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Is New World Order Just a Conspiracy Theory?

Since FDR’s time, the building blocks of the coming NWO have continued to create an edifice that very soon, will be bigger than any country and there will be no ability to halt the process. It will simply continue to rise under its own power. What is very tragic is that there is much documentation available to anyone who would like to take the time to research things and quite a bit of it is on the ‘Net. Here is just one article that points some of it out, “US State Department 1945 New World Order.” The evidence is clear, but I’m repeating myself when I say few care.

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Why Are Liberals Determined to Change America?

If it wasn’t so true, it might be comical. Unfortunately, because it is true, it is far from comical. When I ask (in the title of this article) why liberals seem to determined to change America, I’m speaking of what appears to be the general view held by a majority of liberals in America. Certainly, there are exceptions to every rule.

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Muslims Appeased; Christians Denied

There is really quite a list of events and situations where the Obama administration has kowtowed to Islam and individual Muslims. One can only wonder why this is the case. I believe it has a great deal to do with what I have discussed before; that the global elite is so busy using the Muslim Brotherhood to topple one regime after another (eventually to be replaced with something else entirely) that they are trying to give the illusion that Islam is above the law.

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Buying a President

Watched a few episodes of the new History Channel series titled, “Men Who Built America” last evening and realized how interesting they were for any numbers of reasons. First, I enjoy learning about history immensely. Always have. Second, much of what I learned from this series confirmed aspects of what I’ve recently read from Dr. Dennis Cuddy with respect to the developments in this country involving Carnegie, Ford, Morgan, and Rockefeller.

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