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The global elite cabal is bent on destruction of America

Yet, people wrongly believe that groups like Bilderbergs are nothing to worry about. If it’s nothing to worry about, then why the secrecy? Why does Rockefeller compliment those news periodicals about the wonderful job they have done by keeping everything out of the press?

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Millions to be spent on mapping the brain?

However, some are concerned that this detailed map of the brain will give science the means to completely reconfigure the brain, its memory patterns, the way people think in general, the ability to replace a person’s moral compass, and more. In other words, is mapping the brain to that extent truly worth the risk? Certainly it would be if there was never a chance that the information could be used in the wrong way. However, that is always the possibility in today’s world because this world is becoming more and more evil.

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Global Elite Wants Otherwise, But Israel Continues to Exist

Israel has a great deal to lose if she does what the Obama administration (through John Kerry) wants done. Israel cannot give away anymore land and remain a viable nation. It’s difficult to believe that Israel – as small as that nation is now – being surrounded by Arab nations and Muslims that want nothing more than to annihilate her, continues to remain as viable as she is in 2014. That is certainly without any help from the United States.

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Big Pharma, Global Elite, and Controlling Society

The Rockefeller family began to combine their resources with a then untapped commodity, pharmacy. If they could make billions from the oil industry and the other chemicals connected to that, then why couldn’t they make billions off of pharmaceuticals as well? In order to make this happen, the Flexner Report was used to force medical schools that still taught medicine the “old-fashioned” way to rid themselves of these “antiquated” programs or close.

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Why is Ukraine exploding in civil strife and disobedience?

Probably one of the biggest facts in favor of believing in a GE that is doing its utter best to gain and keep control of the world for its own purposes is when David Rockefeller admitted that he was part of that group. He did so in his book “Memoirs,” first published in 2002. With all of the various groups, agencies, and organizations that are tied to the Rockefeller name, it is ludicrous to believe that what he has done has been done because of “good will.” The only good will that Rockefeller understands is when it is directed to him and his dynasty.

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Is a one-world company controlled by a one-world government on its way?

Ball’s grand idea was to create a “world company,” that would transcend all governments. In essence, this world company would become part of a one-world government system. As Estulin further notes, “The idea world globalists like to promote is that nation-states are outmoded and an archaic form of government, and that in a Malthusian world they can’t be relied on to address modern needs of society.”

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So You Think Your Personal Savings Account is Yours? Maybe Not…

How the funds from these savings and personal pension accounts will be taken and what will be given to the account holders in exchange (if anything) is not discussed. However, the article did indicate that “feasibility of introducing an EU savings account, open to individuals whose funds could be pooled and invested in small companies” will be considered.

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