The Worst Epidemic Ever

January 6, 2022 at 1:03 PM 8 comments

Audio for this article here:

In the above 20-minute video, Menticide is defined as the killing of the mind; something we might describe as being “brain dead;” unable to reason through things, having a lack of logic and critical thinking ability. The result of menticide is a mass psychosis in all or part of a society; when people are overwhelmed with intense fear due to a stated narrative. This fear often generates a tendency to blame others.

It seems clear that society is now living under the delusion created by menticide. Society globally has been and continues to be coerced into believing that COVID19 is the greatest threat to this world ever in spite of actual facts. This has created two distinct groups: Group A are those who have embraced the fear of CV and want the government to save them, and Group B are those who understand that it is an illness with a 99%+ survivability rate and want to live accordingly without government encroachment.

Group A is directed by fear and do everything they can to avoid CV, though this is an impossible task. They believe what the “experts” have told them; that doing these things will minimize the risk of catching CV so they obey all mandates with vigor and are angry at anyone who does not.

Group B understands that CV, like any other air-borne virus, has its dangers, but life needs to go on. Colds and other viruses have been with us for eons and CV is another virus added to them. Every year (except 2021 apparently), the flu takes hold of people in society. Many die from it depending upon their age and underlying co-morbidities, while others get sick and recover. Still others never come down with that year’s flu.

The gap between these two groups continues to increase, because Group A grows less and less capable of critical thinking. Group B is aware of the facts; that they may get sick and some may die, but most will recover and survive.

To Group A, Group B not only looks crazy, but exceedingly selfish.Why can’t they just get the vax and help all of society?” is a question often asked, or “Why aren’t they willing to do their part?” Yet consider that with any previous air-borne illness, no one got the vax to help others. They got the vax to help themselves. They never wore masks or nitrile gloves and only moderately worried about keeping their distance from a noticeably sick person. Now, all of that has changed with brand new rules that never existed before.

We are told CV19 can present as completely asymptomatic; no symptoms at all in the person carrying it. This is absolute nonsense, but it is accepted as fact by Group A because that’s what they’ve been told so CV could be lurking around every corner and in every person even if they don’t appear sick. While yes, a person could be infected with the flu, for instance, and not show any signs of it for the first 24 hours, the “experts” would like us to believe that CV19 is so stealthy that it can literally hide inside a person for days or weeks and that person may not show any signs of infection. Only a PCR test can detect it. Yet, the CDC now says the PCR tests are faulty. Any doctor or healthcare worker stating the truth is often accused of spreading “misinformation” and banned or censored from social media and even fired from their jobs.

As the gap between Groups A & B grows, the anger from Group A to Group B is even more pronounced. We are told there is a pandemic of the unvaxxed, yet it is very clear from a variety of sources (noted in previous articles), that this is not true. Most hospitalizations and positive test results are in the vaxxed camp. But let’s remember that according to government agencies, being fully vaxxed has meant being beyond 14 days after the second dose since the vax has been available. This new definition of “fully vaxxed” has never before existed in society.  The logic is completely lost on Group A because if the vax worked, why are they even being concerned about picking it up from the unvaxxed? The truth is that the vax does not work, which is why there are two main shots and a growing number of required boosters.

In effect, society has done everything to keep herd immunity from happening. In the past, when the flu happened each year, people would get it and it would be passed around society. As it went, it would weaken from one person to the next. Eventually, it would weaken to the point that symptoms became very minor. This is the natural course of a virus.

However, with CV19, we’ve done everything we can not only to keep it around, but to increase its lethality by making it easier for people to come down with it. Masking, social distancing, wearing gloves, treating other people as though they are lepers and all the rest, including lock-downs has done tremendous damage to stopping societal herd immunity. Immune systems have not had the chance to be exposed to CV19, which would have done wonders for our immune systems individually and collectively. In fact, as numerous epidemiologists have said from the beginning, if we had done what we normally did for any illness, CV would already be gone from society.

Years ago, I asked my doctor why he didn’t get sick often when seeing so many ill patients throughout the day. He said that since he only sees patients for a few moments at a time, his immune system is exposed to their illness but fights off the infection. If he were locked in a room with that same sick person for many hours, chances are good that he would come down with the same ailment.

If readers will take the time to read through this thread, I think it’ll be found insightful. It’s a quick read and the author includes charts and images of pages from government websites. Ultimately, hospitals have been receiving a $20,000 bonus per CV patient (proven with a PCR test), if they agree to use specific medications on the EUA approved list, which does NOT include either HCQ or Ivermectin. One approved medication is Remdesivir, which has been proven to shut down kidneys and other organs. Intubating patients on Remdesivir and putting them on a mechanical breathing device could ultimately kill them. As the kidneys weaken and/or shut down, the fluids being pumped into the patient via the IV, have nowhere to exit the body, so they begin to pool around the heart and in the lungs. Eventually, the person can drown in their own fluids.

If you’d like to see just how stupid society has become, watch this short video of a teacher speaking before the school board in Virginia. The board’s actions/reactions to this teacher are pathetic; a perfect example of minds that are dead. Logic makes no sense to the board members. They can’t deviate from the path that they’ve chosen. It would severely damage their psyches. By all means, they must protect their outlook and world view. HIPAA laws have been completely set aside under the guise of “health and safety.” OSHA is now ignoring their own science regarding masks. The absurdity of this is astounding, yet people go along with it because of the fear that has been generated throughout society. Even Christians appear to have latched onto this ungodly fear, as though God no longer has control of their lives. They see it as tempting God if they do not comply with all the ridiculous mandates. Yet logic and critical thinking would dismiss that errant belief. You cannot go out into society and never come in contact with some disease. It’s impossible but we are being led to believe that it IS possible. These same people would never even think of changing their diet and lifestyle to address their own health needs. But they will religiously see others as potential infectious bodies. Can you imagine if Jesus did that? He touched lepers (Matthew 8:3). Today, Group A treats everyone as lepers.

This same mentality shown by Group A today occurred with the Salem Witch Trials of old. Then, many completely innocent women were accused of being witches and were tortured and/or murdered. If you consider the absolute stupidity of ways it was determined whether someone was a witch or not, it is clear that menticide was guiding that society then. There was absolutely no logic at all. It happened then and it is happening today, with Group A pointing to and calling Group B the culprit that is prolonging CV19 and its variants in society. No, the mandates – social distancing, gloves, masks, and the vax itself – are prolonging CV19’s hold on society.

When we consider the reality of menticide and how it has taken over society today, then look afresh at Paul’s and Peter’s words, the meaning of what they are saying comes alive in a new way. Both Paul and Peter tell us what society will be like toward the time prior to and including the Tribulation. However, they don’t necessarily specify how or why society becomes like that. Yes, Paul deals with a general downward trajectory found in societies in Romans 1. In 2 Timothy 3 and 2 Peter 3:1-4 the apostles explain in general terms why people are what they are and why they come to reject God as they do. But understanding what menticide is and how it works in society gives us greater understanding of what is actually going on in the world now. In essence, losing the ability to think rationally, critically and logically (menticide), is the process that has brought society to the point we are at now. This is preparing the world for the appearance of the man of sin (2 Thessalonians 2). Menticide has created a delusion that most have fully embraced (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

Imagine if Fauci held a press conference and announced, “CV19 is over. You are free to go back to your lives.” Would Group A take their masks and gloves and toss them in the garbage never looking back, jumping for joy? Would they stop social distancing? No, it wouldn’t happen. In fact, I believe Fauci would be roundly attacked and denigrated by Group A. Group B would smile and go on doing what we’ve done.

The people who are terrified of CV – Group A – who still wear masks, social distance, and wear gloves (even when they’re alone in their cars or walking along the street), wouldn’t be able to let go of any of that. In fact, those poor folks would likely become even more fearful because more people would stop wearing masks and social distancing. I personally know people who for the past two years only come out of their homes for very short periods. What do you think this has done to their immune systems? They’ve likely harmed themselves a great deal. The next time they step out into society, chances are great that they will come down with something ferocious, yet they won’t see it as something they’ve created for themselves but will blame Group B.

I know some very intelligent, conservative Christians who truly believe that if not for the vax, there would be thousands and thousands more deaths. Never mind that in all likelihood, at least 150,000 people have died after taking the vax and possibly as many as 300,000.[1] We are seeing a tremendous uptick in myocardistis and heart attacks in young people after they’ve taken the vax.[2] Group A is fine with this because they robotically state “Imagine what would have happened to them had they NOT taken the vax!”

The idea that the vax has caused harm or death is ridiculous to these people. It’s not even considered because health officials aren’t even considering it. Once people come to a point of having invested so much of their emotions into believing something, their cognitive dissonance becomes their greatest protection and problem. They will even do or say things that under other circumstances they wouldn’t even dream of doing or saying, like the Salem Witch Trials.

This link takes you to Zero Hedge’s Top 10 Ridiculous Stories from 2021 (warning: language). Here’s another link to an hour-long video showing just how much the government has flip-flopped. I watched the first few minutes and it confirms that a sucker is born every minute. Group A says “they didn’t know because the situation is fluid.” I’ll remind Group A that Fauci is an expert who has been at this for years and should understand how viruses work. But no matter how many times the narrative changes, Group A goes along, while Group B shakes their collective heads. Which group are you in?

How on earth does a society ever come back from all the lock-downs, masks, gloves and the rest based on a constant promotion of abject fear? I’m not sure it’s possible. Globalists have won a major global victory. They know it and don’t expect them to retreat. They have too much to lose if they do.


Links and Resources:

[1] How to Verify for Yourself the many deaths after the CV vax

[2] Heart problems in young people after vax

For those with CV vax regret: How to Detox from the CV shot

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It Takes Time Do They Really Want to Save People?

8 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Eric  |  January 12, 2022 at 1:06 PM

    Fred, here is an addendum to your article from an unlikely source. 👍

    — Eric


    • 2. modres  |  January 12, 2022 at 1:06 PM

      Thx Eric👍🏼


    • 3. modres  |  January 12, 2022 at 1:10 PM

      Funny how there are so many trying to debunk the idea of mass psychosis. Jesus called is sheep for a reason. Everyone follows something or someone. It’s important to follow the correct Person. History has proven repeatedly that mass psychosis exists and can direct entire groups of ppl or society. That’s what’s it’s doing now.


  • 4. Taylor  |  January 10, 2022 at 1:02 PM

    Nobody is right all the time. But there are some who seem to be one step ahead of the game so to speak and more often than not they get things correct. I tend to follow what these people say and author of this thread is one of these people. With that in mind, I can’t begin to describe the accuracy that Dr. Fred is writing about concerning Covid-19 and insightfulness he brings to this thread on a weekly basis. To use a baseball analogy, he’s hitting it out of the park!

    In this latest blog he made the comment, “We are seeing a tremendous uptick in myocarditis and heart attacks in young people after they’ve taken the vax” and I would like to take a brief additional moment and add information to his latest blog regarding Covid-19 and myocarditis.

    It looks as if there’s new information coming in from Britain that shows there is a much more troubling aspect to the jabs than first appears.

    1. These jabs and boosters may be more lethal than those produce by other causes.
    2. There is reason to believe that the damage is not limited to just this condition.
    3. Damage and elevation of risk does not return to baseline (it’s permanent).

    The bottom line is that if you let someone jab you often enough the bad outcome is not going to be rare or unexpected at all. Another concern is that myocarditis has a typical time element in other words it often takes time to manifest itself and doesn’t reveal its damage until a few years later.


    • 5. modres  |  January 10, 2022 at 1:55 PM

      Hi Taylor, I’ve been going over the info from the UK as it’s coming in. Sad, yet it’ll continue to be ignored by the CDC and the rest. We know folks who have had the jab and are experiencing continuing issues, aside from those who have died following the jab. Thanks for your comments, Taylor!


  • 6. Eric  |  January 7, 2022 at 2:37 PM

    Choose you this day whom you will serve: God or man? Menticide is society’s suicide and will be the death of all man as we know it. Scripture is quite clear. (Proverbs 14:12). If only those ‘Christians’ to whom it concerns would wake up to tell others how much better we do have it — what we already have, in Him! The book of Hebrews. 👍 Once again, thank you for telling it like it is, Fred. God bless you!

    — Eric


    • 7. modres  |  January 7, 2022 at 2:38 PM

      Thx very much, Eric. Carry on brother.



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