People BEHIND the President Who Make the Decisions

November 29, 2010 at 3:48 PM

I’m convinced (and maybe you are too), that when presidential elections occur, no one really votes for a president.  What we vote for is the group behind the president.  I’m talking about the group that actually pulls the strings and makes the decisions.

Glenn Beck has spent a good amount of time talking about George Soros, wealthy financier who has donated tons of money to all the programs and issues he supports.  Apparently, he provided over one million dollars to get the proposition that would have made marijuana legal in California passed.  Even with his money and power, it didn’t work.  However, let’s not be naive.  Often things that do not pass the first time, are voted on again and again until they do pass.  If that doesn’t work, there are always the liberal courts to overturn the majority will of the people.  After all, this is America and if people cannot get something done Constitutionally, ask a liberal Federal judge to overturn it.  There are plenty of these types of judges to choose from out there too.

But think of it.  The people who are in real power are way in the shadows.  Soros has become more of a household name (to his chagrin, I might add) because of Beck and others.  These shadow people are the ones who dictate policy.

Now, let’s say – for the sake of argument – that President Obama was elected because of power brokers like Soros, Rockefeller, and a few others.  Whom do you believe Obama is going to listen to when he makes decisions?  How often do you believe President Obama would tell his secretary to “take a message” whenever Soros, Rockefeller, or the others called him?  The truth of the matter is that President Obama very likely takes his cues from the liberal power brokers who remain deeply embedded in shadow.  This allows them to remain fairly anonymous, while President Obama is on the line, seeming to make decisions on his own.

I read that President Obama uses a teleprompter in his own staff meetings.  If this is true, then it is clear that he is simply a mouthpiece for others, clearly wanting to toe the line for the people who put him in office.

We have the debacle of Obamacare that was passed.  How did that happen?  The shadowy power brokers very likely informed Mr. Obama what his most important objective in office would be – health care.  Who was he to disagree?  After all, did some of these very important, shadowy power brokers pay for his law degree?  Did these same individuals make it virtually impossible to uncover details of Mr. Obama’s life so that we are left to wonder whether he is actually a natural-born citizen of the United States?

The truth of the matter seems to be that the larger government gets, the bigger the power brokers are behind the scenes and the less input the president seems to actually have regarding policy-making.  I imagine that if we were to take Mr. Obama’s beliefs and lay them aside the beliefs of Soros and others like him, they would match up fairly closely.

Is it possible that Mr. Obama was handpicked by some of these power brokers in order to gain a tremendous amount of momentum with him (Obama) that could not be gained with others like the Clintons?  Mr. Obama – being black – has more armor around him simply because it can be claimed that people who disagree with him or his policies do so because in their hearts, they are racist.  Even if not true, it would be a hot topic and one that many would wish to avoid.  No one likes to be called a racist, especially someone who is decidedly not racist.

But in politics, as in war, it seems all things are fair game.  There is information coming out now about the fact that President Obama, besides all the Constitutional irregularities that swirl around him, may be guilty of far more onerous crimes.

“While his list of constitutional violations is lengthy and onerous, one particular measure quietly enacted by President Obama authorizes the assassination of American citizens – no due process, just kill ‘em. While the pretext for this Obamanable violation of the Constitutional is as a precaution against terrorism, it was instituted by the same President who pushed for the extension of full constitutional protections to the foreign-born mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed; and the Christmas Day “Underwear Bomber,” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, rather than treat them as enemy combatants which would still have been more humane than perfunctory assassination.

This convergence of mind-boggling hubris and vast hypocrisy pits the inalienable rights of American citizens unlucky enough to appear on an arbitrary “hit list,” against irredeemable foreign terrorists responsible for heinous attacks on innocent civilians. According to Obama’s sociopathic rationale, “innocent until proven guilty” Americans can be trivially snuffed but foreign terrorists must be afforded constitutional protections in trials where their confessions, eye witnesses, and “smoking underwear” already prove their guilt.

When Obama authorizes assassination against American citizens, he applies a degree of ruthlessness against his own countrymen which America has long agreed not to use even against hostile foreigners. The Hague Convention, signed by the US in 1907; the Protected Persons Convention, signed in 1973; and the Charter of the United Nations all stipulate either precise limits or outright bans on assassination.” [1] (emphasis added)

The same article just quoted goes onto point out that “US Presidents from Ford to Reagan have either issued or adhered to various executive orders banning assassination.”  Not President Obama though.  Apparently, he was too keen on gaining the power to kill American citizens if he felt it was important enough for national security.

It makes you wonder though, why this very same president sees no problem with the current problem of illegal immigration.  We have recently learned that Muslims (potentially radical Muslims) come to this country illegally through Mexico, just as Mexicans and South Americans come into this country illegally.  Yet, instead of this administration taking the time to support all aspects of the U.S. Constitution, problems like these are ignored.

How can all of this exist side by side?  Simply put, because the power brokers want to create havoc.  They want a world that comes to its knees, financially, economically, politically, and militarily.  When this happens, these very same power brokers will come riding onto the horizon as the collective savior of mankind.  They will happily offer solutions to existing problems in return for giving up of even more rights.  A people that are starving, politically henpecked, and militarily roughed up would be willing to make that exchange.

It’s funny, but I grew up watching a slew of Sci-Fi, futurist-type of movies as you likely did.  For me, it really started with George Orwell’s 1984, in which the government consistently grabs more power until it has all of it, leaving the people with nothing except their “duty” to obey every command and every dictate from the higher ups.

You may also recall Soylent Green with Edward G. Robinson and Charleton Heston.  In it, food had become so scarce that only the uber-rich could afford it.  The rest settled for pills.  As it turns out, the pill referred to as Soylent Green was produced from the bodies of those who willingly killed themselves in exchange for 30 minutes of a movie that showed the world the way it used to be, complete with accompanying music of your choice.

There are hundreds and hundreds of films that highlight the apocalyptic nature of the future.  I cannot help but wonder if this has all been part of the big plan to lull everyone to sleep.  We have become so used to these movies, thinking of them in terms of science-fiction, that we could not believe it if we saw them starting to come true in reality.  The idea that the world could ever get so overpopulated that one could barely move, the sky was a putrid yellow, and food came in the form of a small food is too much for most to consider as realistic.

Decades ago, the ideas fostered by Orwell and others regarding the encroachment of government onto society was something that was alive in our nightmares and the silver screen, but difficult to imagine happening in real life.  It is almost as if the power brokers have laid their plan out in the open for all to see, allowing it to gestate in the minds of individuals throughout generations and society.

In every one of these movies that I can recall, the super wealthy were always exempt from the hardships that troubled the common person.  Do you recall “Logan’s Run”?  Life was great, until the light in your crystal whatever-it-was went off.  This meant it was your turn to advance or “go up,” and in fact, it meant you were going to die.  The crux of the issue sat with the council of elders – rich and controlling.  They had decided that the world could only handle so many people so a unique way of creating the world came into play.

What we are seeing in our world today are many of the ideals and situations occurring.  Food is quickly becoming scarce, due largely to the constant upheaval within nature itself.  Both earthquakes and hurricanes have been occurring with much greater frequency than previously and with far greater destructive power.  Because of these meteorological changes, crops are failing one on top of the other.

We constantly hear of dire predictions regarding food scarcity, increase cost of fuel (what’s new?), pestilences, and diseases on the rise we thought had been wiped out.  All of this is leading somewhere.

Yet, isn’t it something that even as Jesus predicted that “just as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man” (read ALL of Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21), with eating, drinking, and marrying, this is what we are seeing!

Consider with all the atrocities happening throughout the world, including the increased persecution and rise of Islam, many stars, celebrities, and rich people continue their seemingly carefree life as if this is the way life has always been.  Even the average person is more concerned about the latest fashion trends than in looking up and nothing the weather.  People seem oblivious, but while this should certainly sadden us, it should offer no surprise, since Jesus Himself said that life in the End would be just as it was before the end of the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah!

People throughout America are jaded.  It seems that in civilized, democratic nations, people are glassy-eyed, and closed off to the possibility that the Bible is true, Jesus is real, and He is coming again.

Today, more than ever, we are hearing naysayers about the 2nd Coming, and the surprising part for me is that most of them are in the religious arena!  Groups within both Preterism and Covenant Theology deny the coming physical return of Jesus.  They not only deny it, but they are often sarcastic and full of vitriol in response to it!

As I said, all of this is leading somewhere.  While the shadowy power brokers believe that they are the ones who are pulling the strings, Satan is simply using them to pull the strings.  In essence, regardless how rich or well placed someone is in society, there is always someone behind them.  In this case, Satan is the puppeteer.  He has seen the playbook – the Bible – knows it inside and out and twists it for his gain.

There have been so many prophecies in Scripture that have been fulfilled, many of them dealing with the first advent of Jesus, including His life, death, and resurrection.  Since these have been fulfilled, there is no reason at all to doubt that the rest will be fulfilled as well.  Yet, people doubt it.  They wag the tongue and ridicule those of us who do believe that the Bible is true, and all of it will be fulfilled literally.

The bottom line is that God is the Master Puppeteer.  He is the One who controls all things, either by allowing them, or dictating them.  Everyone who comes under Him is here for His purposes, not our own.  But just look at how many people are thoroughly uninterested in seeking Him or His ways.  They firmly believe that they control their own destinies, but do they know when they will die?  Do they even know what the next hour will bring, much less tomorrow, next month, or next year?

All who stand before God, who have continued to reject Him in this life, will stand before Him with absolutely no excuse.  This includes the shadowy power brokers.  While they are busy inadvertently fulfilling God’s purpose, they like Judas, will be held accountable for everything they have done that has been an attempt to ignore and sidestep God.

The writer of Hebrews speaks of Christ’s perfect sacrifice in chapter ten.  Later on in this same chapter, the same writer speaks of the need to persevere.  This should serve as a warning to Christians that once we are saved, eternal life has simply just begun.  It requires constant action and compliance on our part, not that we will lose our salvation if we are not compliant, but we will lose a level of fellowship with God that will not be regained until we come to Him in humble repentance for any sin committed.

Verse 31 in chapter 10 says, “[It is] a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”  I cannot imagine anything more terrible than to fall into God’s hands as an unrepentant, unregenerate sinner!  The people who are making the decisions for society today are some of those people.  They lie, they cheat, they steal, they act fraudulently because it serves their purposes and all they care about is themselves.  What a tragedy that these individuals believe that this earthly life lasts for so long that all their plans will come to fruition and they will come into their own once they have done so.

While these shadowy power brokers think they are pulling the strings, getting this candidate elected, or that one, ultimately God simply allows (and uses) their plan to succeed and only if it serves His purposes in the final analysis.  In case, you have not noticed it, this world is being controlled by corrupt individuals.  These individuals seek their own self-aggrandizement.  God seeks His own glory.  While they do not realize or consider it, the power brokers will give all glory to the only One who deserves it.  Though it appears as though it is beginning to look very dark, the glory that will be revealed to us when Jesus appears will make the sun look like a minuscule distant star!  All glory to Him!


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