Toward a Global Society: Eliminating the Nation-State, Liberty, and Individual Rights

February 15, 2014 at 8:47 AM 1 comment

by Fred DeRuvo

Daniel Estulin's latest book

Daniel Estulin’s latest book

The coming world empire will not necessarily be built along physical lines. Certainly, it will be physical in that it will incorporate the entire globe as we learn throughout Scripture (books of Daniel, Revelation, etc.). But though this final empire will truly be global in the sense that every portion of the earth will come under its control, the reality of this final empire is that the control that creates this empire is the glue that holds it together.

People like Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Daniel Estulin, and numerous others firmly believe that the coming final empire will be built on the fact of a one-world company. This company will control all aspects of society and will, itself, not be bound by physical borders of any kind, the way companies are now bound.

In Daniel Estulin’s (The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, Shadow Masters) most recent book – “TransEvolution: The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction” – he discusses at some length, the economy of the world and how it is being purposefully destroyed by globalists currently in control. The purpose? Certainly, the reasons are varied, however, there is one set of overriding goals (from page 14 of Estulin’s book):

  1. the elimination of the nation-state
  2. the elimination of liberty, and
  3. the elimination of rights

A true world empire cannot exist unless the above three items are completed. The more these things are brought to fruition, the greater the empire of the elite becomes. Ultimately, as Estulin states, “the elite have created…an Empire – with them in control.” Estulin assures us it’s not about money. For the elite, money is merely a tool to be used for themselves.

If humanity is allowed to travel the road it was meant to travel, there is generally a push to greater exploration, greater production, better technology so as it improve life on earth for all people. Even in our fallen state, this is remarkably what humanity does as a whole. Yes, there are evil people, dictators, those who would use tyranny to squelch all of this and we know that they do so to elevate themselves. A simple look at North Korea provides an accurate picture of how the elite in that nation benefit off the backs of the serfs, which make up most of that nation.

Imagine the entire globe in such a state and you have an idea of what the global elite is working toward, in order that their future would be the brightest without limits or chains, while the rest of us who are not part of the elite are like those in North Korea, working diligently to have the barest of food and other necessities. Yet, the people of North Korea see the ruler of that country as “Dear Leader,” so brainwashed are they into believing that Kim Jong Un has only their best interests at heart.

North Korea is a microcosm of what we see in the book “1984,” yet we make no connection whatsoever. We refuse to believe that what has been the norm in North Korea for generations is what the entire world is slated to become.

What too many fail to see is that the elite have already crafted their kingdom or world empire. The foundation for this coming empire has already been well established. The invisible bricks continue to be put in place and most do not see it. Part of the reason is due to the fact that so much change has occurred in society at such speed that most people turn their minds off to it because it has overwhelmed them. They have become passive and non-thinking, merely accepting what is changing, preferring to live in the world of the past. They continue with life as if nothing is amiss. They marry, give away in marriage, eat, drink, and generally do what they can to be merry. These folks will be rudely awakened when the final brick of the coming world empire is placed.

This is what is most definitely on the side of the elite. Much of what they do, they do behind the curtain. We see the results of it, but it is difficult to be and remain ahead of them. Because we react to their results, we are always behind them, never in front of them.

In many ways, it is as Estulin states, “By cutting down productivity, by disrupting investment in infrastructure, and by forestalling inventions and technology, the elite wish to force a population reduction. Because if you keep people stupid, and not too numerous, a minority may exercise near total control,” (page 15 of TransEvolution). This is exactly what has been happening in America and throughout the world. The problem for the elite is that there are many who are at least aware of their schemes and do not want to play ball with them.

It is why the Obama administration continues to spend as much money as possible. It is why Obama continues to illegally bypass Congress. He does not answer to the American people. He answers to the elite.

It is why George W. Bush signed into law the so-called Patriot Act, which created the Department of Homeland Security. While some might argue that it’s intended purpose was not what it’s being used for today, I would state that it’s intended purpose is exactly how it is being used today. Bush introduced it because that’s what the elite wanted, but they waited until Obama took office because they could use the race card every time he overstepped the boundaries of his office.

Do we really vote for the president or is he hand-picked?

Do we really vote for the president or is he hand-picked?

There is no president who has not been used by the globalists since Woodrow Wilson (and possibly even before that). These men sold their souls to the elite or they would not have become president. Even when someone accidentally became president (like Teddy Roosevelt, who took over as president when McKinley was assassinated), the elite still has plenty of ways to control such a person. Those presidents who believe they are their own man or stop listening to the elite are taken out of office (i.e. Nixon, Kennedy, etc.). Some who get tired of answering to the elite and know they can change nothing simply don’t run for re-election (Johnson, etc.).

America and the world have been on a downward spiral into being fully controlled by the elite since the Wilson. Things really started ramping up in the late 1950s and into the 1960s. So much revolution, change, and social evolution occurred that one can say truthfully that America was completely lost then. None of it was by accident.

We’ll have more to say about this coming global empire and Daniel Estulin’s newest book soon. Stay tuned.

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