A New Banking/Financial System on the Horizon?

November 1, 2011 at 7:55 AM 3 comments

According to a number of sources, things are coming down on the financial terrorists that have controlled the world’s wealth since WWII.  Benjamin Fulford, the White Hats, the White Dragons, and numerous other sources have been announcing that huge changes are in the wind and it appears that there may well be truth to what they have been saying.

The problem is that up until now, it has been very difficult at best to see since these things are not being announced in the news.  However, just today I noted that MF Global has announced a reorganization plan in order to liquidate.  In other words, they are essentially officially bankrupt.

In fact, headlines today not only heralded the company’s bankruptcy, but also announced that “Hundreds of millions of dollars of customer’s money has gone missing from the brokerage firm run by former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine.” [1; emphasis added]  It was the uncovering of these lost millions that halted the sale of a huge part of MF Global, requiring the company instead to file for bankruptcy.

Interestingly enough, at this point, “The paper said that MF Global and Corzine had not been accused of doing anything wrong. Regulators are trying to establish if customer funds were misallocated.” [2] So far, there is no accusation of the company having done anything wrong, however, in the next paragraph, we read the following, “The company’s main exchange regulator, CME, said Tuesday that MF did not separate its customers’ accounts from the firm’s funds as required by law, Reuters reported.” [3] Well good golly Miss Molly, if the firm did not separate customer accounts from the firm’s accounts as dictated by the law, then obviously, they did do something wrong, didn’t they?  Moreover, they would have done it knowingly, not accidentally.  This means that those in charge of the company not only with malice and forethought deliberately did something they were not supposed to do, but this could (hopefully) lead to arrests of those who made the decision to group all monies together.

Why would a company do this?  For one reason:  greed.  It was an attempt to show that they had more money than they actually had and chances are good that they used their customer’s money to help them (the company) gain greater monetary funds, strengthening their financial standing.  One can only wonder if that money – had they gained instead of lost – would have been shared with their customers, whose money they used.  Doubtful.

Things may be moving in the direction that the sources I’ve mentioned have indicated. According to these same sources, there will be a number of things that take place before November 15th.  Among them, mass arrests will occur of many highly placed individuals within the world’s banking system.  The entire financial system will allegedly be “rebooted” and according to Fulford, “First of all, all honest businessmen and bankers worldwide will have nothing to worry about. Second of all, the money created through derivatives fraud will be eliminated from the books, even if that means bankrupting many of the big Western financial institutions. Third, major historical financial injustices will be addressed and stolen monies and assets will be returned to their rightful owners. This will be good news for the vast majority of Western citizens as well as the inhabitants of long exploited regions like Africa.” [4]

Coupled with this, we are aware that on November 9th, the Federal gov’t will be conducting an emergency test.  On that day for approximately three minutes, ALL radio and TV broadcasts will be turned off.  Why?  They’re of course not telling us, but it is doubtful that this can be simply a routine test.  As far as I’m aware, the government has not done a test like this, on this scale, at the same time prior to November 9th.

I read from another blog that the writer believes this will give the government the opportunity to completely reboot their computer system as it applies to the airwaves.  Does it have anything to do with the banking system as well?  It’s too soon to know and we may never fully know.

Back to Fulford.  Fulford makes these comments related to the November 15th event when he says mass arrests will occur:

He states that there “will be a lawsuit that will be filed before November 15th against the individuals and groups who abused the Federal Reserve Board system. This will lead to liens being placed against many of the largest financial institutions in the world, according to the filers. There will also be mass arrests.” [5]

Granted, I have not been studying the financial aspect of what Fulford and others have been stating for weeks, but this is the first time I have noticed that something is actually happening in the area of finance.  If this is simply not a coincidence, then there is truth in what these individuals have been telling us.

It’s interesting to note also that in his report of October 24th, Fulford stated that the private “trading platforms” were shut down, eliminating the chance for these financial barons to infuse new money into their systems.  The most they could do is reshuffle the existing money they had.  Here is how Fulford describes it:  “The highly secretive ‘trading platforms’ used by the self-appointed rulers of the world have been shut down in preparation for the revamping of the global financial system, according to sources in the CIA and in Japanese military intelligence. This shut down took place earlier than the previously announced date of November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) in order to prevent any possible sabotage by the beneficiaries of the old system, the sources say.” [6]

If that is true, then it would explain why MF Global had to file for bankruptcy.  It boggles the mind when considered that these financial terrorists (for that is what they are) who have been in charge of our money – yours and mine – have used it to create untold wealth for themselves!

What is equally interesting is the “occupy” movement that is currently underway.  Forget that they act like pigs while the liberal media ignores all the terrible things they are doing.  What is more interesting to me is Mr. Obama’s reaction to these groups.  He seems to think that they are fine and has actually likened them to the Tea Party of all things!  That’s interesting considering the fact that he has expressed no previous love, patience, or respect for those within the Tea Party.  Why the change of heart?

I believe he wants to throw attention off the antics of those involved in the “occupy” movement, making them out to be some sort of modern-day Robin Hood group in order to attempt to distance himself from the financial terrorists that have controlled the world’s wealth for too long.

From an article presented by the White Hats, it would appear that it is not solely George Soros that controls Obama, but Bush SR who really pulls the strings! In their October 27th report, they claim that Bush Sr. is Losing His Mind…to Alzheimers. [7]  However, even with that, apparently they believe that Bush Sr. is still in charge of the cabal that pulls the financial strings for the United States.

Also according to the White Hats, Bush Sr. is keeping Obama in office (for now) in spite of the political and financial upheaval that the world and the United States is experiencing.  The White Hats noted that “As the global financial system spirals faster and faster to a bankrupt state, Bush Senior and Obama plan for their next move.  Obama is preparing for his exit as a failed one term President, with Senior allowing him to spend more time congregating his stolen offshore bank funds, which we last reported exceeded 11 Billion Dollars.” [8; emphasis added]

Tragically, they continue by stating, “And a long time ago Bush Senior started to make plans for his escape.  Hence, the Bush family, Soros and cohorts over the last several weeks have been flying in mass equipment and assets to their heavily fortified 100,000 plus acre Paraguay Ranches.  As the World’s major financial system collapses, their plan is to take all their stolen assets and escape to the old Nazi Safe Haven immune from extradition. The Paraguayan newspapers have already announced the future arrival of the Bush family.   Our justice system is neutered to stop and apprehend them.  The world looks at America aghast with disbelief.” [9]

I’ve done some research and while it is rumored that the Bushes have purchased a huge ranch in Paraguay, I can find nothing concrete on it.  Frankly though, at this point, it would not surprise me.

I’d like to clearly state that I do not how true any of this is; however, at least some of it appears to be occurring as noted by the MF Global bankruptcy filing.  Note also that the White Hats indicated that by “next week” (meaning, the end of this current week), a full report will have been completed on Bush Sr. by investigators alleging all of his financial improprieties.

So while the average person loses their home and/or claims bankruptcy, people like Bush, Soros, and Obama (and many others, including Hilary Clinton, VP Biden and more) get richer than any of us can imagine.  There is no shame evidenced by these folks because to them – if all of this is true – their political motivations are nothing more than a cover to gain as much wealth (and with it, power) as they possibly can off the backs of the rest of us.

Mr. Obama’s seeming sympathy toward the “occupy” movement is nothing more than a ruse. While he seems to agree that wealth should be redistributed, he is obviously not placing himself in a position that would include his wealth!

So what does all of this mean, aside from the obvious, if it is true?  Well, if the world is heading for a complete financial reboot, a change of system that will be out with the old and in with a new financial system that will allegedly work better, be far more fair, and will eliminate the stealing that has gone on, then we are well on our way toward a NWO, but not the one that George Soros, Bush Sr., Obama, and many others have been working toward.  What these folks wanted was as much of the world’s wealth as possible and they aimed to get it any way they could.  For themselves, it appears they have done well, but if Fulford and others have any true insight into the situation, things are crumbling around them faster than they can handle.

It makes perfect sense then why Mr. Obama was chosen to be the president – forget the average American’s ability to actually make their vote count for something.  The will of the people was fully overridden by the likes of Bush Sr., Soros, and others because they had one last end run they needed to accomplish.  These people knew that if they could get someone like Obama in, the race card could be played so often that it would make people’s heads spin and it would simply and effectively preempt the law from doing what it was designed to do, all the while, providing the necessary cover for those behind the scenes (including Mr. Obama) to grab as much of this country’s wealth as possible.

But now, it appears that this may blow up in their faces.  If that happens, then we will most definitely have a new world financial system.  If that happens, then unbeknownst to those who will create it, it will become the very thing that Antichrist uses to gain his position at the top of the heap.

I can actually picture a financial system where the world is divided into ten portions to make it far easier to keep track of things.  It would also create a need to have one currency that all countries and nations use.  Breaking it into ten parts makes sense because ten is a very manageable number and the world is still a big place.  This would be the natural outgrowth of a worldwide financial collapse in which the bottom falls out of the current system.

The problem with the current system is that there are too many currencies and therefore, too many separate exchange rates.  If/when the world becomes one financially, things become infinitely easier for all people.

Let’s say the Bushes and Soros do manage to abscond to Paraguay with other “leaders” of the world and all their wealth.  That won’t help them at all if the monetary leaders of the new “financial” world system remove the dollar and every other currency from the picture, replacing them with something brand new.  In that case, it could wind up hurting them a good deal because they would then be required to use the same currency that the world uses.  Problem is that no one is willing to exchange their dollars for the new world currency.

It seems that the Bible has foretold of a time when the Antichrist will rise from the ashes as a phoenix.  We’ve always felt certain that he would rise from the remnants of a worldwide financial disaster.

If what we are reading in the reports from the likes of Fulford, the White Hats, and others are true, then we are on the verge of a completely new economic system that will have certain safeguards built into it so that people are not able to do so easily what Bush Sr., Soros, and others have allegedly done with ease.

The problem of course is that once the world enters into this new financial system, people will come to believe that this new system is way beyond the ability of anyone to compromise it.  The world will breathe a collective sigh of relief and entering into this new phase will make it appear as though the world has truly entered the age of euphoria and peace.  To believe that someone as intellectually brilliant and deceptive as the Antichrist is said to be throughout the Bible cannot compromise this new system is naive, to say the least.

With one currency in place and with the intellect of the coming man of sin, he will have little trouble in masterminding a plan to place himself at the top of the financial system.  Once he does that through the use of Absolute Imperialism, he will be a leader by fiat, which is essentially what we have now in Mr. Obama, except on a much smaller scale.  The Antichrist will rule the entire world because the world’s financial system will be one currency.

The very thing that is created by people who want to guard against the lawlessness that has prevailed with the current financial system, will unknowingly create a system that has very few safeguards built into it solely because of the fact that there is only one currency that is used by all.

Time will tell of course, if all of these sources and their reports are true, but to me, it appears as though there is at least a smattering of truth throughout.  Now that MF Global is taking a dive into financial oblivion, it is likely that others will follow suit.  This type of crash will require individuals throughout the world to come together to create something new so that it will at least appear to be fair to everyone.  While that may be the motivation, it will be compromised and it will be done so fairly easily by one individual who gains access to the highest office in the world.

It is amazing to consider how often something that seems to be good on the outside can be used for evil purposes.  Such will be the case when the financial system will be completely rebooted with a brand new system wherein one currency will replace all others currently in existence.  For the Antichrist, what could be better?  It eliminates a great deal of work on his part.  It will, in effect, be the red carpet that he walks down as he makes his way to his preordained role as final world dictator, fully possessed and animating by Satan himself.

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  • 1. Christian Hart  |  November 6, 2011 at 10:03 AM

    What a fascinating person you are…I found your blog while looking for information on ‘The White Dragon’ something rarely or almost exclusively covered by occult or websites with information of dubious origin…my question for you is this…why and what prompted you to state the Antichrist is male? Sincerely Christian


    • 2. modres  |  November 6, 2011 at 2:12 PM

      Hi Christian,

      The reason I see the Antichrist as specifically male is for a number of reasons:
      1) He is always referenced as a “he” or “man” in the Scriptures.
      2) The Antichrist is essentially an impersonator of the REAL Christ, as in Jesus Christ. In order to be believable to the world, the Antichrist’s appearance to the world will be accompanied by signs and wonders according to the Paul in 2 Thess 2. In other words, he will attempt to present himself as the real Jesus who has come for the FIRST time. People will follow after him because of this as well as his charisma. He will be billed as the “last” Christ, the Final Madhi, or the 12th Imam.
      3) There has never been – to my knowledge a woman who ruled an empire. Yes, there were women who shared rulership as queens and even ruled a small area (Queen of Sheba), but in the book of Daniel, all the kingdoms listed there that were to occur in Daniel’s future were led by men, from Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar) to the Grecian Empire (led by Alexander) to the Roman Empire (led by a series of male Caesars. All of these kingdoms essentially controlled ALL of the then known world, not merely a part of a small empire somewhere.
      4) The Antichrist is going to have to be accepted by all people groups. Islam will only accept a man as a leader; never a woman and there are numerous groups that believe the same regarding male vs. female leaders.


  • 3. SigdrifaSigdrifa  |  November 1, 2011 at 8:20 AM

    It certainly does seem that obama (lower case intended) has a habit of trying to distract attention from himself, and the strange support for the occupiers is something that should give us all pause for thought.


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