Christian Woman in Pakistan Slated for Execution for Allegedly Insulting Muhammad

November 29, 2010 at 4:55 PM 1 comment

In a case, that hearkens back to the 19th century, a Christian woman in Pakistan has been accused by local Islamic women of insulting the prophet of Islam: Muhammad.  It happened at a local watering hole – literally, a well.  The Christian woman was there along with some Islamic women who apparently starting taunting her because she (one of the Islamic women) refused to drink from the water after the Christian woman dipped her cup in the same water.  Apparently, since a Christian had taking the time to drink from the same water, it had become undrinkable, contaminated.

The Islamic women all joined in to taunt and insult the Christian woman.  Thinking that the situation was over, it turns out that a few days later, the local cleric came to the house with an angry mob.  The mob wanted her death.  They beat her, stripped her clothing off and finally put her in a house so that the mob would not kill her.

As of now, she is waiting to hear whether or not the charges will be dropped.  Of course, hard-line Muslims are warning that if either the anti-blasphemy law is changed, or the woman is not executed, there will be an outburst of violence.  So, what is new, I ask?

Can you imagine living on ten acres out in the boondocks and your nearest neighbor is three miles away.  Every once in a while, one of those neighbors comes onto your property.  You meet them with force.  You take your gun, trudge down to your neighbor’s and while pointing your loaded 30.06 at them, demand that they stay off your property or you will kill them.

It happens again and this time you are ready.  You shoot them because they are on your property again and they had been warned.  The family is upset and wants justice.  You warn that they will get the same if they give you anymore problems.  It goes on like this, back and forth forever.

In America’s history, we have already experienced that in the Hatfields and the McCoys.  If you study your history, you will find that the whole feud began over a disagreement about joining the army during the Civil War.  Young men from the McCoys joined the Union Army, while the Hatfields joined the other side.  Because of this, the first shot rang out and Harmon McCoy was dead.  The feud continued from 1878 to 1891, with dead McCoys and dead Hatfields.  Sick and tired of the fighting, the killing, and the trials, both sides agreed to call it quits in 1891.

Wouldn’t it be nice if radical Islamists would learn that murder never solves anything and essentially gives birth to more of its kind?  But when you have people whose blinders allow them to see only one or two things in life, and deviation from it is not an option, there is absolutely no chance of calling it quits, none whatsoever.

Radical Muslims are calling for the death of the Christian woman for her alleged insult of Muhammad.  As I have stated before on this blog, I hear insults directed to Jesus every day.  I’m not interested in killing anyone because of it.  God has stated with finality that vengeance is His and He will repay (cf. Deuteronomy 32:35; Romans 12:19).  He is the only One who can repay.  The rest of us are sinners, even though some of us are saved by grace.  This also does not apply to capital punishment, which God Himself instituted after the Flood (cf. Genesis 9).

What we are talking about here is a form of vengeance.  It leads me to ask the question I have asked before.  Why can’t Allah fight for himself?  Why does he need his followers going around killing individuals if they deign to do or say something that people see as an insult?

When a teacher from the U.K. was teaching in one of those Islamic-based countries, she inadvertently made the huge faux pas of naming the classroom teddy bear “Muhammad.”  In fact, she did not name it, but the children wanted it named Muhammad, so she agreed.  Well, you would have thought that the woman had killed a child in the classroom with the way the radicals were reacting.  They wanted her dead!  Dead! D’ja hear?!  Dead.  That’s D-E-A-D.

What is even more astounding is the teacher essentially stated that she could understand their reaction and meant no harm or offense.  This is part of the problem.  Radical Muslims yell “Death to Infidels!” and there are people in the world who react with, “Yes, I certainly understand your desire to kill me and if it makes you feel better, maybe you should.”

Shouldn’t this type of force or deadly threat be met with deadly force?  Instead, people are willing to bend over and take what is given to them, just like we do as we pass through airport security.  I am not expecting, nor am I implying that the Christian woman should react forcefully.  She is specifically being persecuted for her faith.  The Islamic women don’t like her, and decided it would be fun to watch the excitement after they accused her of doing something she had not done.  Neato.  According to witnesses, there was actually no slur specifically against Muhammad.  How it became one is anyone’s guess.

Earlier today, I wrote about the changes in the world and even though I briefly touched on Islam, I did not touch on it enough.  As long as the world’s powers that be allow Islam to have its way over every day people, the threat of Islam will continue to grow.  Radical Muslims thoroughly believe they are a law unto themselves and no one should stand in their way.

If you have taken the time to read any literature (modern day) from radical Islamic clerics, or listened to their video outbursts (also called “sermons”), you will note that they preach hatred.  They preach the eradication of all who oppose Islam.  They preach destruction of the United States and certainly death to Jews and Christians.

This is why people like the young man from Oregon was just arrested.  He acted alone, but where do you think he came up with the idea to destroy America?  Where did he get this idea to try to kill as many people in downtown Portland as possible?  Certainly, it was not born out of a love for others.  His desired actions did not stem from a desire to help people.  His inner demand for what he perceived to be “justice” for Islam, put him on a path that would have brought about the injuries and fatalities of hundreds, perhaps thousands.  This is not a religion based on peace.  It is a religion based on hatred and feelings of superiority.

These whacked individuals fully believe they are doing Allah a huge favor.  There again though, it causes me to wonder about Allah and his strength or power.  Think about it.  If Allah needs to have his followers killing others, then it is obvious that he is unable to do so.  If Allah’s followers need to take the bull by the horns and kill those whom they believe insult Allah, then it is obvious he cannot do it, but teaches that his followers should do it for him.

What kind of a god is Allah if he wants the annihilation of all other religions except Islam?  What kind of god is Allah if he only knows how to engender fear through the murder of innocent people who have never done anything to Allah except ignore him?

It is clear that this Allah is not a god of love, but one of hatred.  When Muslims tells me that Islam is a religion of peace, I am quick to disagree with them.  When I ask for proof, they provide none, though they quickly try to point to individuals who have labeled themselves Christians and done some terrible things.  While this is true, it is not true that they were Christian, simply because they said they were.  Beyond that, it is much more important to compare Jesus to Muhammad and every time, Muhammad will come up severely lacking.  Every time.

I’m certainly not trying to offend Muslims – radical or otherwise.  What I am simply pointing out are the fallacies of their own religious system, which looks more like a killing machine than a religion.  Consider that most religions outside of Christianity tend toward some form of “enlightenment.”  Most religions outside of Christianity have a “live and let live” attitude toward others.

The doctrine within Christianity is in direct opposition to every other religion and we cannot help that.  This does not mean that I get to kill those who stand in contradiction to my religion.  It means, I strive to be a witness for Jesus, both in word and deed, and commit these people to Him in prayer, that He might open their eyes.  If He chooses me to do it with something I’ve said, or something I’ve done, wonderful.  He gets the glory.  If He chooses to bring someone to Himself without using me, wonderful.  He still gets the glory.

I do not need to clamor for someone’s death because they insult Jesus by taking His Name in vain and using it as an expletive.  Vengeance belongs to God.  If I was supposed to do that, think of how many people would have to be killed every day just because they used Jesus’ Name as a swear word!  No one that I’m aware of uses Muhammad’s name as a swear word.

When Jesus lived His earthly life a few thousand years ago, He put up with the slander, the insults, the beatings, and even the death.  It was not because He was weak (because He was NOT weak).  It was because of love that He did what He did.

The fact that you are still alive, though maybe you have rejected the salvation that comes only through Jesus, is testament to the fact that God is love.  He wants to give you every possible chance to come to Him before your time is up in this world.

Jesus accepts you just as you are, with your burdens, your faults, your foibles, and your sin.  He does not expect you to change yourself before you come to Him.  You can’t do that anyway.  He expects you to be willing to allow HIM to change you after you come to Him.  He also expects you to work with Him through your compliance as He changes you.

Allah expects people to die.  Step out of line and you’re dead.  Insult Muhammad and you’re dead.  Insult Allah and you’re dead.  Jesus is insulted every day and maybe you are one who has done it.  Far from wanting you to die, or raising up His followers to act as executioners, He continues to hold out His hand for you to take.  He harbors no ill will toward you now, but only if you leave this life without ever having come to Him for salvation.  Then you will unfortunately know the meaning of the phrase, “vengeance is mine…I will repay says the Lord.”

I cannot think of a more loving God than Jesus.  I certainly do not see anything that even remotely resembles it with any other religion, especially Islam.  Islam is based on wrath and hate.  Christianity is based on love, the kind of love that prompted God Himself to become a Man in order to offer Himself as the perfect propitiation for our sins – yours and mine.

What has Allah (or any other god) done for you lately?

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    Allah ath Thaluth al Muqaddas = God Holy Trinity named as such by arabic christians.

    Only BAPHOMET=MAHOMET is devil goat, who sacrilegiously misuses God’s Name.


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