ll note that the greatest turmoil took place in countries in North Africa and areas of the Middle East. Numerous leaders were dethroned and replaced. Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and other nations were essentially taken over, under the guise of installing democracy. However, though it was hailed as a new beginning for democracy in those regions, nothing has really changed since then. In some cases, there are new leaders, but no sign of real democracy at all. Why would that be the case? I wonder if the fact that Mubarak, Qadhafi, and other rulers were not necessarily beholden to the Saudi family?

Also interesting is that while all this turmoil was happening in that part of the world, Saudi Arabia was essentially left untouched. The focus of the Arab Spring has been on the numerous nations in Northern Africa and now Syria with the continued attempted ousting of President Assad. It is also believed that ISIS has been involved in moving through that nation in a major effort to unseat Assad and wrest control of Syria. But why? Clearly, Assad needs to go so that another puppet can be installed as leader of that nation. If that happens, we will not see any real democracy there either.

Like Libya, Egypt, and other areas, it appears as though any new ruler must be connected to a very conservative form of Islam, but must also be a person who kowtows to America and/or England. Is this on behalf of Saudi Arabia? Look what happened to Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi, who was deposed after Hosni Mubarak’s 29-year reign came to an abrupt end when he was forced to resign. It may be that Morsi moved too quickly to try to change things back to an even more conservative way of life in Egypt or it may be that he tried too hard to gain too much power, too quickly. In either case, Morsi is out and even though new leadership has been installed, it would appear by many that things remain very much the same in Egypt as when Mubarak ruled. The main difference though now may be the Saudi connection. If they are connected, they remain in the shadows.

But a good question to ask is why Saudi Arabia was not caught up in the midst of upheaval like the other nations during the Arab Spring? They were, to a very small degree, and the documentary uncovers it but it also highlights the fact that it was very brief. Any protests were quickly and violently put down by Saudi police squads (many of them trained in America and/or England). We didn’t hear about it in the mainline press and we also never heard leaders like President Obama calling for the royal family to step down or to institute democracy as he did with Mubarak and Qadhafi. There’s a very good reason for that, one that was not fully broached on the documentary.

ISIS adheres to a form of Islam that is very close to Wahhabism. It is an ultraconservative form of Islam. Interestingly enough, what is also brought out in the documentary is that the royal family of Saudi Arabia is also pushing their own version of Wahhabism. Could it be that the Saudis have financed aspects of ISIS in the hopes of using them to foment the kind of fear-induced change needed in that area of the world so that Wahhabism really takes off and pushes all other forms of Islam out? They have plenty of money (they are worth more than 7 trillion pounds).

In schools in Saudi Arabia right now, young Muslim boys are taught that Christians should be punished to death with the hopes of eventually eliminating all Christians. Knowledge of these books and teachings have actually come to light and the Saudi family has stated that they are making changes. Yet, the documentary clearly shows that ultraconservative Wahhabism is being forced onto the population whether anyone likes it or not. If ISIS and the Saudis have their ultraconservative Islamic beliefs in common, then it stands to reason that the Saudis would not object to (and might even be inclined to help), ISIS marching through areas of the Middle East (or parts of Europe and America), doing what they can to instill fear, impose ultraconservative forms of Islam, and help overthrow factions and governments that are not ultraconservative Islamic in nature.

In a somewhat related note, years ago, a secret group called the Club of Rome created a document in which they divided the world up into ten individual kingdoms. Imagine that.

I find it fascinating that Region 7 of this document has numerous countries in the Middle East and Africa as all being part of that one region.

  • Egypt
  • Lybia
  • Tunisia
  • Algeria
  • Morocco
  • Saudi Peninsula
  • Jordan
  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
Region 7 (purple) represents the area over which the Saudi royal family would rule.

Region 7 (purple) represents the area over which the Saudi royal family would rule.

Please do not fail to notice that even though the area of Region 7 currently contains the current nation of Israel, it is not listed as a separate entity on the map. For all intents and purposes, Israel would be no more under Region 7. The entire area is devoid of Israel (and probably all Jews and Christians as well), once Region 7 is established. Is is also the area from which Antichrist will have his headquarters during the coming Tribulation (cf. Daniel 11:45).

For the most part, the countries above are all in the area that has been affected by the so-called Arab Spring. But notice that Saudi Arabia is among them and has the greatest power to date because of their wealth and oil, which they control. Even though America has a good deal of untapped oil, successive administrations have continued to make it more and more difficult (through the EPA), to get it out of the ground so that America becomes less dependent upon foreign oil supplies. Is this an effort to keep the Saudis as true oil barons for the world with no competition?

Is it possible that when all is said and done, the royal family of Saudi Arabia will be the ruler over Region 7 when it ultimately takes shape and comes into being? It’s certainly possible and for each region, there would be one set of rulers. This also coincides with Revelation 17 where, during the coming Tribulation, the world – though as a system of government, will be one – will be divided up into ten regions over which one ruler (or family) will rule?

The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour, (Revelation 17:12).

In order for Region 7 to come to fruition, a great deal of work needs to be accomplished to unseat several more current rulers, like President Assad, unless of course, these rulers are willing to play by Saudi’s (and the rest of the Elite’s), rules. It is quite possible that the Saudis (with the help of the rest of the Elite), are using their considered wealth and power to change the landscape of the Middle East and North Africa to increase the size of their empire/kingdom. It is also possible that America and England are helping them achieve those ends in spite of the public discourse we do hear. The power to “spin” is the most useful of weapons.

A map created in the 1940's about how many saw the post-war world. Similar in many ways to the Club of Rome's depiction.

A map created in the 1940’s about how many saw the post-war world. Similar in many ways to the Club of Rome’s depiction.

The documentary – Saudi Arabia Uncovered – opens our eyes to the atrocities and problems in a society ruled by despots, ultimately enslaving the people for their own personal ends. It’s a tragic story that has been repeated in history many times. What the documentary avoids telling us is quite possibly where the Bible fills in pieces.

What is so troubling is the fact that the powers that be – the Elite, made up of the 85 richest people in the world – are controlling things behind the scenes to bring about their desired goals. Of course, this is how free will operates (for which they will be held accountable), yet in truth, what may be unfolding is ultimately Satan’s goals for world dominance (as allowed by God). But this also speaks to God’s sovereignty because He has told us how things will look just prior to the physical return of Jesus, God the Son, which will be immediately preceded by seven years of the worst time on earth humanity will ever experience.

Once the elite manage to lay claim to the ten regions (and the final version may be different), Satan will then be able to install his spiritual son (Antichrist) as actual ruler of the entire world (ten kingdoms; Revelation 17:11). Who knows how long this will take but if the present circumstances are any indication, it really hasn’t taken that long for the Saudis to go through North Africa and parts of the Middle East to get their ducks in a row, has it? President Assad is the main sticking point now and he is only being propped up because of the help of Russia and China. How long that will last is anyone’s guess. It could be for the right price, both Russia and China would back down. This is the real life game of thrones.

Time will tell us how things will come into being, but it is interesting what the Bible fills in for us. While we don’t have an exact timeline, we know from Scripture that the world eventually will become one and then divided into ten kingdoms over which a ruler (or family), will rule for what they think will be their good pleasure.

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