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Muslims Appeased; Christians Denied

There is really quite a list of events and situations where the Obama administration has kowtowed to Islam and individual Muslims. One can only wonder why this is the case. I believe it has a great deal to do with what I have discussed before; that the global elite is so busy using the Muslim Brotherhood to topple one regime after another (eventually to be replaced with something else entirely) that they are trying to give the illusion that Islam is above the law.

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The Left’s Continued Assault on Our Rights

We are all aware of how the TSA, under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) violates the 4th Amendment just about every time one of us goes through security to board a plane. We’ve heard all sorts of stupidity and even blatant lies from the TSA agents and because they appear to be some sort of law enforcement officer, they also appear to have authority over us. It’s the uniform and nothing more, plus those dime store badges they wear. Both the uniform and badges are designed to intimidate the public. It often works.

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UN Arms Trade Treaty (UN Gun Ban)

I’m sure someone will offer some correction if they think I’m wrong, but I had nothing better to do so I decided to read through the entire text of the Arms Trade Treaty. This is the treaty that is often referred to as the UN Gun Ban Treaty. It’s the same one that Mr. Obama announced just one day after re-election that he wanted Hillary Clinton to work on behalf of the United States to get on board with this treaty.

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Crisis in America?

Now remember, a “false flag” is an event make to look as though it is very real; kind of like a Hollywood movie (think “Wag the Tail”). There is never any real danger to the targeted person at all, but the average individual does not know this. All they know is what they hear on the news or read in the papers or on the Internet. Sure looks real to them, so by gum, it must be real!

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