Our Study in the Book of Jude

October 20, 2011 at 8:09 AM

For those who have been following our programs at Oneplace.com/ministries/study-grow-know, we will soon be finishing our study on “Living in the Last Generation.”  Beginning in November, we will be opening up the book of Jude.

This book – though small, with only 25 verses – is jam-packed with spiritual truths!  It is actually quite amazing how much Jude was able to cram into that one book under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Our study is of course, based on God’s Holy Word.  We have also written a commentary on Jude that, like all of our books, is designed for the average person.  We endeavor to write in a way that is very understandable for everyone.  We deliberately kept this commentary short – 126 pages – to help you begin your study on this extremely important and too-often overlooked book.

This new series begins during the first week of November, so please join us.  The programs are not live so you can tune in at your convenience.  New broadcasts are placed up every Monday and Thursday.

Along those lines, we are expanding our radio ministry.  WINB is a shortwave-based radio station with Christian programming and they are based out of Pennsylvania.  We hope to have our program included in their line-up along with another Christian station – MPR in the Philippines – in a few weeks, when we begin our study in Jude.

Programming at WINB will be once per week and on MPR, we will have new material three times per week; M-W-F from 1pm to 1:15pm.  We hope you will be able to join us at one of these venues and please pass the word to others.

Also, for those of you who have been contemplating buying some of my books, Prophecy in the News is currently offering three of my books as a package for $44.95, for the following books:

  • Finishing the Race
  • The PreTrib Rapture
  • End of the Ages

If you call them at 800 475-1111 and ask for the “Fred DeRuvo Package.”  Normally, these books separately would be $47.97, so they are offering them as a package to save you a few dollars.  All three books together are $44.95 plus s/h.

And while it is still up today (before they place the next Daily Update), you can watch and listen to Gary Stearman and I discuss aspects of Finishing the Racehttp://www.prophecyinthenews.com/

You’ll see the Daily Update video area on the right.  If you are interested in prophecy at all – and I hope you are – you will want to become familiar with the folks at Prophecy in the News.  This is a ministry started by J.R. and Linda Church and has been in existence for over 30 years.  Even though the Lord took J.R. home a few months ago this year, the Lord continues to work through this ministry.

Prophecy is something that Christians should not shrink from studying.  John tells us that those of us who look forward to the return of Jesus purify ourselves with that hope (cf. 1 John 3).  We do so because we are then immediately able to compare His return with what is happening in this life and there is really no comparison.  The things that seem insurmountable to us fade.  The problems that we tend to think are overwhelming to us also disappear.  Those things which clamor for our time are weighed against the value of His return and spending eternity with Him.  As we focus on His return, we watch those things fall by the wayside and what remains are things that hold eternal value.

Look up today.  Focus on Him.  Consider the fact that His return is imminent (meaning, it could happen today, not that it will happen today).  Put your mind on  Jesus and our life with Him in eternity.  This and this alone will help us to lose sight of the things that are unimportant and begin to see only those things which are truly important.

Jesus Christ is our rock, our salvation, our foundation.  There is nothing better in this life or in the next, than to know Him, to offer our lives as vessels for Him to work His will in and through us.  Why?  All for His glory.  Let’s take the time to ask Him to allow us to bring glory to Him all day today.

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