Perilous Times are Here: Covetous People

August 12, 2020 at 3:37 PM 7 comments

This is the third installment in a short series on 2 Timothy 3:1-5. Last time, we dealt with “lovers of their own selves” and we saw that in society today, this is largely what people are becoming and have become. People want what is best for themselves first and foremost.

Today’s subject deals with the subcategories attached to that main category of people loving themselves (as we discussed last time), and Paul lists numerous. In fact, the entirety of verse 2 after “men shall be lovers of their own selves” are simply adjectives that support his thesis.

1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. (KJV)

Let’s take a few moments to look at all these adjectives, shall we? We’re just dealing with the remainder of verse 2 in this particular article.

  • covetous
  • boasters
  • proud
  • blasphemers
  • disobedient to parents
  • unthankful
  • unholy

That’s quite a list, isn’t it? To covet something means to earnestly desire it and it usually has to do with wanting what you cannot normally have, often due to affordability or availability. In at least some cases, people might covet something so badly that they are willing to break the law to obtain it.

Let’s take a closer look at verse 2, which talks about exactly how corrupt humanity will become as we approach the end of days prior to the return of Jesus. By the way, it is important to keep things in context and in chapter two, Paul has just finished telling Timothy that false teachers (heretics) would introduce false doctrines (heresy) into the Church. Because of this, the Church itself would begin to move away from its true Anchor, doctrinally speaking. This would bring about a change in the way people/Christians see themselves and God, as always happens.

In fact, our view of God, others and ourselves is always based on what we believe. That’s not hard to understand. So it is of the utmost importance to understand the reality of who God is, our relationship to Him and what He expects from us as Christians.

What I find fascinating in this section of Scripture is that, while the sins listed here have always been part of the world due to the fall and resultant fallen nature, in the time frame that Paul is referring to (the last days), he sadly notes that many of these attitudes will become part and parcel of those who are part of Christendom. Why is that?

It is due in large part to the fact that doctrinal error has crept into Christendom. It has become clearly problematic.

A number of years ago the world started hearing about the “emergent church” or the “postmodern church.” Admittedly, it is difficult to define exactly what the “emergent church” is, but let’s use this particular definition, which sums things up nicely though not covering all the bases:

The emergent church is crossing many forbidden theological boundaries that have previously not been breached…The emergent members desire to live their faith as a “post modern” society and at times are hard to distinguish from the pluralistic, secular (worldly) society in which it exists…The emergent church is pro-active in its desire to change and influence society.  This may include using political power to bring in the ‘Kingdom,’ create or work from a platform of social activism, and trying to overcome the public and private system that is presently held in society… [1]

The above definition is an excerpt from the linked page in the footnotes below, with the article titled, “What is the Emergent Church? What Do They Believe?” I would encourage readers to read the entire article, though there may be parts with which readers may disagree.

The reality is that within the Emergent Church, there is a watering down of sin, as defined in Scripture, including the area of homosexuality or other sexual sin. At the other extreme, there is usually a greater emphasis on being a social justice warrior (for Christ), and even a movement within the Emergent Church to bring change through political involvement.

While it is one thing to be aware of the politics of nations and even states where one lives, to think that being politically involved will be the vehicle through which God will bring permanent change to the world is simply a denial of God’s Word.

Understanding what’s happening in the realm of politics can certainly be helpful in seeing how the world is changing. All citizens have the right to vote and certainly Christians should avail themselves of that option. However, pinning our hopes on this political candidate or that one is a waste of time. This does not mean of course, that certain politicians cannot get some things done, but the entire political spectrum is so seemingly irredeemable due to its inherent corruption that it doesn’t make a great deal of sense to pin our hopes on other human beings.

The Emergent Church has, in many ways, set the Bible aside, replacing it with emotional virtue (aka political correctness or Cultural Marxism). This is when people allow their feelings to create their beliefs. This too has become part of Christendom and not many churches today seem exempt from it.

All of this together has caused a serious spiritual malaise to develop within Christendom. Paul’s list above highlights aspects of that spiritual malaise. If it is affecting those within Christendom (which includes real and professing Christians), how much more does it affect those who have never been anchored to THE truth; the truth of God’s Word?

Covetous is a word that refers specifically to those who love money. They cannot get enough of it. They are always doing what they can to increase their wealth. We see this in some of the world’s richest people, but it also finds its way into Christendom. We know for a fact that there are people in pulpits who are constantly doing what they can to increase the money in their coffers. Because of it, their lifestyles are such that few can touch. They live in multi-million dollar estates, drive the best cars (or are driven around in the best cars), have their own jets and are able to have pretty much whatever they want to have. Truly, they have their rewards.

All of this naturally leads to becoming a “boaster,” though they are sometimes careful to give God the “glory” with their words. However, in reality, they will point to their “faith” and “belief” in God that has given them serious wealth. In fact, they often tell their followers that God wants the same for them if only they will use their own faith to bring to themselves what their leader has brought to him/herself.

Because they boast in what they have, they are naturally proud of it, aren’t they? They almost tend to rub their wealth in the faces of the poor – those who generously give of their own money so that these leaders can live opulent lives.

Through all of this, they become blasphemers because they lie continually about God, what God supposedly wants for everyone and how God allegedly provides it. It is a scary thought to consider that one day, these people will stand before God and have to offer an explanation for what they believed, taught, and lived. I cannot imagine any explanation that would please God, can you? Their lives are all based on lies and I’m sure they may try to utter lies to Him but will be stopped. They have spent their lives lying about (and to) God and became blasphemers because of it.

Paul also notes that these people are disobedient to parents. That’s certainly where it starts, but in the end, these people are disobedient to anyone in authority simply because they do not like having to answer to anyone. We see leaders within Christendom that this fully applies to as well as people outside of Christendom where this also fully applies. In reality, there’s a general anti-authoritarian wave crashing over all of society. It’s gaining a foothold in churches because too many churches are now simply reflecting society.

Within emergent churches, it became acceptable and normative for the pastor to dress casually. No longer was wearing a suit and tie or even slacks, dress shirt and tie, a good idea. It was too “off-putting” for the average unchurched person, they said. In order to make those outside the church feel more comfortable about going to church, it was believed that pastors need to look less “authoritarian” and far more approachable.

So, off with the suit, the tie and the dress shirt, replaced with jeans, a tucked out shirt, no socks and casual shoes or sneakers. No longer was the pulpit the center of the platform. It was replaced with a stool off center and a music stand where the pastor would sit and mainly ask questions to the congregation. This new normal was far more candid and people felt the guy on the dais was just “one of us;” just a guy who guided the conversation while encouraging people to come to their own conclusions about things.

It wasn’t long before people became unthankful for things, especially salvation and all the blessings that come with it. In essence, people became way too comfortable and though they thought they were “growing,” they were actually growing away from God. These things of God, which are truly holy, became too familiar. With it, came an unholy attitude toward God because it lowered God.

In essence, many within the Church, as Paul warned Timothy nearly 2,000 years ago, became very much like those of the world; those who do not know God and have no interest in knowing Him.

This continued and created the push within Christendom for social justice. We are seeing this to a great degree in society. Are there injustices in society? Certainly, and they’ve existed since before the Flood. Solomon noted exactly how much injustice occurred in his day in Proverbs. Things have not improved and too many Christians have lost sight of their job in all of this.

I was talking to a friend from church recently who mentioned that when you go into one of the big box stores, there are masks, T-shirts and other things all related to the BLM movement. Phrases like “I can’t breathe” etc., are emblazoned on them and people are buying them. Some Christians are buying them as well because they believe that racial injustice needs attention. Never mind that BLM (as well as AntiFa), is an organization founded by people who are devout Marxists – a fully anti-God, anti-moral organization that has no qualms about using violence to achieve its end as we’ve seen repeatedly in society.

What is my job as a Christian in all of this though? Is it to join in with the crowd of protesters who at times, endanger their own lives and the lives of innocent people? Isn’t my job as a Christian to do exactly what Jesus did? Isn’t it to bring the Gospel of truth to the lost regardless of gender, race, culture or religion? Aren’t I supposed to live in a way that exemplifies the way that Jesus lived?

I don’t see Jesus being involved in social justice. He was involved in actual justice. He never took up a position with a group that was anti-God. He sided with God the Father all the time and often that meant being seen as unpopular because of His stance against the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Scribes and other religious leaders. In fact, He stood against wickedness wherever He found it, able to judge a person’s heart (unlike us).

This list of adjectives that Paul is using here in 2 Timothy 3:2 is shocking. He is applying it to leaders who sneak into the church unaware, but he is also borrowing from the way society in general was in his time. Interestingly enough, society is worse now.

We are living in perilous times. This is a fact. Each of us needs to do what Joshua did by deciding whom we will serve. That decision, once made, needs to be reiterated every day.



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Back in the Saddle with Problems Ahead! What Time is It?

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  • 1. Jen B  |  August 12, 2020 at 4:26 PM

    Brother, first Praise God for His hedge of protection around you and your wife during your travels. Thanks for the glimpse into how fellow Americans throughout the country are responding to the current situation.

    With regard to above….THANK YOU for this and for pointing out the clear issues with today’s emergent church which has seeped into the larger organized church movement. The title “emergent church” is almost like satan hiding in plain site. They are unapologetically emerging from declaring the Gospel and full counsel of God. Just as they did back in Genesis 11… “Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” Notably, they didn’t really have faith in the living God, yet they acknowledged there must be a heaven. Not unlike today’s church who profess to know God but live like practical atheists.

    This deception is nothing new and manifest in the idea that the church is here to build God’s Kingdom here on earth rather than preaching the Gospel of the Grace of God. Also You are correct about their feelings and experiences are their theology and when they do use scriptures, the truth is twisted into a man centered theology. Christendom today sees itself as the be all and end all of the universe and has attempted to take its place on the throne of God. I didn’t hear the Gospel until I was 35 years old and even though I was attending a church I didn’t actually hear the Gospel there, I read the scriptures for myself. Now I realize that most of what I thought was the “church” is a hybrid of pagan humanism posing under the title “Bible church”. Sad but true.

    I recently was pondering Romans 1 vs Romans 2. We see unfolding before us the the anarchy and chaos from the Christ, rejecting haters of God and those who wish to destroy the foundations of society God. At the same time, we see this counter movement….enter Romans 2, a coalition of saved and unsaved (politically speaking) wherein people do not wish to live under the outrageousness of the leftist godless ideology and who recognize its evil, but who aren’t trusting the living Savior., It is this 2nd group, ..those who claim to know God, but deny His power many of whom profess to be Christian (organized religion including Romanism and the largely humanist Bible churches of Christendom today) who actually reject the Gospel of the Grace of God and believe they are co-redeemers and builders of God’s Kingdom that are likely to be victorious because they will believe they’ve established the Kingdom and their counterfeit Christ will return and declare himself to be god. It seems many Christians are caught up in thinking this coalition can stop the other instead of recognizing that only the living Jesus Christ, the One true God can and will establish His Kingdom rule here on earth.

    Are you familiar with “moral government theology”? I think this was the precursor to the emergent church movement in our day. It reminds me of a quote I heard “the greatest satanic deception in our day will be moral reformation over true regeneration”. How true.

    Also, speaking of experience over the Word, I was recently told by a friend whose salvation I have prayed for many years that she has begun listening to a messianic pastor. I looked up his testimony and ministry, he claims to have seen a vision of Jesus and from that moment on knew that Jesus was the Messiah and the answer to all of his problems. He said he then devoured the scriptures and he does seem to teach a solid gospel message in terms of Jesus being the Messiah, the only way to heaven, salvation and forgiveness of sins through His shed blood…However his ministry also focuses on dream interpretation and healing. I like much of what he says, but am inclined to be very skeptical and am concerned I might be overly so, perhaps hyper discerning at this point. I have had Christians tell me I shouldn’t be so quick to reject testimonies from those who’ve seen Jesus in a dream. I don’t see that anywhere in the Pauline epistles…Paul said “how will they hear if a preacher is not sent”. If Jesus just appeared to people, why would we need to be His witnesses? Any thoughts to share would be welcome.

    Blessings in Christ


    • 2. modres  |  August 12, 2020 at 5:09 PM

      Hi Jen,

      Thanks so much for writing! You make some very good points. Very interesting!

      No, I’d not heard of the concept of moral government theology. I’ll check into it.

      Regarding your last paragraph related to that messianic pastor…what I’ve discovered is that situations can occur where someone believes they see a dream or some vision. This may cause them to believe in Jesus (at least they think it’s Jesus). However, the Jesus they normally start believing in is often the “new age” Jesus and that eventually comes out after they’ve been brainwashed by their dreams and visions.

      As time progresses, because of their emphasis and reliance on dreams, visions and the interpretations of such, they tend to become more outlandish in their beliefs over time and tend to follow “signs and wonders” much more than Scripture. Because of this, they tend to fall into serious error and eventually come to ignore Scripture altogether with the exception of certain verses or sections that validate their own peculiar belief system.

      I’ve seen it happen again and again when I was involved in the Charismatic Movement years ago. I’ve read biographies of how it has happened to other people as well. Often, they become very delusional because of their reliance on dreams and visions. In fact, some have become very inordinate, doing things that Christians simply should not do and being involved in activities that are created by demons. It is a very slippery slope and Satan of course, is very careful to fully mask his intentions at first until he can get a person to swallow the hook, the line and the sinker. By that point, they are in his control, sadly.

      Jude addresses this in verse 8 where he says, “Yet in like manner these people also, relying on their dreams, defile the flesh, reject authority, and blaspheme the glorious ones.” And in verse 10, Jude says, “But these people blaspheme all that they do not understand, and they are destroyed by all that they, like unreasoning animals, understand instinctively.”

      They end up blaspheming because they are no longer anchored (if they ever were), in God’s Word. They believe their dreams and visions are “phone calls” from God, so who needs His Word if God is speaking directly to them in the NOW through dreams and visions?

      The subject is discussed by numerous writers of the Bible. Jeremiah in chapter 22, verses 9 – 40 deals with all the lying prophets that God calls out. It may not start out with their intention to actually lie (though it can), but it eventually arrives to a point where teachers rely on the dreams they dream and the visions they claim to see. All of this tends to pull people away from God’s holy Word, which is the only real standard of truth.

      It is often so insidious the way it begins, but it isn’t long before people are setting the Bible aside completely, preferring dreams and visions that they believe are from God as he “speaks” to them. This is the goal of Satan, as you know. It is to get our eyes off of and away from Jesus (via His Word), and onto vain imaginings that we have no control over, but think we understand and come to believe are from God.

      Dreams are often just dreams. We shouldn’t put stock in them and you are wise to question these things. I find it fascinating that people are so easily willing to give up reading and studying Scripture, replacing it with dreams and visions that often originate in nothing but our own imagination. Who really knows how our subconscious mind works? I know I’ve had very vivid dreams during sleep, but I put no stock in them at all for anything other than my mind simply doing its own thing as I sleep.

      When people have WAKING dreams or visions, they often immediately believe them to be from God. I would tend to think these are demonically inspired, frankly. They should be rebuked.

      Your comment, “If Jesus appeared to people, why would we need to be His witnesses?” is a good one. Why indeed? I don’t think you’re overly skeptical, but get other people’s opinions on this besides mine.

      Thanks again, Jen.


      • 3. Jen B  |  August 13, 2020 at 10:08 AM

        Modres, many thanks to you for this. I had not realized you were part of the Charismatic Movement, I’m newer to your site and haven’t read all of your previous posts. I looked up the verse you supplied in Jude, that truth had not occurred to me in relation to this. I must say as a baby believer the one christian (professing) who I knew was a Pentecostal and looking back I think caused me much confusion. She insisted that I be “baptized in the spirit”. Thank God I was not because I have come to believe in many cases those people are actually receiving in a counterfeit. I know they use verses in ACTS to justify this belief but the idea does not seem to be promoted throughout the scriptures to the church.
        Something I have wrestled with in my 15 years of being a christian is the “casting out of demons” and I just realized perhaps Jude 8-9 might be speaking of this also? I would appreciate your insights into that, I realize that the apostles apparently had this authority as did the other disciples during the earthly reign of Jesus. However I do not see Paul ever instructing believers to cast out demons. My Pentecostal friend Relied heavily on the Gospel accounts and also would use Ephesians 6 as justification for doing so which I didn’t see in those Ephesians verses. She also asserted a believer could cast demons out of an unbeliever. She came from a family who practiced witchcraft some of whom became believers. I often wondered if the emphasis on these kinds of things was just witchcraft disguised with Biblical terminology and they never actually stopped they just carried into their new christian life. Then I became very worried I might be thinking this in unbelief or doubt of the Holy Spirit, so I have just remained in confusion. I have never felt inclined to speak directly to a demon, if I feel spiritual activity going on, I speak scripture or pray to the LORD to remove it. In her theology, it was my responsibility to cast out demons in my home and also that I must do so with an unsaved person because they could not be saved by merely hearing and believing the Gospel but that this first step (in some cases) must be taken in order to cast out the demon. This seems confusing and unscriptural. It was such a stumbling block we parted ways, that combined with her Arminian beliefs which processed through seem to deify man. These two seem to go hand in hand……perhaps I will find out in heaven I was wrong and this is what Paul meant about the differing gifts.
        With regards to this rabbi that my unsaved friend is listening to, it sounds like you are agreeing that even though he may be preaching A seemingly sound gospel message now, given this signs and wonders/dreams bent in his ministry it will gradually diminish and/or rely more and more on the unscriptural and his followers would be hooked and led astray. I wondered too that he would call himself a rabbi as our LORD counseled his followers not to call any man rabbi. I have confusion here because he also said call no man your father and of course we do recognize our parents and Paul considered himself a “father” to Timothy so I will have to gain clarity on that.
        Again, thanks for your time and guidance in this. There are so very few sound teachers of the Word out there and definitely no one so accessible. Your site is such a blessing.


      • 4. modres  |  August 13, 2020 at 10:28 AM

        Hi Jen, I corrected the wrong word you wrote.

        You should do some research on how the Pentecostal movement got its start. It actually began with one man who was a Methodist and had a falling out with his overseers. I’ll post a link later today. I’ll also respond to your other queries as well.

        Thanks for writing. By the way, we will likely learn about areas in which we are wrong. I’d love to be able to say I’m right in everything I teach but there’s a possibility I’m wrong here and there. I simply don’t know the Bible as well as I’d like. I do my best to study it to learn what God intended not what I think He say. However if we are honest we all fall short of His truth to a degree.


      • 5. modres  |  August 13, 2020 at 11:55 AM

        Here is a link to history of the person who is said to have founded the modern-day Pentecostal movement:

        I go to that website often as well as because of the biblically conservative information presented there. Got Questions actually has an app you can download to your phone and then ask your questions. Easy to use.

        Yes, years ago, I was part of the Charismatic movement for a few years. It was during the 70’s when the “sign” of tongues became a hit in churches throughout America. I got involved through the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association. We saw a lot of things, heard a lot of things and the majority of it was always relying on the spectacular – signs, wonders, tongues, healings, etc.

        I was at one meeting where an older man went up front to receive the Lord. They were praying for him and shortly after he prayed with leaders, his heart stopped. Medics were called but it was too late. Weird, but in that instance, I believe, if he sincerely sought the Lord, he found salvation, much like the thief on the cross.

        In another instance, a woman tried to go up to the front to receive the Lord, but was immediately thrown to the floor and started rolling all over the place with hideous noises coming out of her mouth. We all prayed and eventually, she got quiet and seemed to come to her right mind. Honestly, I have no idea what happened. Others said it was a demon, of course.

        Regarding demons, I think personally, it’s a bit dangerous because demons are extremely deceptive as I’m sure you know. I do not believe that a person has to be “exorcised” prior to receiving the Lord. They simply need to have their eyes open and the Lord does that. We don’t. We can present truth after truth to people and they will continue to be blind until or if the Lord opens their eyes. We plant and water. Sometimes we are there for the harvest, but the Lord allows the “planting” of His Word to take root and grow to the harvest.

        People’s eyes are open to the truth (or not), based on their willingness and God’s desire. Certainly, He desires that all come to repentance and to receive salvation from Him. But we know that most will not and He does not force anyone. This is why it is important to continue praying for people specifically as often as we remember because the Lord will have His way in His time for each person who will come to Him. We have no clue who will or will not receive His salvation. We don’t need to know. Our job is to pray, to speak, to live by example. God does the rest.

        A few years ago, my wife and I were at a deli in Los Angeles eating lunch. There was one other person in the deli at another table. As our food was delivered, we prayed for our food. As my wife prayed, I heard the woman utter, “Oh, look at her, she’s so religious!” under her breath. It was a very strange voice I heard and it took me by surprise.

        I glanced over at the woman and asked if there was something I could help her with. She looked at me, her eyes rolled back into her head and with a completely different voice said, “No, I’m fine.” A server was walking by her table and she looked at him with a sweet smile and said, “May I have a spoon please?”

        It was weird, but to me, she clearly seemed demonic. I felt no compunction to demand the demon leave though someone else may have felt they should. We did pray for her and I remember her in prayer often.

        I believe God gave power to the apostles and even some of the disciples as a sign of His power and majesty and to verify their ministries. I also believe that church history shows that with the death of the apostles, these signs and wonders pretty much died out. Since then, Christians are to live a life based on biblical truth. We are to pray, to help, to BE the example of Jesus in this life.

        Trying to live the Christian life in His strength is difficult enough. I think people want to shortcut it by seeking signs and wonders that they think will “empower” them to live it easier. I know that’s why I originally got involved in the Charismatic Movement. But the truth is that we don’t need to “feel” empowered. The Bible says we ARE empowered because His Spirit lives in us from the moment we receive salvation.

        Our growth in Christ is much like our growth as a baby to child, child to young adult, young adult to older adult. It is a process which takes time. There are no shortcuts.

        The thing that I emphasize to people (myself included) is that if we are not reading His Word DAILY, we are not growing. We need His Word. Several years ago, my wife and I began reading through the Bible in a year. When the year is over, we start over again reading through the Bible again. We’ve been doing this for about four years and I wish I had started years ago. It’s surprising how much starts to sink in from month to month as we become more familiar with His Word.

        Satan of course doesn’t want us in His Word, which is why he is so happy to provide alternatives, like signs and wonders and events that seem miraculous. These are no substitute for the truth of His Word.

        Thanks again for writing, Jen!

        I have noticed that there does seem to be a crossover with people who come from a paganistic background (witchcraft, New Age, channeling, etc.). These folks are used to the spectacular and what they deem miraculous and as such, they tend to seek these things within Christianity.

        Unfortunately for them, most of the time (in my opinion), they fall into minor or major error because they are chasing after signs and wonders and Satan is all too happy to provide what they are looking for in their quest for “knowledge.”

        This is not to say they are not sincere and even believe they are seeking God and His truth, but when people tend to set the Bible aside in favor of miracles, signs and wonders, it is very concerning to me.

        What I’ve also noticed is that much of what is taught and sought within Pentecostalism, the Charismatic Movement (and today’s NAR, New Apostolic Reformation and others like them), is very similar to what is taught within the New Age movement. In fact, it’s almost as though the same “sources” are behind all these movements.

        In my opinion, it is better to simply stay with Scripture and not try to judge things with our feelings, which is something that both New Age and those within the various signs and wonders camps come to lean on. Feelings and emotions are never accurate barometers of truth and can easily unhinge us from the truth of Scripture and lead us off into the way of error.


      • 6. Jen B  |  August 14, 2020 at 11:49 AM

        Modres, powerful stories. I see what you mean about the thirst for an experience rather than just trusting the Word. we can all easily get swept into wanting experience so much we start departing from the Word. I myself can be guilty of this and recognize as I view the events unfold before us it becomes easier to start reading worldly opinions that fuel my anger and prideful thinking and listen to superficial sermons While neglecting my own private time in the Word. So true, Nothing can replace being before the LORD in prayer with the Word of God open. I have noted my own fear and anger at the wicked ways of the world soon lead me to carnal reasoning and how quickly my heart becomes hardened and dull towards the Truth. Thanks for the much needed reminder to remain anchored in the Word for that I know that is where I can grow in the Grace and Knowledge in Christ Jesus.

        Psalm 34:17 The righteous cry and the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.


      • 7. modres  |  August 14, 2020 at 3:11 PM

        You said it and not one of us is immune. It’s only when we THINK we are immune that we find out we’re not. If it could happen to Moses (Numbers 22), it can happen to us. In that situation, he allowed his feelings to dictate his actions. He was supposed to TALK or SPEAK to the rock and water would come out. Instead, he STRUCK the rock, like he had done years earlier in the same place.

        The problem is that he didn’t just “sin.” He ruined a picture that God was trying to present to the Israelites. The first time Moses hit the rock, it highlighted Christ’s first coming as the Suffering Servant where He was beaten and killed by sinful people. The second time Moses was to speak to the rock, which represented Jesus’ Second Coming in which He will return as King, Victor, Ruler and NO ONE will dare raise a hand to Him.

        This is why God, though He forgave Moses, removed him from this earth. While Moses should have known better, he was, after all, human like us and I dare say I would not have fared as well as Moses did all those years. He was truly a humble servant.

        Carry and go with God in all things.


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