Edward Snowden’s First German Television Interview Speaks Volumes

February 11, 2014 at 2:32 PM

Edward Snowden was recently interviewed by German Television Channel NDR toward the end of last month (January). What he had to say – if true – reveals to us several things that should be of great concern.

  1. Major spy agencies are spying on all people and capturing massive amounts of data, and a secret computer system called XKEYSCORE allows the “Five Eyes Alliance” of spy agencies to gather this data
  2. People can be (and are) tracked wherever they go throughout the world

There is no real good purpose in all this spying. Beyond this, as Snowden points out in the video the dangers of privatizing aspects of government functions. In other words, private companies are contracted with the government are empowered by the government to spy (as an example) with little to no oversight provided to that company.

Snowden comes across as a very intelligent individual and as he notes, he has had a very deep, informal education in all things computers. His revelations bring into question the ability of our government to spy on us at will.

He indicates that where government agencies used to be required to go to judges to obtain search warrants allowing them to gather electronic data before those agencies can bring to bear the full portent of what they do on an individual, now those same companies gather all the data first and then seek a court order after they know what the data provides for them. This is the way things have gone.

The interview is captivating, if for no other reason than Snowden’s articulate demeanor in presenting what he believes to be the facts of the situation regarding the government’s penchant for spying on its citizens.

The NSA has the ability to read any email, any text message, or infiltrate any computer and even track that computer. What does this mean? If true, it obviously means that our thoughts are not safe because we routinely take our thoughts and put them down in a text or email.

The biggest question I can think of is why would any government need to have that information? If that government believes in freedom for its citizens, then why is there such a great need for spying and subterfuge? At the beginning of the video, Snowden rightly points out that nothing the NSA has ever uncovered has stopped a terrorist act from occurring.

The interviewer asks Snowden about words from Obama who stated essentially that if he (Snowden) believes he did nothing wrong, then he should come back to America, obtain a lawyer and face the courts to make his case. Snowden states that what Obama left off is that the three felonies Snowden has been charged with do not allow him to make his case before a judge or jury.

“The espionage act was never intended – it’s from 1918 – it was never intended to prosecute journalistic sources. It was people who are informing the newspapers about information that is public interest. It was intended for people who are selling documents, in secret to foreign government, who are bombing bridges, who are sabotaging communications, not people who are serving the public good.

“So it’s, I would say, illustrative that the president would choose to say someone should face the music when he knows the music is a show trial.”

Whatever you think of Snowden, he is by no means an idiot. He is very articulate and seemingly sincere. He claims he has never turned over any secret documents to any country that would bring harm to the United States. He has simply done what he believes is for the public good in revealing that our own government is seriously involved in spying on us and answering to no one about it.


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