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Trump Train is Exposing Swamp’s Deep-Seated Corruption

It would seem that @realdonaldTrump – President Trump – has begun exposing the fortified corruption within the DC bureaucracy simply by being elected president. From billionaire Nazi George Soros (who worked with and aided Hitler’s regime during WWII), who gamely stated that he will take down Trump, to the many calls for Trump’s impeachment from @DanRather, to @MMFlint (Michael Moore), and a host of other Fascist Left-wingers, these people are clearly attempting an aggressive coup to overthrow Trump’s presidency.

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Trump’s Presidency Bringing Leftist Fascism Out Into Open

f someone attacks me for my Christianity, that’s one thing. I will stand up with dignity and humility, knowing that God will work in and through me for His glory. That of course does not mean that as an American citizen, I cannot avail myself of the Constitution and laws of the land to ensure that I am treated fairly under those laws. However, if a criminal advocates violence against me solely because I do not believe or think as he does, I have every right to protect myself from that criminal’s behavior against me. I know that some Christians do not see it that way and that is their right. They are also responsible for how they understand God’s Word and must live accordingly.

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How Long Will Your Church Survive Under a Clinton Presidency?

We are in the rapids and definitely moving swiftly toward the waterfall ahead. Things don’t look at all good from a human perspective, but we know it’s God’s perspective that counts. My wife and I voted today during early voting. It was interesting to see all the disabled individuals being brought in by friends or relatives, many of who seemed to have no clue where they were or what they were doing there. Never fear, because their handlers “helped” them with the voting. Aside from getting out to vote, these folks probably never receive that much attention at all. It was interesting to hear one of the handlers say to one of the voting officials, “He really wanted to do this himself,” referring to voting. I found that interesting considering he appeared to simply be staring off into space, slightly drooling. He wasn’t even coherent enough to follow her simple commands like, “Did you want to stand up or sit?” He just stared.

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Globalists Push Socialism While Distracting Us with Issues

Have you heard this one? “Jews run the world” and by “Jews,” people normally mean “Israel.” For these anti-Semites, “Jews” and “Israel” are synonymous. One reader, after reading through two articles on this site, simply stated, “We are slaves to Israel.” I’m sure she believes it. In fact, not long ago, I wrote a book about the method used by Anti-Zionists to foist blame for all the world’s ills onto Israel. That book – Anti-Zionism’s Vitriolic Allegations – clearly delineates the caustic untruths and claims used by those opposed to Israel’s statehood.

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A New Banking/Financial System on the Horizon?

According to a number of sources, things are coming down on the financial terrorists that have controlled the world’s wealth since WWII. Benjamin Fulford, the White Hats, the White Dragons, and numerous other sources have been announcing that huge changes are in the wind and it appears that there may well be truth to what they have been saying.

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5 Foreign National Muslims Arrested After Attempted Break-in

Occupy Wall Street, foreign nationals arrested for “burglary,” and the like. Yep, it’s just another normal day in the United States of America! Hoo hah!

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Obama, the Puppet to Soros, the Puppet Master

George Soros is one evil man and it appears that he may only have just begun.

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Lefties Wish Death On Republican, Governor Walker

While the attitude and demeanor of people seem to be bending to the Left, the Right will be seen more and more as bias, bigoted, hate-mongering and the like. This is what the Left is doing. They make false claims against conservatives and if that does not work, they will simply resort to name-calling. What they hope to accomplish is to make people believe that conservatives are such a minority, that it is not worth even being part of that movement.

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All Happening Way Too Fast

I have come to the conclusion that our job as Christians is to focus on witnessing to the lost. We must be involved in the Great Commission, introducing people to Jesus as Savior and Lord. We must do it, whether they listen or not and let’s hope and pray they do listen. It is getting dark. The daylight is waning. I really don’t think there is much time left.

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People BEHIND the President Who Make the Decisions

While these shadowy power brokers think they are pulling the strings, getting this candidate elected, or that one, ultimately God simply allows (and uses) their plan to succeed and only if it serves His purposes in the final analysis. In case, you have not noticed it, this world is being controlled by corrupt individuals. These individuals seek their own self-aggrandizement. God seeks His own glory. While they do not realize or consider it, the power brokers will give all glory to the only One who deserves it. Though it appears as though it is beginning to look very dark, the glory that will be revealed to us when Jesus appears will make the sun look like a minuscule distant star! All glory to Him!

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