Globalists Push Socialism While Distracting Us with Issues

October 5, 2014 at 6:34 PM

Lenin_ObamaWhat I find most fascinating is how much the globalists are attempting to keep the rest of us off-track by overindulging society with one problem after another. Whether it’s something like Obamacare that has done everything opposite of what President Obama promised it would or the current potential pandemic of Ebola, as I’ve said before, it is difficult to keep up with it all. We are tempted to do all in our power to catalog everything and it is impossible.

It’s like DavidR said in a comment related to my previous article – Globalist Goal for World is Socialism and We Dare Not Lose Sight of That. He said, “Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions and utilize all events of the period for your purpose. Saul Alinsky “Rules For Radicals,” page 128 rule number 8.” While globalists push Socialism, they distract us with issues!

That is the problem and there are a number of very high-profile individuals who do just that. In this article, I want to talk about someone whose name you are all familiar with as being someone who seems to have more money than God and uses it to bring about the failure of America. I’m talking about George Soros.

According to an article titled “The Money Behind Telos,” by Charles E. McCraken in Israel My Glory magazine (Sept/Oct 2014), Soros “provides significant funds to an organization with ties to the broader evangelical community. His financial clout is being used in an attempt to reshape how evangelicals view the conflict in the Middle East, and the result is not pro-Israel.” [1]

The problem with Soros – and others like him – is that he will use any means at his disposal to bring about his (or rather, globalists’) agenda. Many of the things that Soros is involved in often appear to have no direct connection to harming America. In this case, Soros is using his considerable wealth to change the way Americans think about Israel.

Have you heard this one? “Jews run the world” and by “Jews,” people normally mean “Israel.” For these anti-Semites, “Jews” and “Israel” are synonymous. One reader, after reading through two articles on this site, simply stated, “We are slaves to Israel.” I’m sure she believes it. In fact, not long ago, I wrote a book about the method used by Anti-Zionists to foist blame for all the world’s ills onto Israel. That book – Anti-Zionism’s Vitriolic Allegations – clearly delineates the caustic untruths and claims used by those opposed to Israel’s statehood.

As I have pointed out repeatedly to these Jew-haters, most Jewish people stand opposed to the state of Israel. Israel is one of the tiniest countries in existence, surrounded by nothing less than 22 Arab countries, most of which have some percentage of Muslims living there. There is nothing that Israel can do that is correct for these people. Many Muslims/Arabs will simply dismiss Israel out of hand, stating that they simply do not recognize Israel’s right to exist. Many Jews agree with that sentiment as well. Yet, we are supposed to believe that the “Jews” of Israel are running the entire world, based on the fictitious “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

Soros is an interesting person because of the way he stirs up anti-Israeli and anti-American sentiment. “Soros, born in 1930 in Hungary, is a Jewish atheist who emigrated to England in 1947 and New York City in 1956, where he made his vast fortune.” [2]

Later on, Soros became associated with the Open Society Foundation (OSF). One of the groups that receives funding through OSF is called the Telos Group (previously known as the Kairos Project. It began in 2009 by Gregory Khalil and Todd Deatherage. According to McCraken, “Khalil is an Arab-Christian lawyer who was an advisor to Arab leaders involved in peace negotiations with Israel. Todd Deatherage is an evangelical Christian from Arkansas who once served in the State Department.” [3]

As noted in the article, the goal of Telos appears to be to eliminate support for Israel within the evangelical community. The group uses pilgrimages, speaking tours, and national outreaches to support their claim that a two-state solution is the only real option for peace in the Middle East. Unfortunately, as is quite obvious today, Arabs/Muslims living in and around Israel do not believe that Israel has a right to exist. If a two-state solution does occur one day, are we to believe that these Muslims would give up their desire to see Israel eliminated from the map of the Middle East? I cannot imagine it.

All of this is to say that Soros – a Jewish atheist who will one day meet the God whom he says doesn’t exist – is using his money and groups like Telos to bring the globalist goal to fruition where Israel is concerned.

While it is very good to know these things, we must understand that at its root, Socialism is the grand design that the globalists are working bringing to fruition throughout the world. To do so, they must attack everything that America has stood for since its inception by creating chaos made up of opposing issues. That means overthrowing traditional marriage, puffing up the LGBT community’s activism labeling anyone who fails to agree with their message as “homophobic.” It is the same with Islam and anyone who fails to be brainwashed by the media and Islamic spokespeople. They are labeled “Islamophobic.” This translates generically into bigotry and who wants to be called a bigot? It’s almost as bad as being called a “racist.”

There is no way that we can get ahead of these people if we lose the focus on the big picture by being drawn into specific issues. Yes, we need to make our stand against these issues that are inundating society. But part of the reason that they are inundating society is to completely overload the system. If we focus on putting this fire out or this one, or that one, we simply become reactionaries who are quickly worn out. That’s what the left wants.

Our stand must be against Socialism itself because it is not part of the U.S. Constitution and therefore it is not part of the Constitutional Republic known as America. That should be the conservative’s counterpoint to everything the left chooses to throw at us. “IT’S SOCIALISM, WHICH IS DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!”

Sure, the left might try to ridicule us as if we have no brains. However, if we, like a broken record, continue to come back to that main point, we will be dealing with most issues created by the left in one swell swoop.

Society has become very issue-oriented and it is solely because the left is doing whatever they can to CREATE the issues and FORCE people to take sides. This simply DISTRACTS us from the main issue at hand – turning America into a Socialist country. Once that happens, we are lost. It is that simple.

Do NOT allow leftists to drag you down the path of dealing with separate issues, one after the other. Many of the issues are obviously important, but that cannot be our focus. By putting us on the defensive, the issues BECOME important. Meanwhile, the left continues working to destroy our Constitutional Republic by turning America into the Socialist States of America.

We’ve got to be smarter than that. If we don’t wake up to what the left is doing, we will be forever dragging behind, simply reacting to what they throw at us.

Taken together, all of this chaos globalists are creating in the world is simply meant to get us all mired down in the minutiae of ISSUES. The real problem – Socialism – is being created right under our noses, but we don’t notice because we’re dealing with issues.

Of course, ultimately, God wins this war, but I think it is safe to say He expects us to stand with Him against all of His enemies.


[1] Israel My Glory (Sept/Oct 2014), article by Charles E. McCraken, p. 16

[2] Ibid, p. 17

[3] Ibid, p. 17

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