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Muslims Appeased; Christians Denied

There is really quite a list of events and situations where the Obama administration has kowtowed to Islam and individual Muslims. One can only wonder why this is the case. I believe it has a great deal to do with what I have discussed before; that the global elite is so busy using the Muslim Brotherhood to topple one regime after another (eventually to be replaced with something else entirely) that they are trying to give the illusion that Islam is above the law.

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Obama/Shabazz – Allies in a New Race War

Here’s an intriguing and timely post from Craig Andresen over at the National Patriot.

I keep forgetting that even though the liberal media likes to give tremendous attention to racist groups like the New Black Panthers – making them seem far larger and more effective than they actually are – but it is good to be reminded that these types of race-baiting groups are fringe, just like the white version; KKK.

However, even though fringe, it is important to recognize their presence and intentions. Craig lays it out clearly….

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Betwixt and Between: Obama’s Agenda

As Christians, we must pray for our leaders and so we should. We can do this by earnestly praying that God and only God’s purposes will be accomplished in and through President Obama and the other leaders of this nation. That is a prayer God will honor and in doing so, the authentic Christian will be blessed. After all, whose will do you want in your life (if you are an authentic Christian)? If it’s not God’s then there is a huge problem.

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