Following the Money Trail for the Ground Zero Mosque

August 25, 2010 at 2:17 PM

Talal's alleged link to Ground Zero mosque

Surprise, surprise, surprise!” as Gomer, played by Jim Nabors would say.  Yee haw! Now this is interesting and it was discovered in part, by Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

I was fascinated a week or so ago when I heard Nancy Pelosi go off about the people who were protesting the Ground Zero mosque.  Her only concern seemed to be who was financing the protests?  That was it.  She was not concerned about who was financing the actual mosque itself.  Her concern was on the people who were legally protesting the mosque.

In the development brought to light by Stewart, it seems that much of the financing for the Ground Zero mosque is coming from Fox Co-Owner Al-Waleed bin Talal.  So?  Who is Talal, anyone worthy of note?  Uh…yeah.  Let’s find out just who Al-Waleed bin Talal is and what he is known for accomplishing.

Al-Waleed bin Talal
First off, Talal is a prince and “is also the largest shareholder in the news Corp, which turns out to be the parent company of Fox News.” [1]  Isn’t that something?

By the way, this is the same Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal whose check for TEN million dollars was rejected by former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani shortly after the 9/11 attacks.  Apparently, it came from Talal with one particular string attached that placed at least part of the blame for the attacks on U.S. foreign policy.  For Guiliani to accept the check, would have meant that in principle, he agreed with Talal’s assessment.

As an aside, I also find it fascinating that for years, people have been yelling about how “it’s the Jews!  The Jews own everything!” and yet here we see that not only does a Jew not own Fox News (or partly own), but it is partly owned by an individual who has no loveloss for Jewish people at all!  Isn’t that something?  Dang!  I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that many news outlets consistenly portray the Jews in a bad light?  Hmmm…could be.

Anyway, back to Talal.   Known as the Arabian Warren Buffet, Talal amassed a fortune in real estate and investment deals.  Like many within the Arab – make that Muslim or Islamic world, Talal believes that the United States bears some culpability for the 9/11 attacks that occurred within American borders.

The entire situation surrounding the Ground Zero mosque is quite interesting in and of itself, if for no other reasons than the amount of players and interested parties behind the scenes.

In one article,  apparently the mystery deepens because the article points out that not only is Talal the number two co-owner of News Corp, but at least some Republicans who were previously Bush advisers may also have connections as well. [2]

The article goes onto say, “WND has learned that one of the original board members of the nonprofit group promoting the 13-story mosque and “cultural center” took the job as a favor to James A. Baker III, the former President George H.W. Bush official and lawyer who defended Saudi government officials against a lawsuit filed by families of 9/11 victims. Baker has counted bin Talal as a client.” [3]

Also according to the article, “Bin Talal has pumped more than $300,000 into the project headed by New York imam Feisal Abdul Rauf as part of the prince’s campaign to “improve the image of Islam in the American public.” The prince’s charitable foundation in 2008 gave $125,000 to Rauf, which came on the heels of an earlier $180,000 gift, according to the Arab press.” [4]

Question:  Why haven’t we heard from our fearless Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi on this funding and the connection it has to Talal and some of those in Congress, hmmmmm?  Dear Nancy is more concerned with the funding for those who are legally protesting the mosque.  Way to go, Nancy!  Whoo hoo!

Money always talks.  Guiliani did the right thing, as difficult as it may have been for him to do.  Talal learned a lesson from that rejection, and decided to change his tactics to infiltrate and help modify U.S. policies.

In a 2002 interview in the Arab press, bin Talal intimated that “Arabs should focus more on penetrating U.S. public opinion as a means to influencing decision-making” on the war on terror and U.S. foreign policy.

Bin Talal proceeded to give more than $500,000 to the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington. The prince currently is helping CAIR finance a $50 million campaign to fight “Islamophobia” in America. According to a sensitive State Department cable, top CAIR officials in 2006 traveled to Saudi Arabia to solicit bin Talal and other wealthy Saudis for campaign funds.” [5]

Does anyone else see what this means?  It means that Talal is funding organizations that have alleged terrorist ties.  In spite of the fact that President Obama has decreed that no government memo, letter, fax, or document should use the term “terrorist” when referencing Muslims who may be suspected of terrorist ties or activities, the fact remains that CAIR is suspected of having ties with terrorists.

As we have attempted to point out in a variety of individual posts in this blog, because the Muslims leaders are determined to build this mosque so close to Ground Zero, this speaks of something that is inherent within Islam.  When Islam conquers, they build mosques.  Now the sad part is that here in America, building a mosque is not against the law.  However, the more mosques that are built, the more ground Islam will have gained.  Again, for proof of this, all that is needed is to see what has happened in The Netherlands, and Great Britain.

The people who desperately want this mosque built KNOW that it will stand for something far more benign than simply “building bridges.”  To the Muslim world, it will stand for VICTORY.  They view the 9/11 attacks and the resulting 3,000 deaths as a victory for Allah.  This mosque at the foot of Ground Zero will represent that victory forever, long AFTER something is built AT Ground Zero to replace the WTC.

Muslim extremists do NOT want the world to forget what THEY did to America on 9/11.  Building the mosque that close to Ground Zero speaks volumes.

CAIR last week held a press conference at the National Press Club to support the construction of the mosque near Ground Zero. It also denounced critics as “Islamophobes.” CAIR occupies a suite next door to Rauf’s Manhattan offices, and Rauf has honored CAIR’s New York chapter spokesman as one of his “Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow.”

The Justice Department says CAIR is a terrorist front group for Hamas and its parent the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR in 2007 was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal scheme to funnel millions of dollars to Hamas suicide bombers and their families, prompting the FBI to cut off all outreach to the group.” [6]

I wonder if Eric Holder has worked to change that yet…

Lies abound with reference to the Ground Zero mosque.  There is a good deal of subterfuge running amok, doing its very best to conceal the truth of the situation.  Once it’s built, it’s built.

CAIR has lied about it’s funding saying that they have never received funding from foreign sources.  Now of course, they have been forced to admit the opposite.  No word from the president if he thinks CAIR was lying then, or now.  He’s staying out of it apparently.

Talal has his ability to convince those at Fox to do things a bit differently, based on the percentage he holds in the parent company.  “Critics call bin Talal an “agent of Saudi influence” who has even marshaled direct influence over editorial content at Fox. He once boasted of persuading producers to change a screen banner under video footage of Muslims rioting in France to remove its Islamic reference.

“I picked up the phone and called [New Corp. chief Rupert] Murdoch,” bin Talal said. “Within 30 minutes, the title was changed from ‘Muslim riots’ to ‘civil riots.'” Fox does not deny his account. [7]

Makes you wonder why Fox keeps guys like Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, and others due to their conservative leanings and the way they speak out.  However, it serves Talal’s purposes far better to keep these guys on board, because it makes it appear as though Fox is impartial and unbiased.

I could go on and on, but it is best if you do your own research and I suggest you start with the article from which many of these quotes were taken:

Muslims extremists will stop at nothing to infiltrate and sway American public opinion.  They have stooped to calling us names like “Islamaphobes,” as if that is somehow going to embarrass people from seeing the truth.  This is the same tactic people used when Obama ran for president, stating that this country would never elect a black man, or racism is too strong in America to elect a black man for president.  These dares are designed to make people go, “Oh yeah?  I’m not racist and to prove it, I’m voting for Obama!”

Don’t take the dare people!  It is not Islamaphobic to understand the tenets of Islam.  It is not Islamaphobic to realize that Muslim extremists and radicals are not above lying to get what they want.  It is not Islamaphobic to address the concerns of those who want nothing more than to place a growing footprint of Islam within this country’s borders.  That is NOT Islamaphobic.  It is REALITY and there is a huge difference!

It is NEVER any type of phobia to stand up for what is right and for what God expects us to do.  If we are Christians, we cannot sit by and do nothing.  We cannot passively say, “It’s all in God’s hands anyway.”  Yes, it IS in God’s hands, but in case you haven’t noticed, God expects His children to be WORKING, PRAYING, and WATCHING.

Watching does not simply mean SEEING, or NOTICING.  It means to watch for Him with an expectancy.  At the same time, we are supposed to be fully involved in the work He gave us to do and we are also to be deeply involved in communication with the Father.

There are too many lazy Christians who have no clue, and who irrationally believe that God will take care of it, so I don’t have to do anything.  Then why do you work?  Why do you shop for groceries?  Why do you put gas in your car?

Ezekiel had an interesting and extremely difficult life after God called him to be a prophet to the Israelites.  God said to him (my paraphrase), “I am going to raise you up to do a work.  You will speak to the Israelites and explain to them what I am going to do.  They will not listen to you, but that does not matter because your job will be to TELL them anyway,” (cf. Ezekiel 2:5 and throughout).

Wow, how ’bout THEM apples?  Talk about working in the field and seeing NO results, but you HAVE to work anyway.  Tell a missionary that they are going to the mission field, but no one will listen to them…ever.  Yeah, I want to go to that mission field, don’t you?  Well if God tells us to go, we go.  We do not say “That’s fine, God, but what’s in it for me?”

Whether God chooses to have us win or lose, it really doesn’t matter IF we are about the Father’s business.  We know we will ultimately win in the end anyway.  In the meantime, we need to be working, praying, and watching. Go! Hut, hut, hut!



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Final note: if what you are looking for is a closed, debate-free space on the Internet where your views will not be disputed or challenged, I suggest you turn off your commenting feature on your blog for future posts.

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