Global Elite Tactics: Taking Another Bite Out of Your Money

February 17, 2014 at 9:04 AM 1 comment

by Fred DeRuvo

Banks in Italy are now going to charge a 20% tax on incoming wire transfers.

Banks in Italy are now going to charge a 20% tax on incoming wire transfers.

It’s been common knowledge for some time that some of the Euro nations that are part of the EU have been having very difficult economic times. Greece has been a powder keg that has exploded into violent protests due to the austere measures that those in charge of the EU states have been foisting upon that nation. Because so many living in Greece have become used to simply receiving handouts from the Greek government, when the government has attempted to shore up all the giveaways, tension was immediately created. It doesn’t take much for people to get used to living on the government dole. They often come to a point of earnestly believed they are entitled to it and when it is removed or partially removed, those individuals can respond with vitriol and violence.

The big problem in the EU is that some countries are not able to put anything into the pot, but merely take what they can. This again is due to the way they have increased their entitlement rolls for some time. Yet, other countries in the EU are becoming fed up with nations like Greece that need constant handouts from the EU government because those in charge of Greece seem unable to take control of the situation and make necessary cuts without people of Greece going ballistic.

Don’t be fooled though because this is simply what the Global Elite (GE) wants to happen. Everything they do is designed and calculated to increase anxiety among citizens. This anxiety turns into violent protesting that appears on the surface to be something that is out of control. Yet, in many ways, the GE has exactly what they want. They hold the cards and they know what they’re holding. The average person does not and because of that, a tremendous fear of the future is all that people have.

We have also heard of Euro banks simply going in and either “taxing” or simply taking money out of people’s bank accounts. Why? It’s for the same reason – to cause fear, uncertainty, and tremendous anxiety among people. Though people often rise up against such theft, in the end, there is really little that the average person can do about it if elected politicians fail to support those who have placed them in office. In reality of course, once a person becomes elected, they often find that doing the right thing is extremely difficult because of the many individuals who have sold out to the GE.

One of the latest attempts to simply steal people’s money is being seen in Italy. There, a tax is being levied on all wire transfers. One report notes, “Europe is increasingly formalizing a regime of implicit capital controls [and] we learn that Italy has just ordered banks to withhold a 20% tax on all inbound wire transfers.” In fact, the same report tells us that this is being made retroactive back to February 1, 2014. Banks are doing this with the onus on the account holder to prove that any money that goes into their personal bank accounts via wire transfer is not any form of compensation.

Like the IRS here in the United States (which assumes a person is guilty of some form of tax fraud unless and until he can prove otherwise), banks in Italy have now adopted the same practice. Unless a citizen/resident of Italy can prove that the money received was not taxable income, they will be taxed on it, plain and simple.

The fact that banks are now serving as a collection arm of tax bureaus is ridiculous. But again, what is the goal here? It is to literally rob people of the money that is rightfully theirs (unless they can prove beyond doubt that the money is not taxable income). This of course causes anger, anxiety, and fear and it is especially so when a person believes they do not have the ability or resources to go up against a huge financial establishment.

This illegal pilfering of other people’s money is really what the GE has been doing for generations. The difference is that they have normally stolen an entire country’s money or wealth, not individuals’ bank accounts. There are many instances of theft that have occurred in Russia (just prior to Putin’s initial installation as president), during the “transition” from Libya’s government under Qadhafi to what we have today, and many others.

There are many examples of how Rockefeller’s company Standard Oil, took millions of barrels of oil from areas in Thailand, yet at the time, nothing was said about it. In fact, it is clear that his company had “protected” status. During the time when Yeltsin was on the decline, due to alcoholism, and other health issues, he literally lost control of Russia. The GE, through agents close to Yeltsin, came in and took the natural resources they wanted to take. Yeltsin had no clue and when Putin took the reins, he wondered what happened to Russia’s wealth? It was virtually gone. This is what the GE does and it is how they have become rich beyond measure and continue to be rich beyond what most can imagine.

It is not that paper money is valuable to them. Clearly, it’s not. It is a tool. For the GE, goods and commodities are what are valuable. To the average person, it is money because this is what we use to purchase the products we need. For us then, when we see our money evaporating from our bank accounts, it causes tremendous concern. It’s all we have and now it is being taken.

This is how the global economy is being destroyed. It’s not simply America that is seeing such a financial decline. It is occurring throughout the globe and it is by design. Those who hold the riches control everything (and everyone) else. This is how the GE has sought to play their game and it is unfortunate for the average individual that this same GE has their hooks in way too many politicians in Congress, they virtually own the media, and because of all this, it appears as though they are unstoppable.

All of this is leading us along the path to a one-world government, complete with a new one-world currency.

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  • 1. hillcities  |  February 17, 2014 at 10:02 AM

    Thanks for the insight. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in spiritual places.

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