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Marching Toward Armageddon?

Organic corn yields were 31% higher than conventional in years of drought. Conventional systems (non-organic – ed.) emit nearly 40% more greenhouse gases per pound of crop produced than the organic systems…Organic fields increase groundwater recharge and reduce runoff…

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Climate Alarmists Have Nothing to Say About Glyphosate

Why can’t we fight for both – our rights as delineated under the Constitution and keep pushing back against Big Foods and Big Pharma? It’s actually easier to fight Big Foods/Pharma by deliberating taking charge of what goes into your mouth.

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Rebounding for Health?

I cannot emphasize this enough. Each of us has only so many days that the good Lord has allotted to us. We can enjoy those days because we enjoy good health (which does affect our spiritual health!), or we can slowly die a little more each day. I know that eventually my body will give out and it’ll be time to go Home because I live in a dying body due to sin. But I do not want to be like the Corinthians whom the Lord put to “sleep” (death) early because of their carnality and lack of concern. They were doing it wrong. I was doing it wrong.

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Health Updates

I know the Lord has a plan. He has a response. I’m not sure what the end result will be but I know that I need to trust Him for His advocacy on my behalf and to work in and through me to ensure that His will, not mine is accomplished. Will you join me in that prayer? I would welcome that.

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Selfishness is Next to Godlessness

The people who live their lives doing only what is best for them (“I want my dog to roam around and not be fenced in” or “I’ll just toss this beer can here and someone can pick it up because I don’t want to get caught with an open container” or “I don’t want this litter in my car so out on the road it goes”), are thoroughly selfish people who have no concern for others. While they might dress the part of a Christian on Sundays, it’s the rest of the week that tells their story and offers us a glimpse of the reality that is their life.

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Quitting Coffee

What I do want is to be as healthy as I can possibly be with the number of days I have left in my life. I see people all around me every day who are terribly overweight, who shuffle along, use electric carts in grocery stores, and generally appear very unhealthy. I’m sure they’re not happy but they’ve not made the connection between what they eat and drink and their ill health.

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