Should Christians Resist Tyranny?

December 29, 2020 at 12:27 PM 18 comments

Interestingly enough, I set about to write more regarding whether or not Christians have the right or even duty to resist tyranny when I received notification that this blog had a new subscriber. I was delighted to learn that the new subscriber has a very interesting and in-depth Christian blog where he often shares thoughts and biblical testimony regarding many of the types of things I’m interested in as well. Of special interest is his multi-part series titled “Civil Government: An Exposition on Romans 13:1-7,” written by James M. Wilson and first published in 1853.

Rather than me simply reiterate what Wilson states, I will  present some of the highlights and ask that readers will follow the above link to read the entire exposition for themselves. It’s long and if you’re not used to reading books or articles from the 1800’s, it may be a bit of work to plough through it, but perseverance will be rewarded with insight and information that is, I believe, wholly biblical. One of the important points Wilson makes is that, “Romans 13:1–7 — has been grievously perverted.” I find that fascinating that even in his day, the middle of the 1800’s, he found that the current teaching of Romans 13 had been so far removed from what he believed to be the actual meaning of these verses. How much more than 150 years later is that still true?

The belief that Christians must not ever “resist” anything issued or decreed by the ruling class is how most Christians today view things. Jesus was “passive” (we are often told), therefore His followers must be as well. Is this true?

The general teaching of today is that we should only disobey the government when said government tells Christians to do something that is in direct opposition to God’s revealed law. The book of Acts is normally used as an example where the apostles were forbidden to preach about Christ, but did so anyway (Acts 4). This one is obvious because the command clearly went against God.

I’ve previously discussed aspects of what Paul talks about in Romans 13 in numerous previous posts that can be found at this search result. While I don’t want to go over ground we’ve already been over, I think it’s important to look at things with the prospect of a Biden presidency. Things will very likely mover much further Left than they are currently and we need to be prepared for that.

It is my opinion, based on what the Bible appears to make clear, not simply in Romans 13 or in Peter’s epistle (1 Peter 2:13-17), but in the very life of Jesus and in His apostles, that Christians have given in way too easily to all the lies and misinformation that plagues our world today, too often issued by our government. Instead of standing against these lies, Christians believe that we must simply be “passively obedient.” However, is this really what the Bible teaches us? Wilson takes issue with this mentality.

It seems very clear that an agenda is at work to literally unseat critical thinking and intelligence, replacing it with abject unquestioning obedience to the “state.” Wilson points out that what Paul and Peter were actually referring to were “good” governments in general, not governments that were directed by evil people with evil intent.

For if submission be a duty because magistrates are carrying forward a good work, the peace and happiness of human society, which is the argument Paul useth, it is implied in this that resistance is rather a duty than submission, when they manifestly destroy the public peace and happiness.

To believe that Christians cannot peacefully resist the government when it ventures off into illegal gerrymandering and unconstitutional mandates is to miss Paul’s point entirely. In fact, it appears that Wilson would argue that Christians have a moral and biblical obligation to stand against tyranny when it is exposed or seen. Imagine if Christians stood against the tyranny of Hitler and other dictators? Certainly, a few people did what they could and thank God for them, but clearly not enough did anything to stop the insanity.

Remember that it was all made possible because Hitler told Germans to give up their guns because the government would take care of them. So, Germans gave up their guns and had no recourse when Hitler’s regime began running roughshod over the people’s rights.

Wilson makes a clear distinction between an “unresisting submission” as it relates to government vs the highway robber. In the latter, there is often little recourse if said robber attacks suddenly and with force backed up with some form of weapon. In those cases, it is often (but not always), best to submit and give the thief what they’re after to avoid physical harm. With respect to the government, there should never be an “unresisting submission” especially within the United States because of the fact that this country is a Constitutional Republic.

Violence should always be avoided whenever possible with reference to the government. However, this does not rule out all forms of peaceful, non-violent resistance to governmental policies that are either wholly without merit, illegal, or both. It is because of the failure to teach Christians what the Bible actually says that many have fallen prey to the errant belief that the Christian must always “turn the other cheek,” even though that particular phrase does not mean what it is often said to mean, no more than “Judge not, lest ye be judged” means what many think it means.

If we look at the life of Jesus, it is very clear His only intent was to adhere to every aspect of God the Father’s revealed will. Certainly, that included upholding every aspect of the Mosaic Law. In doing so, Jesus was assured of God the Father’s continued blessing in His life. It was also because of this that Jesus often ran afoul of the religious leaders and even the political leaders of His day.

It is unfortunate that today’s Christian, in general, so firmly believes that Christians must kowtow to all governmental authority unless that government were to specifically say that we cannot “preach Christ and Him crucified.” This is abjectly absurd and the only excuse for it is the average Christian’s lack of understanding what God’s Word actually says and what Jesus’ life (and apostles) actually means. By the way, the devious Left counts on Christians taking the “passive obedient” approach. They see Jesus as a kind of virtuous Gandhi, willing to resist nothing and go along with everything. Clearly, those folks have no critical thinking skills and simply use specific Bible verses as go-tos to form their own erroneous theology that can be held over the head of Christians everywhere.

If we take our situation today; social distancing, masks or face coverings (including face shields), washing our hands constantly, coughing into our arms, the closure of businesses that are considered “non-essential” (including most churches, depending upon the individual state, county or city), and all the rest of it, the freedoms that are guaranteed to us under the Constitution are being set illegally aside with remarkable speed and clarity.

I’d like to remind that the Constitution does not provide us with certain freedoms. It simply recognizes our God-given rights and promises to uphold those rights. There is absolutely no mention or implication of a pandemic clause in the Constitution that allows government officials to set aside our rights under the guise of “keeping us safe.” None whatsoever.

The truth appears to be that those in power had absolutely no desire to allow things to go back to normal after the 15 days. That is abundantly clear. But because we lack real leadership, most folks do not want to buck the system even if it means “peacefully resisting” through non-violent disobedience. I’m reminded again of my own church where the pastor refused to have “in parking lot” services where people stayed in their cars and the message and singing were broadcast over car radios. He said he didn’t want to do that because some in the congregation believed that it would make us appear to be “defiant” in the community. This is patently absurd, with all due respect.

In today’s world, we see a wrong reaction from both the Left and the Right. The Left will actually commit violent criminal activity (Portland, Seattle, and many other places), that leave destruction, injury and death in their wake (riots, lootings, arsons, beatings/murders). This is clearly wrong as many laws are broken and those particular laws exist to protect everyone from criminal behavior.

Those on the right are also at fault because we have kowtowed way too easily. I’m not saying that we need to do what the Left is doing. Violence is never the answer for anything. However, I am saying that there is a huge difference between riotous, violent behavior and peaceful non-violent resistance.

Jesus resisted peacefully. At times, He got into heated exchanges with the religious leaders. On at least one occasion He had some very pointed words for a political leader of His day (cf. Luke 13:32). You’ll no doubt recall the numerous times the religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus and set about to do just that. Jesus’ resistance to their leadership was not sinful or wrong. It was necessary.

But some might argue that He rebuked Peter when Peter tried to defend Him on the night of His betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane. Yes, Jesus rebuked Peter, but that was because Peter did not understand that the Father’s specific will for Jesus meant that He would be betrayed, He would be illegally tried and convicted and He would be put to death wrongfully. Peter could not wrap his brain around that.

Paul resisted on at least two occasions that we know of and he did so based on his Roman citizenship, as I’ve previously outlined (Acts 16:37-38 and 22:25-28). At one point, Paul would not leave the area until he was granted an official and full apology by the political leaders of that area who had mistreated him. In essence, Paul was standing up for his rights and calling the political leaders on the carpet. He did not do so out of hatred. He did so based on what was right. When Paul said to “be angry and sin not” (Ephesians 4:26; see also Psalm 4:4), this is what he was referring to. It is not wrong for Christians to be angry. It is wrong to exercise uncontrolled anger that leads to sin. It’s really that simple.

Unrighteousness in the form of illegal mandates and other forms of social inequities should cause a certain level of anger or at least frustration in Christians. The result of that should be a willingness to stand against those things, not give into them through passive obedience as if we have “no choice” in the matter.

To shut down churches and many businesses that are labeled “non-essential” is criminal. It puts people out of work. It renders in-person fellowship (church) obsolete. It tells us that church, which is the most essential institution God created apart from family, can be put on hold and Christians should be content with digital worship and togetherness. It’s not the same. We cannot extend the right hand of fellowship with others (or even a fist-bump). We are social creatures and need the physical interaction with other people. Gathering for in-person church is also a tremendous witness to the world at large.

So, what should Christians be doing today? I believe we should be peacefully resisting. We should not go along with the program simply because the government has issued their unconstitutional fiats. The government literally has no right to keep people under house arrest. They have no right to demand that we wear some form of face coverings. They have no right to force people to social distance. They have no right to make people feel “guilty” or arrest and/or fine people if they do not comply.

Why is it that every year prior to 2020, when the flu season occurred, people were never told to social distance, wear face coverings, etc.? Why is it happening now?

It seems clear to many that this is all happening now because the World Economic Forum is intent on creating what they call a “great reset.” This will markedly change global society so that we will all come to rely on one another in our plight of trying to survive the terrible effects of CV-19. What is fascinating is that the CV-19 virion has never been isolated. It has NOT happened. No one can point to any scientific discovery that purports to highlight the CV-19 virion.

Yet, in spite of this, PCR tests are used throughout the world daily that are said to determine whether or not a person has been infected with CV-19. How can that be if they have yet to isolate CV-19? It is impossible. Even PCR test manufacturers are calling out about the misinformation.

So, if PCR tests continue to apparently find something, what are they finding? They are finding “viral material,” most of which is harmless and non-infectious. This also explains the many false-positives that are occurring and further, it explains why mainstream media and talking heads are solely focusing on the alleged 19 million CASES of Covid. They are not focusing on hospitalizations and/or deaths. Those 19 million cases are touted to enforce a mentality of fear that will make people do whatever the government wants us to do.

They are lying to us because they have an agenda that they want put in place. They are using illegal lockdowns to bring about blind obedience. If Joe Biden officially becomes the next president of the United States (and let’s set aside all the probable voter fraud and massive cheating that occurred), then we can be sure that this type of blind obedience will be pushed even more until our government becomes absolutely totalitarian holding unchecked sway over citizens. Do you want that? Are you willing to stand up to that peacefully resisting the illegal and manipulative mandates and fiats that come from mayors, governors and presidents?

It is really difficult for me, knowing what I know about CV-19, to willingly wear a face-covering because I know I am lying to myself and I am part of the lie that those in power are pushing. To peacefully resist the lies that are being foisted upon us is the duty of every authentic Christian. Will you join in today?

Please take the time read the multi-part article written by James Wilson.

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  • 1. Lynn Holzinger  |  December 31, 2020 at 10:27 PM

    Modres, you said, “The more people comply, the more the government will mandate.” So, so true. I see it playing out in my mind and don’t know what else I can do than what I am already doing. Thank you for your perspective. Happy New Year!


    • 2. modres  |  January 1, 2021 at 7:36 AM

      Sounds like you are doing all you can. Happy New Year to you as well.


  • 3. Lynn Holzinger  |  December 30, 2020 at 9:57 PM

    This gives me a lot to think about. I’m not sure I understand what specifically peaceful resisting looks like except you mentioned not wearing a mask. But if a place of business mandates a mask, does someone have the right to refuse and still expect service? Doesn’t the business have the right to enforce the rules they make?

    I had a missionary friend who was coming home to apply for another visa (but it got postponed). She is very mask oriented and believes it is about protecting everyone else. We emailed back and forth for a while and at first I said I wouldn’t wear one and gave my reasons. She was very gracious and would never insist. I finally agreed to wear a mask if we got together. Was I wrong? I wanted to honor her. And because…

    I wear a mask to get my hair done. Should I just be willing to let my hair go because they would refuse me service? Should I tell my friend I won’t wear a mask to see her but I will to get my hair done? I’m trying to be practical because I agree with you to a point. If I was a business owner, I think I would not require masks.

    You’ve written in the past how you wear a mask at the doctor because they require it. Are you now going to stop going to the doctor if they will refuse to treat you?

    My DIL had to wear a mask through her whole delivery, over twelve hours. My son was so angry but what could he really do? Would they have delivered the baby if she had refused? I guess we’ll never know.

    Two of my children got Covid and both believe they got it from work while wearing masks. When I asked one of them why they think they got Covid when they were wearing a mask, they said because it’s not foolproof.

    What other ways can someone be peacefully resisting? Because I have no idea how to do my part in stopping what is probably coming under a Biben administration.


    • 4. modres  |  December 31, 2020 at 8:05 AM

      Hi Lynn. Thanks for your comments and questions.

      I will only wear a mask at a dr’s office or when having blood drawn. Without it I won’t be served. I have yet to be kicked out of a business for not wearing a mask. Most businesses feel they must appear to uphold local “health” laws or get shut down. They don’t generally push it though.

      Masks do not help. In fact they harm people because a person is forced to rebreathe exhaled CO2, which over a period of time can cause health issues like hypoxia and worse.

      There’s a great chance that during the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu people died not from the flu but because they were wearing masks and contracted bacterial pneumonia.

      I’ll respectfully disagree with your missionary friend. Wearing a mask not only does NOT help the wearer or others but masks can actually break down the larger droplets we exhale and aerolize them into much smaller droplets that allow them to go that much deeper into another person’s lungs. The science is actually against wearing masks all the time. Your friend, as gracious as she may be, is acting more like a social justice warrior. She “feelz” that her actions are loving when in reality she is not. She is harming herself and potentially harming others.

      Why hasn’t the CDC or the Who ever recommended masks during previous flu seasons or at other times?

      Why do virologists wear masks that are so far beyond a 3-ply cloth mask? Yet we are to wear cloth masks?

      I know someone who works at CDC who never wears a mask. Why not? He says it’s all about controlling people, nothing more.

      We are being experimented on as a society and right now we are telling them we will do whatever they want if they can keep us healthy.

      Remember way back when Fauci said masks weren’t necessary then recommended we should wear them, then said masks are “largely symbolic”? Well, which is it?

      Government has no right to lock us down. There is no pandemic clause in the Constitution. They are effectively putting businesses out of existence and those businesses won’t come back. They don’t want us to worship in person. They want us to only buy from certain stores.

      Have you read about the “Great Reset” from World Economic Forum? Agenda 2030? ID 2020? These are written by people in positions of power who control government officials. It is how Satan is building his final global kingdom. The plan is not secret.

      Not wearing masks is one way to resist. If you’re not comfortable doing that at least choose to wear a clear face shield. It’ll be easier to breathe and ppl will be able to see your face. Wearing a face covering like a mask conceals identities and makes ppl appear faceless. Not everyone smiles with their eyes. They want us to see other ppl as potentially lethal killing machines so that we avoid others or distrust them.

      Other ways to resist. Business owners need to simply reopen. I realize for one owner to do that is frightening but if business owners got together in a United front and opened up the government couldn’t do much about it.

      Churches need to reopen for public worship as a testimony that God shall be worshipped. Pastors need to be willing to go to jail if necessary.

      The government is attacking our First Amendment rights under the guise of keeping us healthy. They have overstepped their rights through these infringements.

      Peacefully resisting is anything that allows ppl to reclaim their God-given rights that the government is illegally abridging. I want to stress there is NO violence associated with peaceful resistance.

      Think Rosa Parks who very peacefully refused to give up her seat and go to the back of the bus due to an illegal (actual) law.

      Today we have illegal mandates masquerading as actual laws but are nothing more than executive fiats issued by Leftwing mayors or governors who have no right but ppl go along with it.

      California is one of the worst offenders with lock downs and other removal of rights and they have the most “cases” of CV. Florida us largely open – few wear masks – and their numbers are low.

      Why? Because “cases” means nothing. They have not yet isolated the CV-19 virion therefore the PCR tests are incapable of detecting CV-19. Yet we have millions of “cases”? The tests are finding general viral material much of which is non-infectious.

      Yesterday a 41-year-old newly elected congressman died they said from complications from CV. In actuality he died from a heart attack with the presence of viral material.

      A number of years ago my forty something cardiologist died of a previously unknown heart ailment he didn’t know he had. If he had died today they would’ve said it was due to CV.

      The Coxsackievirus infects roughly 15 million ppl annually. It can kill but often does not. There is no vaccine for it or one in the works.

      They’ve never created a successful vax for the flu or common cold but all of a sudden we need one for CV-19 virus?

      We are being lied to because Satan is building his kingdom. Our unquestioning compliance is destroying us.

      I truly believe most ppl today would jump onto train boxcars if government said it would help.

      The same ppl who say they want us to live are the same ppl who will defend a woman’s right to kill her unborn child up to and even after the moment of birth. Something is wrong. We are being lied to but why? Because Satan is building his kingdom.

      There were ppl during the Holocaust who did what they could to save and protect Jews and others from the government. What those ppl did was “illegal” because government said so. Nonetheless those ppl peacefully resisted by disregarding government mandates in order to do what was right.

      Once you realize what’s going on behind the scenes, your eyes are open. You can’t close them.

      The truth really does set you free.


      • 5. Lynn Holzinger  |  December 31, 2020 at 3:04 PM

        I hear everything you are saying and I agree. I find it hard to make the connection between wearing masks and the holocaust though. I do what I can but it isn’t much. My church is open and doesn’t require masks. I gathered with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My husband and I go to a local restaurant that has never closed most every week. When I tell people about Agenda 2030 or the Georgia guidestones, they don’t think it’s real. They say they don’t trust government but obey what they say. I guess it doesn’t seem like it’s enough. I’m sitting waiting as my car gets an oil change and no one except employees are wearing masks. Maybe there is still hope.


      • 6. modres  |  December 31, 2020 at 3:23 PM

        Hi Lynn, I’m not trying to argue that wearing masks or not is like the Holocaust, What I was simply saying is that the Holocaust ultimately happened because of very small incremental markers that Hitler took advantage of or created and eventually got to the point of murdering innocent people based solely on their heritage. Hitler did not start out doing that. He worked up to it. Think of the frog boiling in the water, which starts out cold and slowly heats up until it gets so hot, it kills the frog, but the frog never noticed and died because of it.

        It’s the same thing here. We are being pushed in a specific direction, slowly and incrementally through illegal mandates. The more people comply, the more the government will mandate. Think about when this first began. We were told we needed to shut down for only 15 days to flatten the curve. Several hundred days later, there are some states that have simply not reopened and it appears as though their elected officials have no plans to reopen. If you look back to the time when we were told it would only be 15 days, no one really thought that it would continue beyond that, did they? Did they think we’d be here today still shut down, still social distancing, still wearing masks?

        The entire argument regarding masks is another case in point. At first, they weren’t necessary. Then, they were recommended. Then we were told it was largely symbolic. Now, we’re supposed to wear them if we care about the OTHER person’s health. Remember, these people are supposed to be “experts.” It’s a huge joke. They are toying with us to see how far they can successfully push us. It’s not about our health. It’s about controlling us.

        The problem is really people who say they don’t trust the government, but know nothing about Agenda 2030, Georgia guide stones, ID 2020 or the Great Reset. The people behind most of these documents and plans are serious about demanding our undivided commitment to do whatever they tell us to do.

        The more we give in, the more they will push. I guarantee it. I’m glad for you that your church is open, that you don’t need to wear masks much, etc. Some areas need people to gather together and push back.


    • 7. Maranatha Today  |  December 31, 2020 at 10:45 AM

      Hello Lynn, thanks for your comment. We who are awake and aware of all this wickedness and the agendas behind it all are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to so many issues we are having to deal with. All of the scenarios you gave are so true and sad. Your DIL was abused – there’s no other way to say it! God will avenge! The doctors/nurses and I use those words lightly who thought that was ok, should have their licenses revoked! How wicked is that!!!! But praise God she and baby are ok. Congrats to you all!

      As for other incidences, I have personally not had to deal with them…no matter what though, I won’t be masking up. My husband cut his own hair just yesterday because of his stance on this.

      I read a story of someone who called ahead to a shop and said he wouldn’t be wearing one and could he still shop there and they said he could, so that might be a way to go.

      I plan ahead nowadays. We’ve warned family not to take the vaccine and if they do they are to let is know. I have a ADA card and Citizensforfreespeech lanyard I wear and so far they’ve worked.

      I also have a very horrible picture of black people being tortured with metal masks I’ve used in the past to let people know I am not going to have the same done to me!

      These issues are already causing deep rifts between families and friends but ultimately everyone will have to decide which side they are on.

      I think of it this way “wear the mask, take the vaccine, take the Mark!” No, I’m not living that lie! Blessings Lynn and Happy New Year.


      • 8. modres  |  December 31, 2020 at 10:54 AM

        Thanks for your comments, Maranatha. I am planning to write on this subject more today.


      • 9. Lynn Holzinger  |  December 31, 2020 at 10:06 PM

        Thanks Maranatha! I do not plan to take the vaccine and I guess I am doing everything I know to do to peacefully resist. My husband and I go to a church that is open and not requiring masks, we eat indoors at a restaurant most every week because we want to support anyone who is staying open. We gathered with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My husband has me or our daughter cut his hair (if she’s in town). I would never let him cut my hair though lol He is more willing to not wear a mask in a store than I am. I am not yet convinced that I should resist wearing a mask when a business requires it. If they don’t care, then I won’t wear one. Happy New Year!


      • 10. Maranatha Today  |  January 1, 2021 at 2:41 PM

        Hi Lynn, Thanks for your reply. Yes, Happy New Year! May the Holy Spirit guide us in this and all issues we are facing as we go into this new year!

        I recently read this and it’s interesting how this whole mask issue is causing even more rift within the Body of Christ. Very sad but to be expected for the times we live in. We will surely overcome all this by God’s face. Blessings and Maranatha.


  • 11. Maranatha Today  |  December 29, 2020 at 1:47 PM

    “It is my opinion, based on what the Bible appears to make clear, not simply in Romans 13 or in Peter’s epistle (1 Peter 2:13-17), but in the very life of Jesus and in His apostles, that Christians have given in way too easily to all the lies and misinformation that plagues our world today, too often issued by our government. Instead of standing against these lies, Christians believe that we must simply be “passively obedient.” However, is this really what the Bible teaches us? Wilson takes issue with this mentality.

    It seems very clear that an agenda is at work to literally unseat critical thinking and intelligence, replacing it with abject unquestioning obedience to the “state.

    With respect to the government, there should never be an “unresisting submission” especially within the United States because of the fact that this country is a Constitutional Republic.

    So, what should Christians be doing today? I believe we should be peacefully resisting. We should not go along with the program simply because the government has issued their unconstitutional fiats.

    It is really difficult for me, knowing what I know about CV-19, to willingly wear a face-covering because I know I am lying to myself and I am part of the lie that those in power are pushing.”

    I absolutely agree with all you have said! And yes, I agree we must peacefully RESIST!

    My husband and I will not be wearing masks – like you said, why would we lie to ourselves! We will not be tested, or vaccinated! We go out and thank God our family members aren’t deceived by this wickedness either. Where we live in NC, people are generally ok and go about their business – time…

    As we go into the New Year, we pray more people will wake up to the deceit and wickedness playing out in real time! Trump said “Warp Speed”, so for us, he’s not truly on the side of TRUTH and that was the line in the sand!

    Here’s a pastor who unfortunately has – and I believe they have something on him, for him to suddenly not use the wisdom and truth he has always shown, to call this what it is – compromised! This man was one of few who run Mega Churches who I thought really stood his ground and was a conservative Christian. He became part of Trump’s in crowd and now this!

    Is this going to be the dividing factor in the Church of Jesus Christ? Many churches have been shut due to CV19, will they now say to the people they can only return if they take the vaccine?

    Is this the “Great Apostasy?” I have always said 501(c)3 has caused many churches to compromise…this could be the greatest one of all! “You have to do what the Government says…” because 501(c)3 says so! Lord have mercy! Blessings and Maranatha! Happy New Year in advance!

    Preacher Robert Jeffress!


    • 12. modres  |  December 29, 2020 at 3:00 PM

      Thanks Maranatha! Blessings to you and yours as well.


  • 13. rakey64  |  December 29, 2020 at 1:01 PM

    I look forward to reading what you have suggested here. I have said all my Christian days of life that “Jesus does not expect us to just pray and turn the other cheek when it comes to fighting the evil that surrounds us”. I have not been saying that because I knew the truth, I said it, because that is what I truly believe in my heart as I have grown to know my Lord and Savior. He expects us to pray AND fight with all our might to defeat the evil that is working so hard to destroy all that is righteous and good in this world, it’s comforting to know that I may read and learn more about the truth in this matter!


    • 14. modres  |  December 29, 2020 at 2:59 PM

      Thx Kerry. Yes, I agree. Resisting evil by all peaceful means is literally to “stand.” Obviously we have to understand that our fight is not against flesh and blood but we must still do all we can through prayer and our stance to resist evil in all forms. Seems clear that Jesus alone will finally and once for all eliminate every vestige if evil but our job is while evangelizing, to resist all influences of evil in society; to not be overcome by them so that through acquiescence we actually end up aiding and abetting evil.


      • 15. rakey64  |  December 29, 2020 at 3:15 PM

        But do you agree that it must be fought “peacefully”? I don’t believe that, I tend to believe he does expect it to get physical and violent in the right moments as I also do not believe that “the meek will inherit the earth”. To be meek in my opinion means to be more cowardly and essentially bow your head and walk away when you should instead be standing strong in the face of evil and danger! Does that make sense? Am I misunderstanding the term “the meek will inherit the earth”?


      • 16. modres  |  December 29, 2020 at 5:43 PM

        I’ll get back to you on this tomorrow, Wednesday. Busy day:)


      • 17. rakey64  |  December 29, 2020 at 5:45 PM

        And in the meantime, I will do my own research and read the info that you suggested in the original email! Have a good day, no need to reply!


      • 18. modres  |  December 30, 2020 at 8:39 AM

        Let me deal with your comments about the “meek” and I’ll have to wait to hear from you regarding what you actually mean by “But do you agree that it must be fought “peacefully”? I don’t believe that…”

        Being meek actually requires tremendous character. Jesus is not saying the meek are cowards or cowardly in His sermon on the mount (Matthew 5-7). It takes great strength to actually commit to meekness. Meekness is not bowing your head and walking away. Meekness is humility and doing the right thing, not out of hatred for another person, but anger at unrighteousness.

        Jesus’ sermon really defines the type of person who will inhabit and live in the upcoming Millennial Kingdom. To be meek means to actually get in the fray and do everything possible to right the wrong, but to do so in a way that does NOT create more tension or give people a reason to respond out of hate (even though that may happen).

        The turning the other cheek situation can mean a number of things. Ultimately, Jesus is saying that those who willingly receive insults or invective without retaliating in kind are “meek” and “humble.” This does NOT mean these people ignore wrongdoing or turn away from it. It means that their responses to the evil that surrounds us is not in kind. In other words, meek people effect change using completely different tactics than the violent Left.

        If you are talking about self-defense against some vile person, Christians have every right to defend themselves and their loved ones, even including using lethal force if it comes to that. That should be a last resort though.

        When I was growing up I took martial arts and became pretty good at it. One of the things we were taught was that we should do everything we could to avoid a physical altercation, but if it came down to it and there was really no other choice, we could then use it to defend ourselves but not use it for the sole purpose of doing damage to the other person for the sake of doing damage. However, I knew one particular student who was a brown belt who would go out during the weekend and actually provoke people at bars into fighting him (which wouldn’t be too hard to do after someone had a few drinks). He did this because he loved to fight. Clearly, he failed to understand why you learn self-defense. He had become a bully and dishonored the very martial arts he was learning.

        Christians are to be meek, humble, and truthful. We should not go out of our way looking for trouble, but when we find trouble we should absolutely do what we can to negate it. This does not mean to approach it with hatred toward the person where the evil/trouble comes from, but to hate the sin that the comes from that person or persons.

        That’s what Christians stand against – SIN, not the people who are involved in the sin.

        I think your statement “…when you should instead be standing strong in the face of evil and danger!” I agree with, provided you are not simply talking about going on the attack against that. It really depends on the situation itself.

        Why did Jesus rebuke Peter who cut off the ear of the guard in the Garden of Gethsemane? Because Peter was wrong in what he was doing because he was actually trying to stop God’s will from moving forward with respect to the betrayal, illegal trials and execution of Jesus. On other occasions, it might have been okay for Peter to take the approach that he did. We see this approach throughout the Old Testament.

        It is tricky and requires great discernment. If a Christian is reacting to others out of hatred, clearly that Christian needs to stand down and re-evaluate their attitude. If the Christian is simply resisting evil by standing strong against it, using every legal means available, that is normally not wrong and it is what we are supposed to do.

        One final example. In the past, several “Christians” have taken it upon themselves to murder abortion doctors because they believed they were doing “God’s will.” This is absurd as there is never any excuse to murder someone else and those “Christians” who have done that are no better than the abortion doctors.

        However, Christians who hand out leaflets, try and talk with and/or pray with women who are entering an abortion clinic are standing strong against that evil. If the law told them that they could not do that, that law would be something they would likely ignore. Would God hold them accountable for ignoring that law under those circumstances? I do not believe He would.


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