Brazilian Rain Forest “Visitor”

October 23, 2011 at 5:03 PM

At least one website today was highlighting photos that appear to contain an image of an alien and a flashing light not far away.  The photos were actually screen grabs from a video taken by British tourists to the Brazilian rain forest and while they video-taped the immediate surroundings, in the back, not really in screen, stands what appears to be a gray alien, with a bluish light not far behind him.

It’s certainly interesting to consider the fact that an alien may have been there and may actually have allowed itself to be video-taped.  Certainly, the experts will weight in on the validity of the photographs and video, but for now, it certainly looks like the real deal.

You can see the images here where the original story was hosted:

Of course, the first question we need to ask ourselves (after we ask if it’s real or not) is what is that being?  Oh sure, it looks like an alien.  Who has not seen pictures or drawings of gray aliens, complete with enlarged, triangular-shaped heads, huge black eyes, small mouths and small bodies to match, with long arms and thin legs?

If you mention gray alien today, most of the world knows what you’re talking about and if you stop to consider it, that is amazing for creatures that have never really been photographed much, if at all.  All the photos that I am aware of have been debunked by the experts and this one may prove to be the same.

All of it simply reminds me that beings that are not of this world (or at least, of our four dimensions) have presented themselves to humans from time immemorial.  People have described aliens – mainly the gray aliens – as the photo in question shows and as I have described above.  No one doubts what a gray alien looks like.  Most simply doubt that they actually exist.

If this photograph/video proves not to have been faked, then obviously something is up.  We have seen plenty of photographs and videos of modern-day sightings of UFOs, but not of actual aliens.  A few years ago, roundish-gray objects appeared in the sky over Mexico City en masse and remained there for some time while people focused their video cameras on them.  The UFOs did not seem to be in a hurry to leave.

In fact, the past ten years have highlighted many UFO sightings that surpass sightings of previous decades.  If we follow the timeline of the modern-day UFO and alien, since the first alleged real alien abduction occurred (Betty and Barney Hill of September, 1961), the number of eyewitness accounts and/or abductions has grown exponentially.  Of course, many can be easily ignored as simply hype or overworked imagination, but too many do not easily fall into that same category.  It is difficult to deny that something happened.

I’ve long thought (as have numerous other commentators) that the entire UFO phenomenon, including alien visitation and abduction, is little more than demonic play, attempting to pull the wool over the minds of unsuspecting human beings.  Others say that it is a massive cover up by the CIA (which includes MK Ultra), or some other highly classified governmental department.  If actual UFOs exist at all, it could be a combination of both.

However, for me, I always must come back to the belief that these aliens – regardless of how they present themselves to regular human beings or those within the governments – are nothing more than demons in disguise.  In fact, this was the subject of my book by the same name published a few years ago.

There is one overriding reason why I believe this view has merit.  It is because these aliens always – not usually, but always – have a religious bent to their work.  They seem to want to come here to teach humanity the ways of what has become known as the New Age movement.  They seem far more concerned that we stop reading the Bible (with a literal frame of reference; not literalistic, but literal), we come to understand that Jesus was not, is not, nor will ever be God, and finally, they seem hellbent on making sure that we understand that some biblical God called Elohim did not create us and this planet, but that they did, using a committee of aliens called “Elohim.”

In all of their teachings to various human beings, though they are quick to tell us that they are “here to help,” not once have they explained how to eliminate sicknesses like cancers, colds, AIDS, or anything else.  They do not share with us how to extend the use of our fuels that are contained within planet earth.  They don’t tell us many important things that we could certainly benefit from knowing.

All they tell us is along the lines of religion.  For me, this is a dead giveaway that something else is afoot.  That something is found within the demonic hordes who live to worship and obey their hellish king, Satan.  To that end, they will lie as he lies, destroy as he destroys, and generally do whatever they can do to bring this world to their master’s feet in victory.

Because of this, many human beings become unwitting accomplices in bringing out Satan’s intended goals because though they cast off the Bible as too far-fetched to have any real value or truth, they willingly adopt the ravings of these inter-dimensional beings without concern.  It’s as if though they cannot believe the Bible because it’s too antiquated or even foolish, they can believe the absolute gibberish of these alien visitors simply because they sound or in some cases, appear to be far more intelligent than the most intelligent person on the planet.  Never mind that what they say requires far more faith than believing that Jesus died for my sins and yours!  People like what they hear from aliens because their message comes without guilt!

Is this the reason that people are so willing to adopt something so absolutely outlandish?  It has to be because people do not like to feel guilty and even though Christianity through Jesus provides a way out from under the guilt, people still don’t like it because they continue to be beholden to someone else.

You see, in any New Age setting (and that includes settings in which the teachings of aliens are spread around), there is no guilt at all.  There is no guilt because no one is taught that they did anything wrong.  The wrong that may have occurred in their life is simply reflective of the fact that their soul has not yet uncovered the true meaning of its own life and may simply need further reincarnations in order for this to fully occur.

In other words, like every religion aside from Christianity, what aliens teach us is simply this:  we must work out our own salvation.  I realize by the way that Paul said words similar found in Philippians 2:12, but he hardly meant that people actually had to work for their salvation.  That has absolutely nothing to do with the entire context of his full letter to the Philippians.

Paul was speaking of the need for believers to work things out among themselves, often found in the problems that come their way.  Because Christians will face trials and tribulations in this life, it is imperative to live in a way so that our problems are given to the Lord.  He is the One who will direct our steps and provide strength to accomplish His goals in every situation.  We are unable to see too far ahead of where we are now, so in many ways, we travel this road of life in blind faith.  It is this faith that grabs hold of God and believes that He will guide in good times and in bad.

It is our faith that allows Him to work in and through us so that He is glorified every step of the way.  Paul was talking to believers.  He was not telling them to work for or earn their salvation.  He was simply telling them to put their salvation to practice in their daily lives.

This is far different from having to earn salvation at all.  Salvation does not stop when we receive Jesus.  It starts there and it is from that point that we move along the road of life trusting that He will do what He has promised He will do.

All other religious systems tell us that we must work for or earn salvation.  They are works-based systems.  The New Age movement is absolutely no different from this.  Reincarnation is essentially seen as something that allows us to work out our “karma” so that we will arrive at the end of the road when we no longer need to be reincarnated to work off bad karma.  This is a very simplistic definition to be sure, but that is it in a nutshell.

Those who need to continually be reincarnate are literally having to do things over and given another chance to do them better.  If they fail again, they then have another reincarnation to look forward to and hopefully, they will get it correct then.

Many strands of alien teachings put forth the same ideas, with the same end goals.  In fact, if you take what many aliens are said to have enumerated to human beings, there is often little to no difference between that and what is taught within the hierarchy of the New Age movement.  It all boils down to the same thing:  works.

In Christianity, we do not work to gain salvation.  We can’t work enough for that, even if it was possible.  Salvation is freely given to us, but because human beings are born with a sin (or fallen) nature, we don’t like that.  No one gets something for nothing (unless you’re on an entitlement program).  There’s got to be a catch somewhere.  There isn’t, but most people don’t believe it, so they seek out some other religious system that gives them what they can accept and believe.

Getting back to the potential real alien in the Brazilian forest, what is that all about, if it is true?  It can only mean one thing.  I believe the demons that have been perpetrating this alien hoax on the world have now gotten to a point where they are willing to “be seen” in their alien garb.  They want to see how the world will react because time must be drawing short for them.

A number of things need to occur in the future and one of them is the world literally becoming one world.  This is clearly taught throughout the book of Daniel.  After the world becomes one, it will then break down into ten kingdoms (represented by the ten toes on the statue that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream/vision; cf. Daniel 2).

Once it breaks into ten segments, then the man of sin that Paul speaks of in 2 Thessalonians 2 will rise to the fore.  What does this have to do with aliens and UFOs?  They are connected because aliens have been telling humanity that one day, a man of peace will rise up in the earth and through him, the world will truly know what peace means.  Wars will end (supposedly) and all will be right with world.

This is what these beings have been telling those within the New Age for decades and it now appears that if they have gotten to the point where they are willing to actually show themselves to the world, then things must be ramping up to a point where the world will become one, literally.  Right now, we are seeing collapses take place throughout places in Europe and Asia.  The United States is not doing well either, economically, or politically.  If someone does not come along and fix these things, catastrophe will result.

But what if catastrophe is supposed to be the result and from that the man of peace (sin) will find his way to the top of the heap and bring great promises of blessing and peace to the world?  It is clear from Scripture (both in Daniel and Revelation) that the man of sin (Antichrist) does not begin his rise to the top until after the world becomes one and then to make it more manageable, is broken into ten different sections, with one “king” over each.

At this point, it would be fairly easy for the Antichrist to overcome a few kings and take their place as victor.  The other seven will fall in line very quickly.

If the entire alien/UFO phenomenon is nothing more than a demonic coup against the leaders of this world (with many working aggressively in favor of Lucifer’s (Satan’s) goals by the way, then it becomes clear why they would spend so much time teaching New Age gobbledygook.  It simply falls in line with the teachings of prophetic truth in Scripture regarding what is going to happen in the coming days and years.

I always find it remarkable when people simply believe what they see and hear from beings who are allegedly aliens.  I’ve talked to people who simply take the “alien’s” word for it.  They never ask for any proof.  These people would ask to see the I.D. of anyone who came to the door stating that they were from some law enforcement agency, but supposedly, aliens would never lie so why do we need to see their “I.D.”?

It will be interesting to see how this photograph/video turns out.  What will the experts say?  Moreover, what will people believe to be true?  Are these beings merely inter-dimensional aliens, here to protect earth and earthlings, or are they here in disguise, claiming to be something they are not, in order to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting and gullible people the world over?

Time will tell, that much is certain.  I would suggest to those who doubt that you take the time to read through the book of Daniel and Revelation.  Read it a few times and read it thoroughly.  Chart it out and attempt to determine how the books flow.  If it’s too much to grasp, then pick up a few good commentaries.

The coming days are going to reveal some very interesting phenomenon.  There will be many who think they know what is happening, but because they have placed their faith in aliens and UFOs, they really won’t have a clue.  They will only know what those aliens tell them and if they are demons, then they are lying.

The world is at the crossroads of something huge.  I’m not going to be stupid enough to try to put a date on anything.  All I’m saying is that things have been and continue to ramp up toward some all-encompassing goal.  As time goes by, people will be expected to choose sides.  For most, it will unfortunately be very easy to choose against Jesus without knowing that this is what they are doing.  Don’t be caught in the dark.  Do not be left on the outside looking in.  There is too much at stake.  In fact, it is your soul that is at stake.

If you believe what the aliens have been teaching humans, ask yourself why?  Why do you do this with virtually no thought about any potential sinister nature included with their teachings?  Why are you so quick to doubt the veracity of Scripture, but have no problem in believing in little gray men?

Please, please take the time to get serious about all of this.  Seek God before it will be nearly impossible to seek Him.

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