Do They Really Want to Save People?

January 10, 2022 at 11:53 AM 9 comments

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The same people who are telling us that everyone MUST be vaxxed to stop CV from killing other people seem unconcerned about those aborted, who die from drug overdoses, in car accidents, or from cancers or most of all, the 36 million people who died in just one year from starvation throughout the world. It might be easier to believe they really were concerned about our health and welfare if they expressed the same worry about all other death categories. Unfortunately, their silence speaks against them.

In America, it is estimated that nearly 600,000 people live homelessly. That may seem a paltry number compared to other things mentioned, but the question remains, why are they homeless? Why isn’t something being done to house, feed, and train/educate these people so that they do not have to remain homeless?

Speaking of homeless, why aren’t we seeing them dropping dead like flies because of CV19? I haven’t read anything that indicates there have been massive deaths of homeless people. They don’t wear masks, their hygiene is not that great because of the limitations of being homeless, they don’t eat well for the same reason; so why isn’t CV19 killing these people left and right, spreading widely amongst the homeless? I certainly don’t want it to happen, but why isn’t it happening?

If we go by what Dr. Fauci and others tell us, CV19 was and remains such a huge threat, the population of this planet would have been decimated if extreme measures were not taken. I find that extremely difficult to believe and so do many others. The problem is that it appears that the fear-mongering must be continually propped up so that people will become far more willing to comply. It is not the deaths that they are so concerned with because if that was the case, they would at least be willing to address the tremendous uptick in deaths of those after they’ve received the vax. Instead, they ignore it, simply saying those deaths – none of them – have anything to do with the CV jab.

Why was every possible early intervention pushed off the table? This is absolutely unheard of, yet that was the norm. If you became sick, you were essentially told to stay home and do nothing. If you got sick enough, then go to the hospital, where chances were they would hook you up to an IV, put you on Remdesevir, possibly intubate you and watch you die. Your family wasn’t allowed to see you. You were completely alone in the hospital, which again, makes no sense, considering that the healthcare workers in the hospital go home every day and return the next. It wasn’t possible for them to catch something and bring it to the hospital with them? The same applies to nursing and assisted living homes. No one in or out, except healthcare workers.

Now of course, 18 months or more after that crisis, healthcare workers are now being told they must submit to the vax or lose their jobs. Does any of this make sense to critically thinking people? It doesn’t to me.

One of my readers forwarded the link to this article Rapture Countdown. If the PreTrib Rapture position does not sit well with you, then ignore that part of the article and just focus on the rest, which highlights what the author believes is happening in the world now, thanks to people like Klaus Schwab. You know, just a few years ago, only some people had heard of Klaus. Now, he’s become a household name, whether he likes it or not.

The linked article, as you’ll note, is long, so you may want to read it in stages like a book. The author goes through a rundown on where society is now and how it got this way. He/she also indicates where we are likely heading. It seems the next thing in the works has to do with part of the Great Reset, which is called “stakeholder capitalism.” This is where everything gets digitized so that things become more “fair” to all people, but of course, being fair really means only those who would control the purse strings.

Something else to consider that proves that globalists are not giving up anytime soon. Starting January 15 (unless it changes), all truckers going in and out of Canada must be vaxxed. An article about this problem indicates that up to 12,000 or more truckers will stop carrying and delivering goods to our stores. Of course, that will create another major problem as people will see store shelves becoming depleted. This should not incite panic buying, but it will. Hopefully, you’ve made some decisions about stocking up on things for such a time as this. Just consider the ramifications.

So in asking, “Do They Really Want to Save People?,” the answer tends to become apparent. We have the following situations in society:

Yet, all real questions are being ignored by the CDC and the WHO, along with local county and school boards. The media is on hand also ignoring the large issues, redirecting people to the many CV cases. Wouldn’t it be something if people simply stopped testing? I realize many employers are now demanding that employees test each week (based on new OSHA policies, which hopefully, will be rebuffed by SCOTUS), so that accounts for a lot of the testing. Others simply test because they seem to want to know if they have the dreaded CV19. In years past, people knew they were getting sick because they developed a sore throat, had a fever, or aches and pains. They didn’t need a test to tell them that. Now, allegedly, CV can strike with absolutely no symptoms. Forgive my incredulity, but I find that exceedingly difficult to believe.

There is truly something wrong here, folks. The reality appears to be that many are injured and many others dying after being vaxxed. While this is not conclusive proof that the vax is problematic, wouldn’t it behoove the powers that be to address these things honestly? They choose to ignore so we can only assume they are trying to pretend that there is nothing to see here and want us to do the same thing. Never mind, move along.

But here’s another reality that we need to strongly consider. CV19 is said to have emerged into American society by February 2020 (though some say it may have been earlier, around December 2019). It has now been almost two years and look what society has become. We are never going back to any normalcy that we enjoyed prior to CV19. It is simply not going to happen and I and many others stated that at the beginning of this whole thing. Individual people (like myself), are doing everything they can to be normal in spite of the people in society who continue to wear masks, who have gotten twice jabbed and ready for their booster(s), and essentially still live in fear of CV19. However, overall, society will not be going back to what we once had and took for granted. Why is that?

All of this, I believe, is due to Agenda 2030 that I’ve talked about before. Agenda 2030 (the actual UN document), is not a pie in the sky “conspiracy theory” promulgated by conspiracy theorists throughout the globe. It is an actual document from the UN with a complete listing of what they call “sustainable development goals.”As Klaus Schwab, founder of World Economic Forum (WEF), has famously stated, “You will own nothing and be happy.

I believe what began in late 2019/early 2020 with CV was an exercise to begin strongly pushing all of society into the mold described in the Agenda 2030 documentation. For me, this is not difficult to believe because the Bible clearly teaches that we are truly headed toward a dystopian future known as the Tribulation, followed by the literal and physical return of Jesus, who will then set up His Millennial Kingdom, which will bring absolute relief to Satan’s hold on humanity and this earth.

This is biblical truth, in spite of the fact that some theologians do not believe that Jesus will return physically, or that any of these other things will happen. During Jesus’ day, He said Satan’s time was short (John 12:31). That was several thousand years ago, so how much shorter is Satan’s time remaining now? In fact, Revelation also speaks of Satan’s short time remaining (Revelation 12:12).

Things are obviously moving toward the inevitable conclusion of what was revealed in Scripture to us. This is clearly happening because each day brings us a day closer. Far from being scary or disheartening, this should fill us with joy that all things will culminate in bringing God the glory!

One of the things my wife and I talk about is the fact that it can be too easy to focus on the “bad” things happening in society and ignore God’s goodness, His righteousness, the fact that He keeps and protects His own. We should have a proper perspective as His children. The Bible seems clear that Satan will have his day lasting seven years over which he will be given almost free rein to fulfill his own promises where he swore that he would be “like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:14). Considering the absolute hubris of Satan, a created being, it stands to reason that those who follow in his path also become exceedingly conceited, seeking to become like God.

What we are experiencing now is really a separation of the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats. Though there is a tendency to become fearful of the unknown, it should not be a cause for fear in believers. It should instead be a cause for joy as we learn to trust Jesus and Him alone.

I truly believe that believers who seek Him, His face, and learn to delight in our Lord will go from victory to victory. We cannot possibly stock up on enough food and other supplies to get us through what may be ahead. We can only make intelligent decisions based on the information we have and discernment the Lord provides.

I do believe God will lead us by His hand but that will require us to be obedient to Him. Let me end with this admonition from Solomon.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; fear God and obey His commandments. For this is the whole duty of man. (Ecclesiastes 12:13)

As I’ve stated often, to fear God means to fear offending Him. We should love Him so much that because of that love, we in no way wish to do or say something that would offend Him. This is not a fear of punishment, but a fear of holy love for our God, who loved us enough to robe Himself in humanity, live a life of sinlessness and die a terribly painful death in our place.

Let’s learn to walk in faith, knowing that God will never forsake us nor will He ever condemn us (Romans 8).


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9 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Joseph-Jude Chretien  |  January 15, 2022 at 10:48 AM

    I read somewhere that they (I don’t know who) want to eradicate %80 of the world’s population, so I don’t think they want to save the population, but destroy a good part of it so that it’s more easy to control by the antichrist who is coming soon.


  • 5. lynn5982  |  January 11, 2022 at 11:39 AM

    I see almost everything that is happening today through the lens of Agenda2030.

    No, they (the global elitist) do not really want to save people. Rather, it’s the opposite.

    It’s time for Christians to look up if they aren’t already.


    • 6. modres  |  January 11, 2022 at 11:51 AM

      Amen and amen. I’m still amazed at how many Christians either refuse to see it or cannot see what’s happening in society. Usually, those Christians have a “it’ll all pan out in the end” view of Eschatology. The Bible is God’s book to us, telling us things that will happen before they happen. It is proof He is God. It is also proof of His love for us. Thanks Lynn.


  • 7. Maranatha Today  |  January 11, 2022 at 11:31 AM

    Thanks Modres, we keep praying, watching and waiting patiently for His soon return…can’t even imagine why people are still wanting to stay here with all this going on…may many wake up before it’s too late and prepare accordingly too.


    • 8. modres  |  January 11, 2022 at 11:52 AM

      I don’t understand that either, Maranatha; that folks want long prosperous lives here. I love my wife and our children, along with our grandkids. There are some things I may think I’ll miss (like my dog :), but we were created to be with God, not to languish on earth.



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