New York is Pushing Limits with New Ways to Kill Babies

March 26, 2015 at 11:42 AM 10 comments

I was born in upstate New York. In fact, I grew up in a countryside dotted with farms and other small towns and villages. I spent many Saturdays as a kid fishing along the Delaware River that meandered through town.

As I grew up, I remember my mother complaining about how high property taxes were even then. She normally had to take out a loan to pay her property taxes and no sooner had it paid off, when the annual bill would arrive and she’d have to take out another loan. This was all while Mario Cuomo was governor of the state.

Many years later, the Cuomo political machine still exercises power over the residents of New York in the form of his son, Andrew Cuomo. Similar to what we’ve come to know and expect from states that have long been held tightly by Democrats, I’ve seen the great state of New York go from bad to worse. While much of the countryside is still beautiful and inviting, why would anyone want to live there with a governor who is bent on “confiscating” guns from as many law-abiding citizens as possible? This is really only scratching the surface for what New York under leftist ideology truly stands.

Abortion has been legal in America since the dreaded Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, essentially allowing (some would argue encouraging) the killing of unborn children at the mother’s whim. Since this major victory for proponents of murder have sought not only to ensure this law remains valid, but have sought new ways to kill unborn children. Ironically, the death penalty has not been used in the state of New York since 1963. Death penalty for unborn children? Fugetaboutit.

The latest assembly bill that has been passed in New York AB 6221, a bill that would allow doctors/medical professionals and even non-doctors to inject poison directly into the heart of the still-beating, yet unborn child as it sits in its mother’s womb prior to birth. Of course, though it goes without saying, I’ll say it anyway. AB 6221 is a bill that Gov. Andrew Cuomo “strenuously supports.”

Today in a vote of 94-49 the New York State Assembly approved passage of AB 6221, the extreme stand-alone 10th point from the previously packaged 10-point Women’s Equality Act, which would expand third-trimester abortions and allow non-doctors to perform abortions. Since 2013, abortion advocates have been holding the Women’s Equality Act hostage to this single dangerous bill, refusing to break the 10-point bill up. This session, however, the will of the voters was finally heard, and the stand-alone bills have been considered.

The bill’s main sponsor is Deborah J. Glick. One can only wonder if individuals like Glick (along with Gov. Cuomo and others who think as they do), have any semblance of conscience left. It is clear that they do not (cf. Romans 1). Because of this, life actually means little to them, except in cases of criminals who have murdered people. Criminals are the ones who apparently deserve some measure of “grace,” but certainly not unborn blobs of fetal tissue, otherwise known as babies, aka unborn human beings.

The amazing thing is how the left does their thing. In the case of abortions available in New York, abortions can only go into the second trimester unless it is shown that the life of the mother is in critical danger. “AB 6221, sponsored by Assemblywoman Glick, would change existing New York State law, which currently allows for abortion in the third trimester when the mother’s life is in danger, to allow abortion on-demand throughout all nine months. The law would be changed to allow abortion for any reason deemed “relevant to the well-being of the patient” including physical, emotional, psychological, and familial factors, and the mother’s age.

This is how the Hegelian Dialectic works. Leftists know they cannot get exactly what they want out of the gate, so they use emotional language while pulling at the heart-strings to get something passed into law. In essence, anything is better than nothing and that something allows them to build on it later, which is exactly what is happening in this case.

While currently, under New York state law, abortions are only allowed up to the second trimester, under this new bill, abortions would be allowed “throughout all nine months” with no limitations at all. Conservatives wonder why they’re losing. It’s because we aren’t willing to admit that any giving into the left always means they will come back for more.

This is exactly what the so-called “Palestinians” do in the Middle East where Israel is concerned. They want Israel to give up some of its Land for “peace.” Israel has done this repeatedly. Their enemies gladly receive the Land Israel is willing to give up. When Israel digs in their heels, refusing to give up more, Palestinians then continue to lob missiles and rockets into Israel. In other words, what the Palestinians cannot obtain through their “peace” objective, they will take through “war.”

This is the way the left plays the game. They do everything to make it appear that they are concerned for the health and well-being of the mother. In reality, they couldn’t care less. What they want – like all globalists and those who represent them – is to have control over the total population number. It’s not about caring about women. They simply make it sound like that. Eventually, they go the whole nine yards and grab it all because they want women to be able to murder their child even during a partial-birth abortion. If women die in the process, oh well. Who cares? These feminist lawmakers don’t care. People like Andrew Cuomo don’t care, because he simply needs to do whatever it takes so that he will be re-elected and he knows how important women’s “health” issues and “rights” are to retaining his seat.

If New York’s senate approves this bill as the assembly has done, it will become law. How far society has sunk where it may become law to inject an unborn beating heart with poison, yet cry about the possibility that murderers slated for execution may feel some pain?

The whole thing is absolutely unconscionable. Yet, this is life in today’s world as we rocket toward the Tribulation. Get and stay close to God. Understand that what motivates these human beings to do these disgusting things is Satan himself and the spiritual battle that occurs in the spiritual realm.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places,” (Ephesians 6:12 NASB).

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  • 1. Susan  |  March 29, 2015 at 9:50 AM

    I didn’t take offense to your first response. I so appreciate your passion and concern as this is such an atrocity in our world. Thank you for checking further. I, too, will do more research. I’m totally in agreement that abortion is murder. God help us. I am very much aware of the different methods for aborting a child, however, you may want to write about them to inform others. It is beyond horrific what is done. Would I be correct in saying that these bills do not specify the “hows” so that anything can be read into them? Somewhat like lying by omission? Thank you for having this conversation with me. I am now better educated.


    • 2. modres  |  March 29, 2015 at 10:12 AM

      “Would I be correct in saying that these bills do not specify the “hows” so that anything can be read into them?”

      I would definitely agree with that statement. No bill/law can cover every eventuality, which is often why there are lawsuits, as I’m sure you understand. In some cases, I think bills are deliberately left as vague as possible so that the courts will have opportunity to fine-tune things later through lawsuits.

      We’ve seen this with the left constantly in a variety of situations where “acivist” judges can “interpret” the law in a way that favors the leftist approach.

      Many bills into law began like this and over the years have become either more vague – leaving the door wide open for greater interpretation – or more specific, as in the case of attempting to ban certain types of ammo.

      Thanks for not taking offense. Too often, it is very difficult to fully explain ourselves on an “electronic” forum where things like voice tone and facial expression are never part of the picture. 🙂

      I will likely write an article on abortion methods to remind myself what they are and to inform those who may have never known in the first place.

      Thanks Susan.


  • 3. Susan  |  March 29, 2015 at 8:10 AM

    I am pro life. That point really doesn’t come into play when researching something about this subject. I try to share information on FB to help make people aware of the evil going on in our world. I do not want to pass on information that hasn’t been confirmed. This article implies a lot of things that you don’t read in the bill. I understand that you read it as the bill eliminating limits but no where does it say anything about poison to the heart as a way to kill the child. I also did not read anything about non doctors performing these atrocities. I appreciate your blog. I do understand that it is opinion based. When the words are put out there in such a way as to be true, and not just opinion, I have a hard time sharing the information. Thank you for reading this and please do not take offense.


    • 4. modres  |  March 29, 2015 at 8:45 AM

      This bill actually piggy backs onto previous bills that exist in NY State.

      I would disagree with you that the article I wrote “implies a lot of things” related to the bill.

      AB6221 merely extends the laws that already exist under the in-depth 10 point women’s equality act that is law in New York.

      I have a call into the NY Right to Life for clarification. Hopefully they will share information that clarify things.

      I was not trying to be rude in my first response to you.

      The problem with many bills and laws is that they often open the door to things that are not specifically mentioned in the bill.

      Maybe it’s time for me to do an article on methods used in abortion already.

      The main problem with AB6221 is that it EXTENDS existing laws so that unborn human beings could be killed at any point in the pregnancy with virtually no limit.

      I’m not sure if what I read regarding poison to the heart was hyperbole from the original author or fact based on aspects of the law that exists.

      Normally, right to life groups are fairly factual in presenting information. I will do what I can to find out all the facts.

      To me, the most important aspect of AB6221 simply extends current law by removing certain current restrictions.

      It could’ve been that the author of the original article was implying that because of the removal of restrictions (if bill becomes law), it could eventually lead to shooting poison, etc.

      That is a moot point to me. The fact that the bill would remove the time frame for ending pregnancies is enough to warrant serious concern in my opinion.

      I’ll get to the bottom of it.


  • 5. Susan  |  March 28, 2015 at 12:08 PM

    Where did you get this information? I did not read any of this when I read the bill on the internet.


    • 6. modres  |  March 28, 2015 at 12:18 PM

      Did you not read the link I provided? Here it is again:

      By the way no bill/law has to specifically state HOW abortions are to be done. It is what the bill ALLOWS for. Bills are often left deliberately vague especially when it comes to the matter of murdering unborn children.

      Are you for or against killing unborn human beings?


      • 7. Michelle  |  March 28, 2015 at 11:17 PM

        I normally don’t comment on blogs, but I could not ignore this. Your response was a bit rude “Did you not read the link I provided? Here it is again:” was uncalled for. Some one was doing their research and questioned this story; as I did myself. However, that is beside the point. That link does not provide valid proof of this bill. If you look up the bill, the only legal confirmation you will get is the original bill allowing an abortion up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

        Leviticus 19:11 You shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.

        I’m not calling you a liar (intentionally), but by not seeking out the real truth and passing on unconfirmed information, you are spreading untruthful propaganda.


      • 8. modres  |  March 29, 2015 at 6:03 AM

        My response was not meant to be rude.

        The reality is the bill that just passed the NY state assembly would extend the availability of abortion on demand up to the time of birth. It eliminates limits.

        Regarding the use of poison to kill the unborn, out of curiosity – and I mean no offense – are you personally aware of all the methods used to abort unborn human beings currently?

        Compared to what is currently being used, the poison to heart actually seems quicker to me than injecting salt solution into the amniotic sac which can take hours for the unborn baby to literally chemically burn to death.

        I have a call into NY Right to Life about the poison to the baby’s heart procedure. Hopefully they can provide more information.

        Are you for or against abortion?

        Mine is not a news site. It is a blog, (which is opinion-driven), as you’ve noted. There is a huge difference. We often don’t see the difference because much of mainstream news has also become opinion-driven unfortunately.

        By the way AB6221 is actually deeply tied to a 10 point “women’s equality” bill that has been law for sometime. In other words, AB6221 UPDATES the previous set of laws, which is one of the reasons AB6221 is so short.

        I have not lied either intentionally or otherwise.

        I’m appalled at the fact that murdering unborn children is acceptable in society at all. I find it a bit frustrating that you imply that I’m a propagandist even unintentionally when we are talking about the wholesale slaughter of innocents.

        You quote Scripture to me about lying yet you have nothing to say about murder, which God says is an attempt to strike against Him since humanity was made in His image (cf. Genesis 9).

        I guess what is also sad to me is when folks like yourself get caught up in the minutiae instead of the overriding problem.

        Abortion is murder. I certainly hope you’re not for it.


  • 9. rutnerh  |  March 26, 2015 at 3:08 PM

    Good analysis of our current national state, essentially a depraved Canaanite version of the 31 city states utterly destroyed including man and beast by Joshua by direct order of God. In my opinion, the USA is a formerly God blessed populated by a remnant of believers, but was never a Christian nation in this Satan dominated world per Luke 4;5-6. These verses are God’s absolutely true words, and it cannot be otherwise, no matter how much time is wasted by misguided christians activists attempting to christianize or reform this nation or the world or change the numerous abominable practices cited by you. It is Satan’s domain, period!
    And we as true Christians or followers of Jesus must live in it, as quoted by you, living according to Eph. 6;10-20. Many have memorized these verses in our dispensational Berean Bible Church in Philly, a micro assembly headed by a Bible preaching Pastor now for over 35 years, for me 18 years.
    And our foremost task as His followers, after being born again, is to plant salvation seeds among the multitudes of the unsaved, including misled denominational CINOs, in our remaining time on earth before the imminent Rapture. Our motto is the hymn: Rescue the perishing, care for the (unsaved) dying…..
    For some of my 80 years, this had been my task as a dispensational christian by avocation: posting or handing out home-made tracts in public places, bulletin boards, kiosks, etc. (e.g. unsigned and untraceable hence usable even in prohibited locations).
    My typical tracts read:
    Only on Life, it will soon be past; only what’s done for Christ will last. Jesus is Lord of all humanity, Savior of the FEW who seek Him.
    Darwin, Nietzsche (“God is dead”), Mohammad, Sagan, Hubbard.. and ALL dead know better now, but many of them too late to accept Jesus ‘ Free Gifts: His unconditional love, forgiveness of sin, offer of eternal life….How about You?
    No- Brainer: Who has more Credibility? Jesus or Darwin, THE TRUTH or extrapolated flawed evolution theory, The Potter or the clay. Q.E.D. Amen.
    Also: the poem: A Letter from Hell reflecting Luke 16;19-31, by an unknown author.
    And a quote by Martin Luther: The Word: ” He who loses sight of the Word of God falls into despair…….But he Word of God is greater than heaven and earth,…..for it forms part of the power of God and endures everlastingly”.
    True, many professing christians ( name it and claim it types, only God knows!) or your numerous detractors may be saved, but they will receive few if any rewards or crowns when standing at the Bema seat of Jesus.


    • 10. modres  |  March 26, 2015 at 3:13 PM

      Well said! Thank you 😉


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