Trump’s Presidency Bringing Leftist Fascism Out Into Open

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Much of the growing lawlessness in America began in earnest with the Obama Administration.

Much of the growing lawlessness in America began in earnest with the Obama Administration.

I must admit I did not foresee what is now happening in the United States due to Donald Trump becoming this nation’s 45th president. The actual unintended result of the Trump presidency is that the fascist Left is now seeing just how badly they are losing. I was wrong on Donald Trump, initially thinking he was not the best option for America. I didn’t have faith that he would be able to accomplish much, but I am humbly willing to state that I was wrong. In the end, I’m very glad I voted for him. Because he is an outsider and a businessman, he’s actually what America needs right now. Having become so used to lies of politicians, I did not believe Trump would actually fulfill his campaign promises, like many who came before him. My mistake was in not realizing that he is not a politician. For that, my sincere apologies to President Trump.

Even a cursory glance at many social networks, along with the reports from what are now clearly known as fake news sources like CNN, MSNBC, and a few others, paints the picture for us. We are seeing the Left imploding. It began with the inauguration where hundreds of protesters took to the streets in anger and outrage, destroyed public and private property, and beat on innocent people. This really was the beginning of the Left’s last stand that continues to today and will likely continue for a while longer. It may even worsen.

It has continued with members of Congress inciting riots, calling for the take-down (and even assassination) of President Trump by others outside of Congress. Moreover, we have seen judges undertaking judicial activism instead of ruling based on current, existing law and/or the Constitution. Their rulings have placed American citizens in an unsafe position because they refuse to allow President Trump to do what presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama all did regarding immigration; to keep Americans safer. The president has the authority to limit immigration, period (US Code 1182).

With President Trump’s executive order (EO) on immigration, he has done nothing different from his previous counterparts. Their EO’s were also based on the same laws as Donald Trump’s current EO. The one main difference is that Trump is really a political outsider and he stands for the rule of law, something that the Obama Administration not only ignored, but appeared to be complicit in working against the Constitution. Of course, those on the Left disagree, but since much of their decision-making is based solely on emotional virtue (political correctness/Cultural Marxism by other names), the Left simply has no real leg to stand on. Facts remain against them.

We cannot take the time and space to highlight all of what Trump has accomplished so far in this one article, nor can we detail every related opposite action by Leftist Fascists. What we can do is point out that in every way, as Trump has tried to take this nation back to the rule of law, attempts to thwart him have continued. That should tell us something and shows us how far America has been removed from that rule of law.

George Soros has recently promised to “take down Donald Trump.” While people continually call for Soros’ arrest, that really wouldn’t be good enough. To actually stop Soros, all of his money would need to be tied up so he couldn’t use it anymore. That would actually be worse than arresting him. Arresting him for crimes against the state wouldn’t slow him down at all if he still has access to his wealth. Hitting him in the wallet is what is needed to stop him. That’s exactly what he does where others are concerned.

Soros warned “multinational corporations not to do any business in the United States until he has brought down and ended Trump’s presidency – or face the consequences.” Certainly, he’ll try to bring his promise to fruition and he has given the world a “heads up” about it. He made his statement to groups gathered in the Swiss Alps. He should be taken seriously.

Soros believes the market is President Trumps weakness and the plan is to create ‘financial Armageddon and unleash hell,’ driving the United States to ruins because Trump has ‘no chance’ of surviving his upcoming market assault.

Interestingly enough, both Soros and the Left in general see Trump as a “dictator.” The fact that both Soros and the Left have been dictating their lawlessness and “progressiveness” to America and the world for decades is lost on these people. It is their way or the highway and they have clearly shown that they mean to use whatever means necessary to bring Trump down. This is in spite of the fact that Donald Trump clearly won the presidential election via the electoral college.

So what can be done? Conservatives must continue to live as conservatives, recognizing the rule of law. The Left is pushing their angry litany of rebuke to the rule of law and it is time for Conservatives to resist the Left’s criminal agenda. Just as we are told to resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7, by standing our ground), our lives and beliefs will need to resist the push of the Left. I’m not saying that we need to be violent as the Left is violent. Not at all. The law will come down on them as we are already seeing. In an article titled – Protesters arrested during the inauguration could face 10 years in prison – we learn that some of the 200 protesters arrested on inauguration day are facing fines of up to $25,000 and up to 10 years in jail. I say great! Not what they expected, I’m sure.

This is the other unexpected benefit of a Donald Trump presidency. Since he stands for the rule of law, law enforcement now has permission to do their jobs. This extends to government agencies like US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), who recently arrested and deported a Mexican national who has been living in this country illegally for some 20 years and who is also a felon. The presence of Donald Trump in the Oval Office and his stated support for law enforcement has given them the ability to do the jobs they swore under oath to do. Not only did this not happen under Obama, but it became clear very quickly that he did not allow ICE and other agencies to do their jobs to protect the American people. First it was “catch and release” illegals. Then it was “ignore” illegals. Trump is reversing that lawlessness.

The Left has put themselves in the sole position of determining what constitutes “hate speech.” It’s a very slippery slope because they can say anything they don’t like is hate speech. They can shut down a gay man (Milo) who simply happens to be conservative in his views even though he is gay. Ultimately, Leftists Fascists hate conservatism and anything to do with the rule of law. This hatred, they believe, gives them the right to expose, denigrate, and even physically attack people who are conservative with the most vile language, accusations, and assaults. This clearly emphasizes their own inner hatred, but they ignore that because they simply argue that it is their natural reaction to the “hate” they see emanating from conservatives and something they must combat. In order to combat this “hate,” they become criminals. It makes no sense at all, but again, we are dealing with people who are thoroughly depraved with fully darkened minds as Paul tells us in Romans 1.

I was wondering what happened to Black Lives Matter (BLM) and I see they are still there, but they have morphed into “brown shirt” fascists, who are very likely being paid by foundations funded by George Soros. Of course, Snopes does its best to downplay this fact, but only succeeds in proving that they themselves are leftist in their thinking. They can’t fully deny a connection, so they say the allegation is a “mixture” of fact and fiction. The fingerprints of Soros are all over many of these criminal groups.

The BLM lie continues with Netflix producing a show called “Dear White People,” and one of its ardent supporters is profoundly disturbed. He is obviously a self-loathing white by the name of Jack Moore, who tweeted out on his Twitter page “F**k white people.” This show is allegedly going to hit the airwaves this April. I called Netflix corporate headquarters and said I had a complaint. I was told Netflix does not have a complaint department and I needed to call Customer Service. I found their email address instead and sent them a note expressing my displeasure. Haven’t heard back yet and in fact, I received a note stating that my email to them was “delayed.” If you’d like to contact Netflix, you can find their contact information here on this page. It may be time to cancel my subscription. Others have already done that.

The Left is loud, obnoxious, and often criminal in making their point. You cannot talk to them because they don’t like facts. If you look on any social network and the comments that those on the left leave, it’s clear that they are dutifully ignoring truth in favor of lies and fiction. They wrongfully believe they are the true tolerant people and conservatives must be silenced and quite possibly destroyed.

If someone attacks me for my Christianity, that’s one thing. I will stand up with dignity and humility, knowing that God will work in and through me for His glory. There is a purpose in God allowing persecution for my Christian beliefs. That of course does not mean that as an American citizen, I cannot avail myself of the Constitution and laws of the land to ensure that I am treated fairly under those laws even in the face of persecution.

However, if a criminal comes at me violently solely because I do not believe or think as he does, I have every right to protect myself from that criminal’s behavior. I know that some Christians do not see it that way. They are also responsible for how they understand God’s Word and must live accordingly.

If someone tries to break into my home with violence against me or my family, I am prepared to act against that violence and the law is on my side, not the criminal’s. I certainly don’t go looking for it, but if criminality finds me, I am prepared to defend myself legally, as the law allows.

The day may actually be here when good people (law-abiding conservatives and non), are going to need to dig in our heels a bit and stop giving into the untoward and illegal demands of the Left. We must remember that while we do not go looking for trouble, if/when trouble comes looking for us, the laws of the USA allow us to defend ourselves. It may just be the answer that the Left needs to experience, because rational thinking and logic is completely lost on them. Once again, I’m not saying we are to go looking for trouble. I’m simply saying that we need to be prepared for the eventuality that trouble may come looking for us. It is more than possible now.

At my church, I am on the sanctioned security team. We carry loaded weapons and are allowed to do so because of the laws of this state. We patrol the grounds inside and outside during church services and other events. It is a sad day when there needs to be a fully armed security team at church, isn’t it? But these days are here and we need to understand that things will only improve if we are willing to do what we can to resist violence that the Left is determined to visit on innocent people and society at large. Again, this does not mean creating our own violence because then we become just the like the Left and that must be avoided.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, notice that Peter had a sword and when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus, Peter used it to cut off the ear of one of the guards. Jesus healed the man and rebuked Peter, but not for having a sword, but for using it in that instance. You can read about it in Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, and John 18. Please note that Jesus was not saying it was wrong for Peter to be carrying his weapon. Jesus rebuked Peter because he failed to understand that Jesus was supposed to be arrested (illegally) and suffer several illegal trials during the night and ultimately be illegally crucified. Jesus was not giving a blanket statement that Christians should not carry weapons or to resist criminal tyranny.

Criminals pray on weak people. It’s what they do. They attempt overwhelm unsuspecting people who are not prepared. Criminals use “shock and awe” on innocent people too often succeed. They break into homes when they believe no one is home. They rob stores when they believe they have the upper hand and the element of surprise on their side. They are cowards.

When we look at what the Left is perpetrating these days, it is important to understand and remember that they are breaking the law. Because they are breaking the law, people have every right to defend themselves. It is clear that many on the Left have no qualms about endangering another person’s life. They have their agenda to push and have chosen to use violent means to push it. Law-abiding people have the right and the responsibility to resist that evil. It’s not solely up to law enforcement.

In a way, what is starting in America since the inauguration of Donald Trump is a type of Civil War, with people in America against other people in America. We have several choices. We can do everything possible to avoid the Left and their violence against innocent people. However, we may not be completely successful to that end. We can also certainly not look for trouble, something I would wholeheartedly recommend. But when all is said and done, trouble may still find you, just as surely as someone may break into your home or car. If you’re at home when that happens, what’s your plan? Yes, you can call the police, but a lot can happen in the four or five minutes it may take them to arrive. What is your backup plan? Screaming?

It is eye-opening on one hand that President Trump’s pursuit of the rule of law is showing Leftist Fascism for what it truly is – a plague upon society. We are learning that the Left will not sit down. They will not go quietly and because they are loud and obnoxious, they believe people will be bullied into quiet submission. The reality is that the Left is fully outnumbered. They know it but they are hoping the rest of society never figures that out.

Do not fear them. Do not tiptoe through your life. Go about your business. Resist all evil that emanates from Satan. Trust God who goes with you because you have dedicated yourself to Him and His purposes. Do not hate the Left because if you do, you’ll become them. At the same time, when confronted, to not give them an inch.

These are truly dangerous times we live in and the presence of Donald Trump in the Oval Office is shining the light on just how evil the Left has become. I really wish people would stop referring to Leftist Fascists as liberals. They are not liberals, which implies being tolerant. Leftist Fascists of today are the same type of people who made up the Third Reich and Nazism. Nazi simply means dedicated to socialism and that is what the Left of today stands for as they seek to shut down all opposition. The Left is diabolically lawless and means to spread that anarchy throughout society.

Don’t give in. Be vigilant. Resist evil. Don’t look for trouble but be ready when trouble finds you.

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