Muslims Appeased; Christians Denied

February 26, 2013 at 8:43 AM 1 comment

Since 2009, it became clear that Obama was more interested in appeasing Muslims than anyone else.  If he winds up offending Christians, so be it.

In a speech in 2009 in Cairo, Egypt, Obama is quoted as saying in part, “It is important for Western countries to avoid impeding Muslim citizens from practicing religion as they see fit...” [1]

I’ve emphasized the words in bold to highlight the fact that it appears, as far as Obama is concerned, that he does not believe that any restrictions at all should be placed on Islam by those of us in the west.  If one stops to really consider what he stated, it becomes clear that, to Obama, Islam is clearly held in almost unlimited esteem, compared with other religions, and certainly Christianity.

We have seen a propensity of the Obama administration to downplay events and situations involving Muslims.  The Ft. Hood massacre – perpetrated by a Muslim – was immediately called workplace violence.  In fact, as far as I can find, this particular event has not even been used by this administration in their argument in favor of tighter gun controls.

We have also seen Eric Holder’s DOJ reflect much of this same feeling toward Islam, by refusing to prosecute Muslims (members of the New Black Panthers) who had already been found guilty of intimidation at one voting precinct in Philadelphia a few years back.

There is really quite a list of events and situations where the Obama administration has kowtowed to Islam and individual Muslims.  One can only wonder why this is the case.  I believe it has a great deal to do with what I have discussed before; that the global elite is so busy using the Muslim Brotherhood to topple one regime after another (eventually to be replaced with something else entirely) that they are trying to give the illusion that Islam is above the law.

We see this not only in the United States, but we see what has been transpiring in various places of the East.  Whether it’s the UK, The Netherlands, or other parts of Europe and Asia, Islam, in many ways, has been allowed to grow and prosper to the exclusion of other religious groups.  Just recently, I noted the skit from SNL that portrayed Jesus in a very negative light.  Whether you agree or disagree with my sentiments about that, it is safe to say that SNL would never even think to do something that could possibly offend Muslims in such a way.

The way that Islam is being treated so generously by so many is cause for concern, since we know that here in America, even at times when Christians do something that people consider unconstitutional, lawsuits are immediately filed.  Yet, as the influence of Islam grows in America, this is often not the case.

In Texas, one public school has forced students to wear burkhas and the teacher admonished that the word “terrorist” should not be used when referencing Muslim terrorists.  Instead, they should be called “freedom fighters.” [2]  This is again, happening in America.

Yet, there is also a movement within America to refer to the original Tea Party folks (Boston, 1773), as terrorists.  Go figure.  Apparently, if you are part of Islam and you believe so strongly in your stance that you strap on a bomb to maim, kill, and destroy, you should be called a “freedom fighter.”  However, those who resisted the new tax policy that Britain was attempting to impose on the Colonists, should be referred to as “terrorists.”  This is so absurd, it makes sense only to those on the Left who favor the destruction of America.

But, if we consider Obama himself and those who raised him, it really should not surprise us, should it?  Frank Marshall, one of Obama’s key mentors, was an avowed Communist.  You’ll recall when that was actually something that people were concerned about?

The biggest problem with Communists is that they have been trying to infiltrate America for one purpose and one purpose only: to change it from within.  That’s really the only way America can change.  An all-out attack from outside would bring out the patriotism in most people.  However, change America from within by completely ignoring the fact that America is a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy, and do so little by little, and before you know it, you have polices happening in America that are illegal, but no one seems to care.

The reason no one seems to care is because the policies appear to be based on a concern for people.  So, for instance, when the Obama administration releases a “wave” of illegal aliens from holding centers (as it did recently from three holding centers in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana based on the “budget cuts” argument), people believe that this is a necessary response to the situation. [3]

After all, most would argue that these illegals are here only to make their own lives better.  Isn’t that why many immigrants arrived here generations ago?  Yes, it is, but like my grandparents (and possibly yours), they came through Ellis Island and were legally allowed into this country after jumping through the necessary hoops.  Illegal aliens skip this process entirely.

But, let’s consider the larger problem here.  Why is there a budget problem?  It stems from a number of things.  First, Obamacare is a financial killer.  As I have mentioned before, whether it is a good thing to have socialized medicine or not, this was the first thing that Obama decided he would do after becoming president in 2008.  But the United States already had a huge budget problem leftover from Bush and Obama has never been shy in reminding us of that problem.

Yet, instead of attempting to fix that budget mess first, Obama simply added to the problem by creating a huge boondoggle that ultimately, the American taxpayer would be paying for coming and going.  So, Obamacare has added to the existing problem.

Second, the Federal government has been without a working budget for a number of years, which is completely illegal according to the Constitution.  Who is at fault for this?  Certainly Obama is, as is Congress, but the main fault lies with Harry Reid who has the power to block.  He won’t allow a budget to go through.  It’s that simple.

Another problem that has cropped up since Obama took office is his overuse of the executive order.  By their nature, executive orders are to be used to create policy within and across Federal government agencies.  In other words, when any president issues an executive order, it is really only supposed to impact a particular agency, dictating how that agency does business, often in connection with how it works with other agencies.

All too often, Obama has issued executive orders that are seen as having the full force of law for everyone.  This is not the way an executive order is to be viewed, but in response to Obama’s many executive orders that go well past their intended usage, Congress stands around with their thumbs in their mouths acting as if they cannot do anything.  So they wind up doing nothing and another executive order becomes the law.  For people to resist that order would mean that they could be arrested and jailed.  If taken to trial, activist judges could wind up siding with the terms of the executive order.

Why does any of this happen?  Because people do not understand what the Constitution actually says.  It’s really that simple.  We are living in a time when mass confusion is guiding the way people do things and since there are so many who are completely uneducated when it comes to the Constitution and Bill of Rights (and sadly, many of them are actually elected officials), then they do what they want and the more liberal they are, the more people tend to agree.

In essence, the Constitution is a document that few have read and seemingly, even fewer understand and follow.  This is one huge reason why there are so many people today who believe that the 2nd Amendment can be restricted.  They say it’s for public safety or something else.  They are deliberately missing the point entirely.

According to Oath Keepers (an organization that has been classified as anti- government by groups like the Anti-Defamation League, but as it turns out, Oath Keepers is actually pro-government in their defense of the Constitution), there are five reasons for the 2nd Amendment (though normally only the first three are ever discussed):

  1. target practice
  2. hunting
  3. self-defense
  4. deterrent against tyranny, and
  5. participation in the “Militia of the several States”

Actually, hunting is not part of the 2nd Amendment and it could be argued that neither is target practicing.  The real reason for the 2nd Amendment is for self-defense, deterrent against tyranny (from our government), and participation in state militias.

Of course, state militias have been problematic because many – unfortunately – were created for the express purpose of overthrowing our government.  So when someone speaks of state militias, that’s often what comes to mind.  Oath Keepers believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as our founding documents and also believes that as our founding documents, they should be followed by the letter without government.

Instead, what do we have?  We have the Federal government dictating to the states and the populace.  We have the Federal government creating illegal laws or through omission, not following laws.  This is a travesty and we would do well to ask, how can any government survive when it sets aside the rule of law upon which that country was founded?  The short answer is that it can’t.

I started off this article by stating that too often, this administration has worked to appease Muslims and deny Christians.  We know that there are several religious groups (Catholic and Protestant) that have issues with several aspects of Obamacare and its emergency contraception like the morning after (or the week after) pill.  These are, essentially, abortion-causing drugs and kill life.

In spite of this, the Obama administration is moving ahead with lawsuits that would force these companies to do what they cannot, in good conscience, do.

Hobby Lobby is one such group.  It was created and founded by a Christian family and they grew from a workshop in their garage to a chain of stores that exists today.

Hobby Lobby closes on Sundays so that families can spend time with one another and go to church (if that’s their choice).  They have not only added jobs in a terrible economy, but raised wages four years in a row.  Hobby Lobby’s full-time employees start at 80% above minimum wage.

Hobby Lobby is just one success story of many.  Yet, because of their Christian leanings, the Obama administration has taken a “no mercy” stance against them.  In spite of what Hobby Lobby has achieved and how they have grown, providing jobs to many in America during a time when company after company is closing its doors, the Obama administration’s response to that is “do it, or lose it.”

If Hobby Lobby is forced against the wall and the court determines that they must provide abortion-causing drugs as part of their insurance coverage for employees, they will likely close their doors, rather than do something that goes against their beliefs.  If they do, that means thousands of people across this nation will be out of jobs and a service to Americans will be shuttered.

To me, it is very much like what I discussed in my article about the SNL skit.  Christians are essentially being told that if we have an opposing opinion about something, we should keep it to ourselves.  If we voice our opinion, then we are haters and intolerant in spite of the fact that we have every legal right to voice our opinion.

This is the Obama administration’s position against those who worship God in Christ.  If you are a Christian and you own and run a business, don’t expect to be able to honor God with that business.  You will do it the Marxist way or you won’t do it at all.

While Obama has been and continues to be very concerned that Muslims are allowed to practice their religion as they see fit (which is such a ridiculous statement if one stops to consider it because of all that it implies), he is just as clearly set against allowing Christians to practice their religion as they see fit.

Here is a page that lists companies that are exempt from Obamacare, as of June, 2012.

It’s quite a list, isn’t it?  Note how many union-related companies are exempt.  It’s a bit of a sham to me.  Unions were and are large supporters of the Obama administration and it just seems a bit questionable that so many unions would be on this list.

But in truth, if these companies can make the list, why not Hobby Lobby?  I would be willing to bet that it has to do with their Christian principles, which Obama does not like.  That is patently clear, in spite of his claim that he is a Christian.  He’s a Marxist, which means he’s an atheist.  The church he attended for over 20 years does not believe in the five fundamentals of the faith.

At every turn, Obama has denigrated Christianity in favor of Islam.  He has stated that America is no longer a Christian nation.  I understand that he was referring to the fact that a growing majority of people do not consider themselves to be Christian.  However, he could have at least alluded to the fact that this country was founded upon biblical principles and those biblical principles were included in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Instead, with one swell swoop, Obama chose to emphasize something that skews the facts of the matter.

I’ve dealt with the issue of whether Obama is a Muslim or not.  While I used to think he was, I no longer believe that.  I’m convinced he – under the direction of the global elite – is simply using Islam and particularly the Muslim Brotherhood to allow them to be the foot soldiers for the global elite during this time in our world’s history.  Obama is neither a Christian or Muslim.  He is an atheist and a Marxist, with socialistic leanings.  What he wants for America is not what he wants for himself.  That’s the way it is for the global elite.  That’s the way they think.

If you look back at the start of this country and the way it evolved under the direction of Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan, and Ford, it becomes clear that each of those men wanted to be top dog.  They wanted to have it all and they were ruthless in the way they went after it.  But they always had to be concerned with the next person who might rise up to strike a blow against their empire.  It happened often in early America.

The world that the global elite envisions will place that all at the top.  There will be no competition because they will have cornered every market for their own purposes.

As I have said before, the global elite see this world as a new world order that’s coming and will be made up of two levels.  They – the global elite – will enjoy the full benefits of unrivaled capitalism.  They envision a time when they will control all without any of the competition.  Their kind will enjoy the upper echelon of society, while the rest of us will be their serfs, living a life of socialism.





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  • 1. Dan Lowell  |  February 28, 2013 at 3:32 AM

    Put down your shotgun and stop impedeing those homocide bombers. I actually almost stopped chuckling for a second. I said almost.

    Chuckling along to heaven,

    Deacon Dan


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