Crisis in America?

August 6, 2012 at 6:31 PM 4 comments

About a month ago, I wrote about an article written by Doug Hagmann (from Canada Free Press).  He had stated in his article that he knew someone inside the Department of Homeland Security and this someone was completely anonymous, but had some interesting things to say.

One of the things this particular individual from DHS stated was that sometime prior to this November elections, there was going to be a false flag surrounding Mr. Obama and an alleged attempt on his life.  First of all, this is not far-fetched to believe because there have likely been many attempts on his life, unfortunately.  Let me say very clearly that it is never okay for someone to take it upon themselves to become violent toward someone else, especially if that person holds the highest position of the United States.  It is never okay.  Let’s just get that out into the open now to avoid any misunderstanding.

As we’ve seen with Bush and Clinton and Nixon, and others, for those who allegedly break the law, the law is there as a means of checks and balances.  Vigilantism is never justifiable.

The night when Jesus was being betrayed, the apostle Peter thought it was a great idea to take out his short sword and attack one of the guards.  He wound up lopping of one of the man’s ears.  Jesus rebuked him – not for carrying a weapon, but for using it at that moment.  Jesus also healed the guard’s ear.

The United States is a country based on the rule of law.  It is not a country run by a dictator that changes regimes when it is overpowered by another individual with another regime.  True, while some believe that Mr. Obama often ignores the rule of law, including the U.S. Constitution upon which this country was founded, that is never a reason to take the law into one’s hands against such tactics.  This is why we have laws, courts, and the entire judicial system.

But back to Hagmann’s article (which can be found here:

According to the person inside DHS, this false flag is a very real possibility and one that is apparently seriously being considered by this current administration.  Will it happen?  Certainly only time will tell.  The correct answer is who knows?

It has simply become impossible to believe what this administration tells me.  There are so many things that have been stated by this administration that have either been changed or have turned out not to be true that one cannot help but wonder where the next lie is coming from.

In 2008, Mr. Obama specifically stated that he “as a Christian,” was opposed to same-sex unions.  He could not support it.  Now, in 2012, something changed and he now can support it apparently.  What changed?  I’m guessing that his desire and need for votes was the precipitating factor here, in spite of the fact that he is actually turning people away who voted for him in 2008.  Either Mr. Obama is not thinking correctly, or he simply does not care about the political fallout that is happening because of his pandering to the gay community.

Another thing he said in 2007 was that he did not believe people should have the ability to own guns.  Just recently – in 2012 – shortly after the Colorado massacre, he spoke about the need for stronger gun control laws.  He also stated that he believed in the 2nd Amendment.  Well, which is it?  Did something happen since he made the statement in 2007 where he clearly said that people should not have guns to where he stands now saying that he agrees with the 2nd Amendment?  It cannot be both.  Either he believes in gay marriage or he doesn’t.  Either he believes people have the right to own guns or he doesn’t.

This leads me to consider the fact that IF this information from someone who is allegedly inside the DHS is true and actual, then what might be the precipitating factor in bringing about a “false flag” event in which it appeared that his life was in danger?  Will a person simply come out of nowhere?

Very sadly, there have already been numerous attempts (and threats) on Mr. Obama’s life since he has taken office.  You can read about them here in this article:

So what would make another one look as though it had the potential of actually happening?

Farrakhan has already publicly stated that racism might lead to the possibility. [1]  It could happen, but the race card is really old news for most thinking people and unfortunately, like the boy who cried wolf too many times, this one is definitely overused.  It’s gotten to the point where nearly every car has a car alarm and when it goes off, does anyone really take the time to notice anymore?  Not really.

It would take something far greater than “race” as the precipitating factor to create a situation in which it honestly appeared as though there was enough of a reason to want to attempt something so heinous as to take the life of a leader of our country.  So what could that be?

Well, we know – as stated – that this particular administration seems to have made up their minds that guns should not be allowed.  They seem to want to take away guns from law-abiding citizens.  Right now, two Democrats are trying to formulate legislation that – if passed – would outlaw the ability to buy ammo from on-line vendors.  It would require the transaction to take place in person with a number of other restrictions in place.  This is merely one piece of legislation that is attempting to curtail the 2nd Amendment without actually touching it.  Many others never make it to the Congressional floor or out of committee.

It is interesting to me that when the suspect in the Ft. Hood massacre decided to begin shooting American military personnel yelling praises to Allah as he did so, the event was characterized by the White House as “workplace violence.”  Was it because the shooter is Islamic?  Well, from Mr. Obama’s own book, he has stated that he would stand with Muslims over against anyone else and he seems to be keeping that promise.

With the Colorado massacre and now the most recent Sikh killings, both perpetrators were white men and in the Sikh massacre, the police quickly labeled the event an instance of “domestic terrorism.”  I can only wonder what it might have been labeled had the perpetrator(s) been Muslim?

The same thing happened with James Holmes and Colorado.  ABC’s Brian Ross quickly tried to associate Holmes with a Tea Party group because we all know how evil the Tea Party is, right?  Yep, they’re the ones that attack police, defecate on patrol cars, shoot and rape people during their events and other horrid things as well.  Oh wait, that’s the Occupy Movement – sorry.  What was I thinking?

The Colorado and Sikh massacres will be used by the media and gun-fearing lobbyists to push for greater control.  Because this seems to be the scenario that agrees with what this particular administration seems to want, is it possible we will see more of these events?  I can only hope not, but it’s anyone’s guess.  I doubt that the Sikh massacre is the last, but I have no crystal ball.  I’m certainly praying that it is the last though.

But consider this scenario:  what if we begin to experience more of these gun-related events?  What if they start to become more common?  If they do, one can only wonder why they are becoming so common (if they do) especially with respect to the approaching November elections.  What is it about society that has all of a sudden changed to the point where sickos believe that they need to respond to what they see in society with guns, wiping out completely innocent people?  That’s a question that needs answering.  Russ Dizdar believes it could be the beginnings of the “Black Awakening.”

But what if this administration – after seeing more of these events take place – decides that due to public safety needs, they were going to have to set aside the 2nd Amendment “temporarily,” but indefinitely?  What would the result of that be?  Well, clearly, people would not like it.  To make matters worse, the only people who would be affected by it would be law-abiding citizens.

Setting aside the 2nd Amendment would mean confiscating all guns, wouldn’t it?  They did that during the Katrina situation in New Orleans and no one batted an eyelid.  It was simply acceptable as warranted by the extraordinary conditions experienced at the time because of the hurricane.  It actually made very little sense because there again, the only people who were affected were law-abiding citizens.  Guns were not taken from criminals because law enforcement could not get to criminals.  It’s pretty easy to break down the door of some law-abiding citizen’s house and remove their weapons though, which is exactly what they did.

In states that are heavily controlled by Democrats, it would be fairly easy to confiscate weapons because all handguns are registered in those states.  Democrats for the longest time have been trying to pass laws making it the norm to have all long guns registered as well.  Once you know who owns what gun, it’s a matter of going there and taking it.  In those states where guns are not registered, it is more difficult because law enforcement never really knows if they have gathered all guns.

So if this administration were to find a reason to effectively shut down the 2nd Amendment and remove all guns from law-abiding citizens, do you think that a situation could be created to make it appear as though one (or more) of those law-abiding citizens went berserk and decided to take matters into their own hands?  I think it’s extremely possible.

Now remember, a “false flag” is an event made to look as though it is very real; kind of like a Hollywood movie (think of the movie, “Wag the Dog”).  There is never any real danger to the targeted person at all, but the average individual does not know this.  All they know is what they hear on the news or read in the papers or on the Internet.  Sure looks real to them, so by gum, it must be real!

Apparently, according to Doug Hagmann, this false flag is supposed to incite racial hatred that will spill over into a true civil war with people of color against people who are not people of color.  Can you imagine it?  An attempt on a leader’s life occurs because he has temporarily set aside one of the amendments.  This false flag appears to be so real that people of color turn on anyone who is not a person of color.  Rioting and terror reign in the streets of major cities and outlying areas.

This then leads to its actual intended desire:  allowing the administration to declare martial law.  Once martial law is set in place, the founding documents of this country are set aside and guess what?  So is the November election.

This is the point to Doug Hagmann’s article in the first place.  His belief – based on the insider information he says he has received from someone in the DHS – is that this coming election will be stolen one way or another.  If it gets to a point where it appears that the current administration believes they cannot win it through the legal voting process, a situation will be created that will allow them to postpone (indefinitely) the election in order to continue in office.  If that happens, then we will have a true dictatorship.

Now, will any of this happen?  I’m hoping that it is all simply fiction and the things Doug Hagmann has written about will never come to pass.  Do I think it could?  Unfortunately, I do think it has the possibility of happening because I believe there are those in our current government who are absolutely jaded and corrupt.  To them, our founding documents are an absolute annoyance and they would like to see them gone under any circumstance.  The fact that they have to answer to anyone further causes consternation.

This is at least one of the reasons why I have such a problem with people who go around saying that America needs to repent.  America – as a country – cannot repent.  It’s leaders must repent, yes, but he tragedy there is that it would appear as though Satan is so firmly ensconced in this nation’s capital that repentance is the furthest thing from their mind.

It has taken us decades and decades to arrive to the level of corruption that I believe now exists within our government.  Do people truly believe that this level of evil and corruption is going to go away?

We also need to remember that God allows Satan to hold sway over the kingdoms of this world.  In effect, they are Satan’s kingdoms because he is the god of this age.  (According to Jewish though, there are only two ages; this one and the one when Messiah reigns.)  God took them back at Calvary, but He continues to allow Satan to reign for now.  One day, God will, in actuality, take this world back completely, but that’s not yet.  It’s still future.

In the meantime, this world must get to a point where Satan is allowed to bring forth his final man of lawlessness; a man who will rule the world as the ruler of the final gentile kingdom as predicted in the book of Daniel.  The world is quickly moving toward that point in time.  What we need to understand is that God is allowing it.

I earnestly believe that there are too many individuals within Christendom who believe that this nation should get back to its roots.  That would be absolutely wonderful, but I don’t see it happening, unless I am completely misunderstanding the text of Holy Writ.  This world is moving toward the apocalypse that the apostle John speaks of in the book of Revelation.

I don’t see America turning around.  I do not see this nation “repenting” at all.  However, having said that, I do believe that even though I do not believe this nation will repent, many – multitudes in fact – will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and gain the only true salvation that is available!  That is worth celebrating!

Look at the Roman Empire.  It collapsed, in part because its rulers became more treacherous, evil, and corrupt.  When that happened, persecution exacted its sadistic pleasure by torturing and killing untold thousands and thousands of Christians throughout the empire.  I’m also convinced that in spite of that level of persecution, God changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of average people and opened their eyes to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, many of whom also became martyrs.

Rather than our nation “repenting,” I think what we are going to see are people turning to the Lord in great numbers.  How many of us Christians believe that we have won the war with Chick-fil-A?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Nothing has ultimately been won unless it’s the life of a person who does not know Jesus but through this event with Chick-fil-A, comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus.  It may happen because he/she sees Christians who, while standing up for what they believe is right, continue to act as Jesus would act and whose love is carried on through them to the lost souls within the gay and liberal communities who actually SEE that love on display from Christians!  That’s what will make the difference in people’s lives – not the politics of the situation.

We really do not know what’s ahead for us specifically, do we?  Yes, we know that things will get worse and one day, the Tribulation will begin.  Then things will really get worse.  Then after seven years, Jesus will return, judge the individuals within each nation, then begin His 1,000-year reign.  That’s the big picture.

But isn’t it interesting that according to John in Revelation, once the Tribulation begins and things really start to worsen, multitudes will be saved (Revelation 7).  Notice that individuals are saved out of the Tribulation (and afterwards, becoming martyrs), but also notice that the nations themselves are not changed during the Tribulation.  This is an important concept to grasp because it helps keep Christians on the right path.  Our job is the Great Commission, which means introducing individuals (not nations) to Jesus for salvation.  Once we begin to think that it is our calling to save nations, we lose sight of the Great Commission because we are then drawn into the political arena.  I’m not saying that Christians should not be involved politically or that we should not vote.  I’m simply saying that political endeavors and voting should never take precedence over the Great Commission.

Regardless of what transpires in society, Christians should always be continuing with the Great Commission.  It doesn’t matter our station in life.  What matters is the souls that we introduce to Jesus.

A pastor in Arizona is in jail for holding Bible studies in his home.  He is now holding Bible studies in jail with about 30 inmates in attendance.  God is going to bless this man’s commitment to Him, regardless of whether or not he was justly incarcerated.  Obviously, to that pastor, his high calling is in winning people to Jesus Christ and that’s what he is attempting to do.

We cannot change what any particular administration is thinking of doing, or is planning on doing.  Whether there is a false flag in the near future is not something I can answer and even if it does happen, I have no idea how widespread the effects of such a false flag will be.  No one does until it actually happens.  We can pray that it won’t happen though.  God can still allow it to happen, can’t He?

Christians need to focus on the Great Commission.  That’s the focus.  We should not be trying to find ways to get this nation to “repent” (whatever that means).  Sure, it would be great if our leaders in Washington, DC had their eyes open to the truth of who Jesus Christ is and what He has accomplished for them.  That would be wonderful!  But you know what?  While that change might precipitate some change in our nation, that doesn’t matter as much as the change that will occur in their hearts!  That is what it is all about and that is why Christians need to be purposed in their hearts as Daniel was so that in every situation, the witness of Jesus Christ will be seen in our lives in order that someone who does not know Jesus today, will know Him before this day is over.


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  • 1. Nelson Swiger Jr.  |  August 7, 2012 at 6:46 AM

    I just wonder if the Rapture itself could be the catalyst that sets all this off as some prophecy teachers speculate. It would be a time of great confusion and also I think God could send a great delusion and the people will believe any lie that they are told. The world will think that it is under alien attack and will gladly submit thinking the Govt is their protector from from this supposed attack.


    • 2. modres  |  August 7, 2012 at 7:36 AM

      That’s certainly a possibility, Nelson. Of course, only time will tell.


  • 3. Sherry  |  August 6, 2012 at 8:27 PM

    Remember when I told you about the Mormon prophecy concerning a Mormon saving the U.S. as President? Its called the White Horse prophecy. Mormons have debated its truth for ages. This could very well come to pass. Mitt Romney comes in to save the U.S. Constitution, which will make constitutionalists, conservatives and Republicans very happy. True Christians will be grieved, on the one hand, because we know that mormonism is a false religion and we will likely see many friends and family members become Mormons due to the resurrection of capitalism and constitutionalism. On the other hand, we will be glad to have more of our hard earned money be our own and that there will be no forcing of citizens to buy healthcare thus providing for abortions. God’s Word does say that a false prophecy can come to pass exactly as foretold but it is false because it leads people to another god. Bringing people to know the only true God and His Son will be difficult if this does come to pass.

    No matter. What we must make sure to do is to not give in to despair over our nation to the point we stop praying for its leaders and citizens (and that is the danger of wanting our nation to repent so badly-we can be easily discouraged looking at the state of our country’s morals!). And we need to keep in mind that nothing of the world has any value more precious than remaining steadfastly faithful to our God and Lord Jesus Christ while sojourning here. The latter thought will carry us through any tribulation that any president could cause upon the God-fearing Christians.


    • 4. modres  |  August 6, 2012 at 8:57 PM

      I’ve not really impressed with Romney and I’ve said for a while that even if he were to become the next president, America and the world will still progress to the point where Satan is leading it to and God allows. However, it will happen more slowly and probably from a different direction.

      The true conservatives were knocked out of the presidential race some time ago.

      Thanks for your comments, Sherry. I’m going to look into this “White Horse” prophecy.

      I agree with you on all counts, by the way. Thanks for writing.


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