This Kind of Racism is Allowed Solely Because of Unproven Critical Race Theory

February 12, 2014 at 10:30 AM

by Fred DeRuvo

Trader_Joe'sWe all know that if a group of white activists got together to protest a new store coming into a white neighborhood based on the same reasons that black activists are using to keep a Trader Joe’s out of their neighborhood, the Justice Department and other departments of the federal government would step in. Yet, when it is a group of black activists doing this, it is perfectly fine. It is an accepted form of racism because of Derek Bell’s “Critical Race Theory,” a completely unproven theory that has gained quite a bit of ground within black circles because it gives them a reason to be racist and feel okay about it.

In this instance, black activists are doing their level best to keep a Trader Joe’s out of their community. The reason? Simply put, it’s “because the store would ‘increase the desirability of the neighborhood,’ for ‘non-oppressed populations’.” Interesting. In other words, those blacks do not want whites in their community, period. Never mind that a Trader Joe’s would provide jobs for people in that neighborhood. Never mind that the value of the neighborhood might increase. None of this matters because of the myopia created because of racism from blacks toward whites. Of course, it is clear that Derek Bell’s Critical Race Theory (CRT) teaches that blacks cannot be racist because of what their ancestors (mainly) have gone through.

Hatred in any form directed at a particular group of individuals who all share the same ethnicity is racist. More and more blacks are parroting what CRT teaches – that blacks cannot be racist. They can hate whites, they can oppress whites (by wanting to keep them out of their neighborhoods), and more and none of that is considered racist.

This is taking place in Portland, OR. The more I hear about what’s going on there, the less I want to visit. “The Portland African American Leadership Forum, along with the Mayor Charlie Hales, sent letters to Portland Development Commission citing that they were ‘contributing to the destructive impact of gentrification and displacement of the African American community.’ They also said that they would remain opposed to all development of the land that doesn’t solely benefit African Americans.”

What do these activists want instead? Not sure, but Trader Joe’s officials have stated that if the neighborhood doesn’t want one of their stores, they won’t put one there. It sounds a bit like someone slicing their nose off to spite their face.

Trader Joe’s is accused of “contributing to the destructive impact of gentrification and displacement of the African American community.” Really?

“Gentrification is a shift in an urban community toward wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property values, sometimes to the detriment of the poorer residents of the community. Gentrification is typically the result of investment in a community by local government, community activists, or business groups, and can often spur economic development, attract business, lower crime rates, and have other benefits to a community. Despite these potential benefits, urban gentrification results in population migration, with poorer residents displaced by wealthier newcomers.”

These activists believe that they will somehow eventually be chased out of their community or that they will be excluded in the growth of the city because of the potential of whites relocating businesses there. Yet, these same activists have nothing negative to say about what has happened under Obama’s administration. The unemployment rate for African-Americans has doubled. They blame Congress or more specifically, the Republicans. Yet, it is clear that Congress has given Obama everything he asked for: two stimulus packages, Obamacare, and more! The GOP didn’t stand in his way for these things.

People will simply believe what they want to believe. The fact that blacks can willfully keep out a grocery store based on racist nonsense tells us just how far we have sunk in America. In this case, they are hurting themselves, but they either don’t see that or care.

We are left to ask one question: when will it all end?

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