Francis Schaeffer’s Son Franky

October 21, 2011 at 8:26 AM

I flew back home to Georgia from Oklahoma the other day and the woman sitting next to me was reading Francis Schaeffer’s “How Then Shall We Live?”  It reminded me of when I was in Bible college in Philadelphia and for a certain period of time during our morning chapel services, we watched the entire video series of the same name.

Schaeffer was and remains an interesting man.  But possibly even more interesting is his son, Franky.  Franky grew up in that home, allegedly became a Christian, but now has essentially thrown it all away in favor of something else entirely.

Franky – now a blogger for liberal-leftist Huffington Post – apparently blames conservative Christians for the financial woes of this country. He actually goes further than that, and has “denounced Christianity as ‘stupid,’ writes bitter tell-all books about his parents, and ferociously attacks conservative religionists as the virtual root cause of all American evils.” [1]

This is not be unexpected for someone who walks away from Christianity.  Of course, whether or not Franky was a real Christian is another point to consider.  He would, of course, say that he most definitely was a Christian, but has now fully rejected it.  Others have done the same thing, referring to themselves as “ex-Christians.”  In fact, I wrote a book about this apparent phenomenon a few years back called The Anti-Supernatural Bias of Ex-Christians” in which I discussed this very thing.

There are really only two options here:

  1. either Franky was a Christian and remains one in a deeply backslidden state, or
  2. he was never an authentic Christian to begin with

Those are the only two options, but of course, I realize that there are those who would add a third; that he was a Christian and actually did reject it.  This is based on their understanding of Scripture, which I would disagree with because in my view, becoming a Christian means that there has been a spiritual transaction that Jesus describes in John 3.  Here, He spoke with Nicodemus about what it means to be a Christian.  He indicated that it required a new birth.  A person needed to be born from above.  This transaction though spiritual, is nonetheless real in every way.

Once a person becomes a Christian, the Holy Spirit then takes up residence in that person and seals that person unto the day of redemption (Eph 2, etc.).  In order for a person to cease to be a Christian, they would logically then need to become unborn again, which is an impossibility.  The seal would have to be broken by the Holy Spirit and in order for that to happen, the person would have to be stronger than the Holy Spirit.  Of course, people get around this by saying that the individual can use his free will to break that seal, but these individuals speak out of ignorance.  They do not fully understand the reality of our union with Christ.

Once we become Christians, we are no longer our own.  We have been bought with a price and therefore, Jesus now owns us.  To that end, our free will – such as it is – is essentially set aside.  The Lord is now in control of our life whether we like it or not and the Lord will not allow us to walk away from Him.  It is really that simple.

Paul discusses in detail that each Christian is being built up into a vessel that one day will be complete and will fully glorify the Lord.  Yet, some would argue that some of these “chosen” can walk away leaving a gap in the building that the Lord is constructing.  No worries though, I guess.

Many of those who walk away from Christian actually become atheists, which is interesting, yet they still declare with a certain level of ferocity that they were Christians (and don’t you forget it!).  That equally makes no sense because if they are atheists now, then how is it they were actually Christians then since it is clear that the two are diametrically opposed to one another and obviously if there really is no God, then they only believed in something that did not actually exist.  Moreover, there could not have been any spiritual transaction, could there have been?

The reality is that it is either one or the other.  They either were Christian and have backslidden terribly, or they never were Christian.  While they might argue that they did the things Christians do – prayed, sang hymns, studied the Bible, etc. – none of that is a requirement to be a Christian, nor does it prove that they were one.  The only thing that proves it is the spiritual transaction.

But getting back to Franky, who has now completely disassociated himself with religion per se, he firmly believes that conservative Christians are the reason why this country suffers the way it does.  It has nothing to do with our current (or past) administration’s policies, such as they are, but everything to do with Christians.

Not only does Franky approve of the Wall Street Occupiers, but is now encouraging those same protestors to take it to the source of the problem by protesting outside churches (small, large, and mega) because of their conservative position against “women, gays, and all the rest!” [2] I’m sure some of the mega churches will find a way to unite with Franky because not all churches are opposed to gays.  I’m not sure what he means when he speaks of churches who are opposed to women, unless he is referring to not allowing women to become pastors.

The more I read about Franky, the sadder I become.  He is obviously a man with some deep-seated emotional scars and it is as if he is daring God to prove him wrong.  “Thirty years ago, young Schaeffer joined his father in critique of the secular Left. Today, he faults religious conservatives for the “insanity and corruption” that plagues America.


“In 2008, he endorsed Barack Obama​ and publicly demanded John McCain renounce his ostensibly “hate-filled supporters.” More recently, he’s slammed Obama’s critics as “racists.” All the energy he once channeled into what he derides as “fundamentalist” Christianity is now furiously focused against all the perceived representatives of his parents’ faith.” [3]

This is tragic, but it is not unheard of either.  Paul specifically mentions a great “falling away” that would take place as things ramped up toward the end of human history (2 Thessalonians 2).  The way people are leaving Christendom is proof of it.  These people – in my understanding of Scripture – never enjoyed that spiritual transaction.  They are like so many in the visible Church who are tares.  Tares are never wheat, though they look very similar to wheat in the early stages.  Tares are always tares.

Within the visible Church, Satan has planted his tares and these tares go through life pretending (or being deceived) that they are wheat, when in point of fact, they are tares.  One day, they wake to that fact and then they become destructive toward the very church they once preached and protected.

It is a tragedy that is being played out repeatedly throughout the world.  Unfortunately, what we have are people who are on fire with the wrong reason and directing their ire toward the wrong thing.

One day, the Rapture will occur and take all the Christians out of this world into the next.  Because of that event, the Holy Spirit, who has worked diligently through the Church, will – for a time – have less of a direct influence because the Church He worked in and through will be gone.

When this happens, then the world will finally get what Franky and others want – a world free of Christian or conservative religious impedance.  They will finally have their world that no longer is kept in check by the presence of the Holy Spirit and the millions of authentic Christians throughout the world.

The world will finally be free to do, feel, and say what they want!  Yea, no more of those lousy Christians to have to deal with!  But the problem of course, is that hell will be seeping from the pit and that will increase over time until the middle of the Tribulation when Antichrist defiles the Jewish rebuilt Temple.  When that happens, then all hell will break loose on the land.

It’s always sad when I hear of people who were supposedly Christians and now have adopted a vengeance against Christians.  They feel they were duped or deceived and in Franky’s case, though I have not read his books, it sounds from the descriptions that there were some problems in his home that caused him to see a duplicitous nature in his parents from time to time.

I also know from personal experience that many kids who grow up in pastor’s homes often become exceedingly rebellious.  Why is that?  It is because of the fishbowl existence and the expectations that are continually placed on that pastor’s family by members of the church they serve.  People tend to rebel against that and this may well be the case with Franky.  In fact, growing up in a religious household is rife for creating people who are often insincere about their faith, sadly enough.

I look at some of the well-known preachers on TV.  They have more money than they know what to do with and they also have children.  The parents strike me as exceedingly insincere.  If they are, what does that teach the children?  It teaches them that Christianity is something you can put on in front of the cameras and take off when you leave the studio.  Children are not fools.  They see that two-sidedness and it leaves its mark.

We should absolutely pray for Franky.  He is very angry and in his mind, he has reason to be.  The truth is that nothing else matters except his eternal soul.  Nothing on Wall Street, nothing about any issues he has a difficulty with and nothing about anything else, except the fact that his soul hangs in the balance.

Will you pray with me for Franky?  He needs the Lord.  If he is backslidden, he needs to realize it and for that to happen, the Lord needs to open his eyes.  If he never knew the Lord in the first place, then that needs to happen.  Pray with me for his soul.  He is in a great position to reflect God’s glory if only he will turn to Him.  May God be glorified in and through he life of Franky Schaeffer.  Let’s pray for him.


[2] Ibid

[3] Ibid

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