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How Did the Seventh-day Adventist Movement Begin?

I have personally been told by SDA adherents that since I do not worship God on Saturday, I have already taken the mark of the beast. The beast in this case then was the Roman Catholic Pontiff who is credited with changing the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. Some credit Constantine with the change and it was carried on from there. Others argue that a different pope made the change. Still others argue that no pope changed anything.

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Origins of the Seventh-day Adventist Movement

Is Seventh-day Adventism a cult? How did it begin and who were the major players when it did begin?

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Farrakhan, Jackson, and Shaprton: The Three Musketeers of Racism

Racism is alive and well…from the left!

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The Left’s Automatic Reflex: Must Be Racism

The race card and Mr. Obama plays well with leftheads.

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Lara Logan’s Demonically Inspired Sexual Assault in Egypt

This world is becoming darkly evil. In my opinion, hell has a steady flow of beings marching out and into our world. They will take up residence in whomever they can to accomplish their goals. Why do they like to inhabit people? It’s simply really. Causing evil and havoc outside of a person is merely a spectator sport to them. Once they find a way to enter a person, they can actually experience (to a degree) the emotions and physical feelings of the person through which they are working. In other words, they like how it feels!

The men who mobbed and sexually molested Lara Logan enjoyed it. As she states, they become incited even more by what they were experiencing. I understand that there is what is known as a “mob mentality.” Riots are formed this way when people began to act in concert to achieve a goal. It only takes one individual to pick up a rock and toss it at a store window and before you know it, everyone who is near is involved in destroying and looting without even thinking about it.

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Obama’s Longform Birth Certificate…Finally

This is rich. Roughly two years after the subject was first broached by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton while making her run for office, the president of the United States has finally decided that he does in fact, have a long form birth certificate and has also finally decided that it would be best to show it to the world.

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Investigative Judgment – What Do We Know?

I also need to mention up front that there are many who charge that White plagiarized others, yet White herself claimed that she was given a revelation from God regarding the contents of her book. Who is right and can it be proven beyond doubt? Again, even if we or someone else can prove anything, the final decision rests with each individual. Certainly, those within SDA are likely aware of these and other charges against Ellen G. White. If they know of them, the fact that they are still members of SDA would mean that they have satisfied themselves that the charges are false. If so, then there is nothing to be said that will convince them and it is not my intent to do so.

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Investigative Judgment – What’s THAT All About?

Ellen G. White, considered to be a prophet by most if not all within the Seventh-day Adventist movement, has offered a number of theories and theological doctrines that many (to most) within Seventh-day Adventism hold near and dear.

Since it is clear that within the confines of the SDA movement, White is considered to be a prophet, then her words, beliefs, and theological positions come under greater scrutiny. This is certainly fair and exactly what Jesus emphasized and taught during His earthly ministry, about those who were teaching God’s law (the Scribes, the Pharisees and other religious leaders). These, Jesus said, would be held to greater accountability (cf. Luke 20:46-47).

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Mr. Obama is Increasing His Voting Public through Immigration Reform

There are too many people sleepwalking their way through life. They don’t seem to notice or care what our government does because they are far more interest in party politics than anything else. They will all one day wake from their slumber and what they will then be faced with will appear to them to be the worst nightmare they have ever experienced.

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Should Eric Holder Be Fired?

Attorney General Eric Holder Should be Fired!

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