Back in the Saddle with Problems Ahead!

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We just completed our three week vacation traveling across the United States to California to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday! What a milestone that was for her. Glad we were part of that celebration in person.

It was certainly a wonderful time seeing relatives and friends again and just enjoying a part of God’s Creation that we hadn’t really enjoyed for over a year. As the date approached to leave our home for the trek by car across the US, we were always wondering what we’d find. Would we arrive to California to see a sign that said, “Visitors Not Welcome” or what? Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

As we loaded up the car with our luggage and our dog, we set out to see what we could see, enjoy what we could enjoy and find some sense of renewal. As we drove from state to state, the first stop was in Missouri where my wife wanted to see the last home of Laura Ingalls Wilder. We met up with other family members from Pennsylvania who were also driving across the US to California. We enjoyed the stop and it was very interesting to see and walk through a home built mainly by Almanzo, though of course, Laura was seriously involved in the planning and help with the house as well.

When the Wilders first moved to Mansfield, MO and bought the property, they spent the first few years (both of them) clearing the land of trees in order to make farming possible and to use the wood to build their home and large chicken coop. Over time, they created a beautiful farm with much produce. They literally lived off their land until Almanzo died. At that time, Laura began to do her shopping in town because she wasn’t able to continue farming as she and Almanzo had done.

Prior to Almanzo’s death, he had sold the farm to a good friend, with the stipulation that both he and Laura would be able to continue living their until they both died. It was a good arrangement for them.

Today, you can visit their home and walk their land, all the way down to the rock house that their daughter Rose had built for them. They lived in it for a while, as Rose lived in the main house, but once Rose relocated out of the area due to her writing, Almanzo and Laura moved back into the main house.

As we continued to travel across the country, state by state, we noted that of all the states we traveled through, New Mexico and California are the most rigid with respect to rules associated with Coronavirus. Yes, we had to deal with that. We both had masks because I really didn’t want to take the chance of picking up a fine and having to give these states money involuntarily.

However, it was interesting to note that a few brave souls here and there, shunned the use of masks. After a while, we chose to use masks in a very limited fashion and generally kept them under our noses to avoid breathing in exhaled carbon dioxide. Masks are now known to cause health problems for people who wear them regularly. You’d never know this because of Drs. Fauci and Birx who continue to be THE voice on record for the Trump administration regarding what we should and shouldn’t do.

I noted with interest that recently, both Fauci and Birx have recommended goggles, face shields and earplugs to help keep us even “safer.” Most recently, they have recommended that people wear masks even in their homes! How far will they go? How much more will they seek to limit and control our behavior? I don’t know but I doubt they are done yet. They’ve made too many gains to let it go.

The overwhelming reaction we received from people wearing masks is that they don’t like it, they feel it is more of an issue of control than anything else, and they are frustrated. As we drove across America, whenever we stopped at a restaurant or hotel, we would often ask people we were dealing with how we could pray for them. We both wanted to ensure that we had the opportunity to spread the Gospel, even if it simply reflected our concern for them in asking them how we can lift them up in prayer.

Every person seemed to appreciate it. People like Roseanne, Amber, Kaitlyn, Kyle and others all told us how we can pray for them. Amber is stressed. She cannot wear a mask and even has a doctor’s note, yet stores still give her grief about not wearing a mask.

Beyond this, many businesses, due to the draconian rules regarding CV-19, are continuing to place a great deal of stress on owners and employees. One place we ate at in Tucumcari, NM has been there since the 1960s and is on the original Route 66. Because of the rules in place, no restaurant in NM can have inside dining. All dining is either outside or pick-up and go. This is causing tremendous anxiety for people and in a town like Tucumcari, which already dealt with the stress of Route 66 being decommissioned years ago, it’s worse now because of the rules.

But owners are finding ways to overcome. The aforementioned restaurant had to order picnic tables, and had a huge roof structure built with open sides to allow customers to eat outside and keep them shaded from the elements. I spoke with the general manager and told him that we wish him well and will pray for their business. He appreciated it but you can tell that spending that amount of money was hard to do and he hoped it would provide a return on that investment. He also had some strong words for the governor of NM who was essentially keeping things locked down. The rules in NM are that people must wear masks all the time even when they are outside, by themselves and even when they are exercising.

California wasn’t quite as bad with restaurants generally allowed to be open at 15-25% capacity to ensure “social distancing.” Originally, when we planned this trip, CV-19 didn’t yet exist that we knew about at any rate. As such, we reserved a restaurant to host a party for my mother-in-law. As things developed, we were informed that we could not have our party at that restaurant and no matter how hard we tried, no restaurant could have us even on their outdoor area because we had too many people.

In short, we wound up having it outdoors up at Huntington Lake in the Sierra Nevadas with just family and a few close friends. The whole thing leading up to it was tenuous at best.

The sadness, stress and anger from many people over the unnecessary lock-down was palpable. We were amazed though how many people at the Grand Canyon wore masks though they were outdoors! Some looked at you like you were “unclean” and tried to move away for their “safety.” It is mind-boggling.

All of these rules and regulations, in my personal belief, are ways to gain greater control over society. First we were told, “two weeks to flatten the curve.” That came and went and months later, it’s the indefinite, “slow the spread.”

As I said months ago when this first began in earnest, this isn’t going away (though many believe it will go away if Joe Biden wins the coming election). Globalists (led by Satan) have a good thing going and won’t relinquish their grip on society without a fight and in fact, they appear to be digging in their heels for even greater control.

So now, here we are months later and Drs. Fauci and Birx continue adding new “recommendations” to the list of current recommendations. They dutifully ignore medical professionals who are calling for the use of Hydroxychloroquine with zinc and antibiotic. They also dutifully ignore the growing body of facts that indicate wearing masks is more of a problem for healthy people than not. Many doctors are silenced through banning on social media or even lose their jobs. Something is wrong.

We are talking about an illness that has a 99.99% recovery rate if you are under 80. If you are under 70, the death rate for CV-19 is 0.04%, way less than deaths associated with the flu. But we are being made to believe this is truly a pandemic and if we do not go along with the protocol, we are guilty of “killing” people. This is absurd to the nth degree!

More and more healthcare professionals are coming out warning people about the dangers of wearing masks. For instance, my wife cannot wear a mask due to the fact that her kidney illness is in remission. Wearing masks all the time can actually create hematuria and proteinuria because of the strain placed on the kidneys due to trying so hard to constantly clean the blood from re-breathing carbon dioxide.

In another case, a woman nearly died from what doctors thought was CV-19 but because of the tenacity of one doctor, they found that she actually suffered from Legionaire’s Disease caused by bacterial buildup in the mask she was wearing. They provided antibiotics and instead of dying, within a few days, she was much better.

So why are they putting us through all this? More importantly, why are so many simply going along with all the recommendations by the alleged experts on the White House commission? Well, you are welcome to believe what you’d like to believe. Maybe you’re one who believes that their motives are altruistic and they really do want to protect us. Based on what I’ve learned, it appears the exact opposite is true.

Right now, those in charge seem to have us where they want us. They have a tremendous amount of control they are exercising over society and they say it is for our own good. They say they want to keep us safe. Do they? It really doesn’t seem to be the case. There is no pandemic clause in the Constitution nor does it appoint the government to keep us “safe.” People who are deathly afraid should simply self-quarantine instead of expecting everyone else to do what they can to keep them safe.

I’ve said it before that masks are here to stay and this is now being reflected in what many “experts” are saying publicly. Moreover, we have the coming fast-tracked vaccine. In spite of the fact that they have never created a successful vaccine for ANY version of Coronavirus, they are going Operation Warp Speed on this and even skipping major steps on this vaccine to get it out to people as quickly as possible.

They have also more than implied that without this vaccine and everyone taking it, society cannot return to any sort of normalcy. Moreover, some legal “experts” are also stating that the government has the right to force people in society to take the vaccination.

I see major problems ahead. I saw them (as did others), a few months ago. We are moving toward the New World Order, the final global empire first revealed in Daniel 2. It is on the way and THAT is actually coming to us at warp speed. I really never thought I’d see it this way but here it is and we are watching it happen.

Most people appear to be asleep. They believe that they must mask up, social distance and avoid human contact in order to avoid getting a disease with a 99.99% recovery rate for people under 80. It makes absolutely no sense at all yet too many believe there is tremendous danger. With Fauci and Birx and others constantly turning the thumbscrews by adding more “recommendations” that quickly become requirements, all of this is designed to create fear and fear is a great motivator for many.

We went to Lowe’s yesterday and were the only people not wearing masks. No one said anything to us but there were a few stares. Amazing how globalists have created a situation in society which has caused most people to see fellow human beings as automatically UNCLEAN.

A few questions…why has President Trump kept people like Fauci and Birx around? Why did he so quickly give a few million dollars to the Gates Foundation for the preparation of this “warp speed” vaccine that jumps over major steps in production? Why did President Trump provide the guidelines to governors to shut down the USA. He owns that.

The President of the United States has no authority to shut down the individual states nor does he have the authority to force them to reopen. By providing the guidelines, he unfortunately walked into the trap set by globalists. Would some governors have shut down their states anyway if he had NOT provided guidelines? Undoubtedly, but if they had, it would not have gone back to President Trump. As it is now, those governors can simply say they did what President Trump recommended, can’t they?

Folks, I wish I could say that things were going to get better, but I don’t see that happening. There is too much at stake for globalists (and Satan), if they lose what they have gained. We need to be very vigilant and we need to draw close to God, period.

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