Lefties Wish Death On Republican, Governor Walker

February 22, 2011 at 5:19 PM


Pigs say the darndest things...

Ironic, isn’t it?  When Jared Loughner took out a gun and killed and wounded people, the Left was extremely quick to blame the Right.  Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, and a host of other well-known Lefty Luminaries came down quick and hard on Sarah Palin and the right for allegedly promoting death through the use of “bullseye” on Web sites, etc.

Of course, it was learned that a number of Lefties had also used bullseye on their Web sites in the same fashion Palin had done, but they were ignored by the same smirking heads from liberal media land.

Now we learn a number of other things that are not only frightening, but extremely hypocritical, yet I have yet to hear one bloated, talking head condemn it.  If you look at the photo above, we have a man carrying a placard, which is in extremely poor taste.  He apparently thinks it’s a joke to make comments about reporter Lara Logan’s sexual assault that occurred by a mob of Muslim men and boys in Egypt a short while ago.

The man in the photo is a pig.  He is worse than an infidel and I can only believe that his comments as well as his attitude are satanically inspired.

Besides the Lara Logan situation, apparently there has been some Twittering going on in which people wished death to Republican Governor Walker of Wisconsin.  You’ll recall that this is the Governor who is standing up to the unions.  Someone needs to because the teacher’s union especially has gotten way too big and powerful.

I spent over ten years in the public school classroom as a teacher and it always bothered me that I was forced to be a member (it was said that what the union accomplished benefited all teachers, therefore all teachers had to pay union dues.  It also always bothered me that the CTA (California Teacher’s Union) apparently believed that every one of their members were as liberal as they are as a group.  The only good thing about the CTA was getting their brochure about who to vote for prior to each election.  I knew I should then vote the opposite.

But where is the outcry from the media Leftwingers?  Why are they not coming down on people like the moron carrying the placard in the sign above?  Why are they not condemning those who joke about Lara Logan?  In fact, where are the Womens’ Rights groups?  They’ve been strangely quiet, haven’t they?

The only person that was highlighted was Nir Rosen who responded with a half-hearted apology after making several disgusting Tweets, and eventually stepped down from his fellowship at New York University.

The problem is that there are too many Leftwing hypocrites in this country who want one thing: Socialism.  They want to level the playing field, but of course, one thing that is never leveled within Socialistic or Communistic regimes is that the rich generally get richer.

It is easy for people who already have a good deal of money to argue for Socialism.  Yet, they themselves usually got rich off the backs of many people under them, and when push comes to shove, they have no intention of giving up what they have.  They simply do not want anymore people coming up behind them attempting to gain what they have already gained.

Rich Socialists are simply Capitalists who want the door closed behind them.  They are not at all interested in sharing their wealth and they want to close off the possibility of any new members coming into the group.  Socialism does that.  In fact, it completely eliminates the Middle Class and everyone who is not already rich simply becomes poor.

This is what the Lefties in this country want, and we have hypocritical individuals like George Soros and many others taking the time to call Glenn Beck a Nazi because it plays well in the media.  The interesting part though is that George Soros – himself a Hungarian-born Jew – spent time during Hitler’s regime fingering other Jews.  Because he was on his own side, he essentially sided with Hitler.  There was no way he (Soros) was going to be gassed!

If you have never seen the multi-part documentary called Auschwitz, I would highly recommend it.  It is not only unconscionable what the Germans did, but what they made Jews do to Jews.  Soros looked out for himself, just as he is doing today.

He also apparently believes he will live forever, in spite of the fact that he appears as though formaldehyde is keeping him alive now.  Soros has also started coming down on Obama and I’m wondering if he really means what he says or if he is simply saying what he is saying to make it appear as though he is not really the puppet master with Obama as the puppet?

The truth is that where the Left is concerned, hypocrisy rules the day.  They will use every opportunity to condemn conservatives even if they have to make it up.

It seems that more and more of these individuals are attempting to infiltrate TEA Party rallies, pretending to be actual TEA Party members.  They carry ridiculous placards and signs and essentially attempt to portray members of the TEA Party as vile bigots, with violence on their minds.

People forget that since day one, the TEA Party has been about not wanting to pay more taxes (Taxed Enough Already).  Protests have been peaceful, yet African-American Congressmen have made up claims of being called the “n” word and other racial epithets, in spite of actually no evidence to support their claims.  In fact, numerous videos of the event in question actually shows a good-natured exchange of “hellos” between TEA Party members and the Congressmen in question.  Funny, how apparently OFF camera, these same individual TEA Party members turned hostile and racist.  Right…

I believe what is happening in the Middle East has been manufactured by a number of high-level parties who have much to gain from worldwide chaos.  I also believe that what has been occurring here in America with the union situation in Wisconsin has been a completely manufactured situation by SEIU and the White House.

We have to begin to think globally.  President Obama has fanned the flames by coming out against Governor Walker’s position.  He stated that Walker was trying to destroy the union.  This is not the case at all, but unfortunately, too many people will believe it because Obama said it.

Governor Walker is merely trying to remove some of the collective bargaining chips that seem to all reside with the unions.  Teacher’s unions in most cases, seem to have school administrators over a barrel.  Teachers rule the roost and too often, the principal of a school either spends time backing up teachers, or finding another job.  There are way too many ineffective principals and that is often due to the fact that the unions have succeeded in tying the hands of the administrators.

As an example, in California and other states, unions have pushed through rules and practices via collective bargaining that does not force teachers to provide lesson plans.  In other words, it is against union rules for principals to ASK to see a teacher’s lesson plans, much less expect them to actually have them.  In other cases, teachers do not do yard duty, or administrators are not allowed to change the bell schedule unless approved by teachers.  There is no general dress-code for teachers.

All of these rules are fully supported by teachers, but wait, isn’t it all about the kids?  That’s what teachers say, but in reality, it seems to be all about them.

When I was in the classroom, I was expected to prepare and have ready to display my lesson plans for the week.  I had yard duty as did the other teachers at the school.  Did I like doing yard duty?  No, but I did it.  Did I like having to do lesson plans?  That’s not even the point because I would like it far less going into the classroom not knowing what I was going to teach and simply winging it!  What is that about?

So we have situations in this country that are growing because of the administration’s seemingly off-the-cuff comments.  Those comments though are not accurate, but few bother to check.

Frankly, I liked it better when George Soros stayed under his rock.  We are starting to hear too much from him and we are seeing his ugly little face in too many places.  To think that this man gave up other Jews to Hitler and has the mendacity to call Glenn Beck a Nazi is beyond the pale, but Satan pushes his followers to do many things that seem right to them.

The Middle East is on fire, with protests, death, and fighting.  It is spreading.  Wisconsin is on fire with protests, death wishes, and angry verbiage being used to further a cause.

SEIU is a group of individuals who in many ways, act like terrorists in the Middle East.  No, they have not yet (as far as I know) taken up physical weapons against other Americans.  However, in a war of words, SEIU certainly knows how to misrepresent the truth.  The SEIU has a reputation for strong-arm tactics against management, prompting some companies to file suit against them.

I find it interesting that in spite of the fact that there have been instances of SEIU tactics being caught on video (in one case, a wheelchair-bound man was beaten during a protest in which SEIU was on the other side of the political aisle), yet it is routinely the TEA Party which is generally charged with hating, or being home-grown terrorists.

The SEIU though is on a growing watch list by the FBI and last year, several SEIU members’ homes were searched by FBI agents because of potential or alleged connections with Hamas and FARC – both known terrorist organizations.

Here’s the bottom line (because this post could go on forever): the world is changing.  What was correct is now incorrect.  Socialists (they call themselves “progressives”) are redefining terms and the political landscape.  The goal is to shout down those with which they disagree.  It is no different from a homosexual accusing someone of being a “hater” for simply saying that homosexuality is a sin.  It is the same exact thing.

While the attitude and demeanor of people seem to be bending to the Left, the Right will be seen more and more as bias, bigoted, hate-mongering and the like.  This is what the Left is doing.  They make false claims against conservatives and if that does not work, they will simply resort to name-calling.  What they hope to accomplish is to make people believe that conservatives are such a minority, that it is not worth even being part of that movement.

Not only is this happening in the political arena, but it is and has been happening in the religious as well.  For some time now, people like Rick Warren have been doing their best to ostracize conservative Christians.  In his attempt to become top dog of the religious elite, Warren seems to have pulled out all the stops.

These groups of people opposed to the conservative mindset are growing.  They will continue to grow like a tsunami that will eventually wash over the entire land.  What they will see as “change” because of it, will actually be nothing more than complete and total destruction.

It is time for Christians to walk humbly, yet tall.  We bow to no one except the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We submit ourselves to Him only and wait for that day when we will hear the words, “good and faithful servant.”  It is no time for being afraid of our shadows.  It is not time to kowtow to those in power whose aim is to do their father’s work (Satan’s).

It is time to come out from them, to stand with Jesus and His invisible Church and to know that in spite of what comes against us, the battle is the Lord’s.  Our job is to stand our ground and trust in our Deliverer!

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