5 Foreign National Muslims Arrested After Attempted Break-in

October 19, 2011 at 8:27 AM

Again, good golly Miss Molly, we do NOT want to jump to conclusions and pronounce ALL Muslims as terrorist-seeking demigods who believe that destroying the lives of innocent infidels (an oxymoron to them) ultimately brings them to a paradise where they will enjoy the fruits of 70 virgins.  No word, by the way, on how the virgins feel about it or where they came from…

Today, we learn that 5 foreign nationals were arrested for attempting to break into a Texas courthouse.  Apparently, the FBI and the Bomb Squad were called out to investigate the situation.

Two of the men climbed up a fire escape and entered the courthouse through an unlocked door.  When caught, the men allegedly said they were simply trying to get a tour of the city…at 2am.  Good one.  You see how all this inbreeding has fogged their minds?  They can’t even come up with a good cover story.

Even morons would understand that the best way to get a tour of the city is to do it when the city is actually open for business.  But not these dimwits.  “Oh, hi Mr. Police Officer.  We were…uh…just trying to get a tour of the city and so we thought we would start here.  The door was unlocked so it seemed like an invitation.”

Of course, in keeping with the fact that we have a Muslim in the Whitehouse, the obligatory disinformation from the local sheriff department was given to the press:  “Sheriff’s department spokesman Louis Antu told the Associated Press that there’s no information to indicate that the incident might be affiliated with terrorism. He said the case is being investigated as burglary of a building.” (emphasis added) [1]

No, it’s probably best to assume that the men were telling the truth and somehow got their internal clocks messed up.  Thinking it was 2 o’clock in the afternoon (instead of the wee hours of the morning), they simply got confused about the city being open.  The fact that no one else was there and there were no lights on in the building should have caused them to stop and ask a few questions, but then again, there’s the subject of inbreeding.

Lest you think I am simply being sarcastic about the inbreeding, please do some research.  Many Muslim families are KNOWN for their inbreeding.  Yes, they wind up with many offspring that are mentally and physically deficient (or both), but that’s not a problem for them because these “kids” become the toss offs, perfect for suicide bombers.

I’m sure the law enforcement officials in Texas are not stupid and what they say in public is not necessarily what they think amongst themselves.

Another source tells us that the individuals were found with “90-day visas, maps, cell phones and computers inside a recreational vehicle that may have been rented by five foreign nationals arrested after a break-in at a county courthouse in San Antonio.” [2]

So they were here for 3 months, using a rented RV as their criminal lair and getaway vehicle and had computers and cell phones, etc.  It will be interesting for the law enforcement officials to learn what is on those computers and to whom they have been talking via their cell phones.

Since it only appears to be a burglary (though it was also originally reported as a bomb scare), that’s what we will hear.  In the meantime, I’m confident that law enforcement will keep digging and find the truth.  Whether we will ever find out about it is another thing altogether.

You know, it’s amazing to me that for all intents and purposes, our Commander-in-Chief is very likely a Muslims, whose heart goes out to his own people.  Because of this, the U.S. policy is unequally yoked to terrorism, indirectly, and does what it can to protect individuals who are accused of being terrorists.  Certainly, this administration believes that it is imperative to discount the fact that much of the Muslim world hates the United States and wants us destroyed.  In so doing, this same administration actually becomes somewhat complicit in the desired overthrow of this nation.  Isn’t that something called…oh, what is it?  T-r-e-a-s-o-n?  I’m pretty sure that people were actually executed for that in the past.  Must not be a crime anymore…

But why allow facts like this to stand in the way of protecting people who want to destroy you?

Wonder how many more situations like this with Muslims breaking into this place or that one, or attempting to buy bomb-making materials from an undercover law enforcement official before the rest of us in America will wake up to the fact that we have been and are continually being lied to?

Now, the reality is that if these perpetrators were white and “Christian,” every liberal news media would have a field day with it.  Chris Matthews would be salivating at the mouth because of another opportunity to denigrate those “right-winger,” “Christians.”  No one would be coming out to warn people about jumping to conclusions and they would caution us about lumping all “Christians” or “right-wingers” into the same category.

When the Tea Party gets together, the protests and very peaceful.  When the Occupy Wall street protestors get together, all hell breaks loose.  The media decries the “racist” Tea Party, while encouraging the occupiers.

What I find fascinating is that supposedly, the protests on Wall Street are against greed and corruption.  It is also coming out that many of the protestors are professional (meaning paid) individuals to go out and create havoc.  If they get arrested, that’s even better.  People like George Soros and unions like SEIU are footing the bill to have these people protesting (and urinating and defecating in public while they’re at it), which has to make you wonder.

Some celebrities have gotten in the act too by joining the protesting “troops.”  Yeah, they want wealth redistributed too it would seem.  Right, sure they do.  They are out protesting corporate greed because they don’t believe they have gotten everything they are entitled to have from these corporations.  They have their millions, but that isn’t enough, so they pretend they can actually relate to the average Joe/Jane in America who has little to nothing and is barely able to stay in their home that the government wants to take away.

Well, let it be known that I am NOT going to jump to conclusions at all.  I’m simply going to take all the facts and follow them to their obvious conclusion, whether this administration (or any other) likes it or not!  It’s all way too obvious to ignore and unlike those individuals who have been inbred, I do not suffer from a serious bout of inborn stupidity.

Occupy Wall Street, foreign nationals arrested for “burglary,” and the like.  Yep, it’s just another normal day in the United States of America!  Hoo hah!

[1] http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/10/19/terror-alert-bomb-scare-after-san-antonio-courthouse-break-in/#ixzz1bExt1NMd
[2] http://foxsanantonio.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/vid_7821.shtml

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