Betwixt and Between: Obama’s Agenda

July 20, 2010 at 5:44 PM

A Face of Racism...

President Obama deserves respect for two reasons:

  1. God placed him in office
  2. He holds the highest office in the land

Apart from that though, it becomes difficult to hold your tongue.  On one hand, I would like President Obama voted out of office as quickly as possible.  I know that many would be against that, though that is likely because they simply do not get it, or they prefer getting handouts from the government.  On the other hand, I also realize that if what God reveals in Scripture is going to happen, it cannot happen without individuals like President Obama coming to the fore.

If you look at many Psalms, they present pictures of the huge thorn in the side that the state of Israel is going to create during the end times, or last days.  This has been happening on a greater scale with much more frequency.  Don’t tell a Preterist this though, because they will simply accuse you of wanting these things to happen (you know, you get what you wish for).  The truth of the matter though is that this is really the first time a U.S. president has come out so virulently against Israel and for the Palestinians.  It’s certainly possible that previous administrations felt and believed as Obama’s administration does, but they were much more careful about how they presented their ideas.

IF the Bible is true, there will never be a lasting two-state solution.  In fact, if the Bible is true, Jerusalem will not be split up, part of siphoned off to the Palestinians (who are not any particular culture at all, but Yassar Arafat’s coup de grace in the sense that while he literally created a Muslim Palestinian, he killed the idea of a Jewish Palestinian even though there were plenty of Jewish Palestinians at the time), with part of it (the part without the Temple Mount) going to Jews.

One previous policy adviser (Peter Ferrara), to the president was recently quoted as saying, “He engages in rhetoric, which can be described as ‘calculated deception,'” Ferrara observes. ‘Or basically, he’s playing us’.” [1]  Ferrara goes onto give an example.  “The former policy advisor recalls stump speeches like one Obama gave in Nevada: ‘He goes out to Las Vegas and gives this speech, and he says, ‘You know, when we were trying to pass the healthcare reform bill, everybody talked about all these scary results that were going to come out of the health bill. And now look; we passed it three, four months ago, and where are all these scary results they were talking about?””

“Ferrara points out that healthcare reform legislation will not go into effect until 2014, and since the effects of those changes will not be recognized for several years, he wonders, ‘Just how stupid does [Obama] think we are‘.” [2]  Apparently, Obama either thinks we are idiots, or could care less if we see through his charade.  Is Obama unaware of the fact that states are already turning their attorneys lose on his healthcare bill?  The Federal Gov’t will be inundated with lawsuits from states who are barely surviving now financially.  Again, either Obama does not care, or he is oblivious.  I think it’s the former because with respect to the Tea Party, he laughed as if the Tea Party was simply a miniature Schnauzer barking ferociously, but has no teeth.  Does he not see that the Tea Party is made up of people who want real change and not to be taxed to death, or forced to buy something that they cannot afford (i.e. Obama’s healthcare package)?

Columnist Thomas Sowell recently stated:  “This year’s target is the Tea Party. When leading Democrats, led by a smirking Nancy Pelosi, made their triumphant walk on Capitol Hill, celebrating their passage of a bill in defiance of public opinion, Tea Party members on the scene protested.

“All this was captured on camera and the scene was played on television. What was not captured on any of the cameras and other recording devices on the scene was anybody using racist language, as has been charged by those playing the race card.

“When you realize how many media people were there, and how many ordinary citizens carry around recording devices of one sort or another, it is remarkable — indeed, unbelievable — that racist remarks were made and yet were not captured by anybody.” [3]

So, the NAACP does what they do best and refers to the Tea Party as made up of racists.  Two black senators were apparently subjected to racial slurs and epithets by Tea Party members a while ago, yet there is little to no evidence to support their accusations.  When you can’t beat someone, you play the race card.

Sowell continued with comments related directly to the Tea Party and President Obama.  “Some critics of the Tea Party have seized upon banners carried at one of its rallies that compared Obama with Hitler and Stalin. Extreme? Yes. But there was nothing racist about it, since extreme comparisons have been made about politicians of every race, color, creed, nationality, ideology and sexual preference.

“Some Obama supporters have long regarded any criticism of him as racism. But that they should have to resort to such a banner to bolster their case shows how desperate they are for any evidence.

“Among people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008, those who are likely to be most disappointed are those who thought that they were voting for a new post-racial era. There was absolutely nothing in Obama’s past to lead to any such expectation, and much to suggest the exact opposite. But the man’s rhetoric and demeanor during the election campaign enabled this and many other illusions to flourish.”[4]

So we have President Obama, who is supposed to be respected by authentic Christians because God states clearly that He puts anyone who is in power there in the first place.  We are supposed to pray for our leaders.  Under Obama, that is extremely difficult to do, so I pray for him the only way I know how in which God is glorified; “Father God, please accomplish your will in and through President Obama!”  I fully believe that God will do what He needs to do to accomplish His goals.  He is certainly not held captive by anyone, much less a president of the United States.

As stated in my previous blog, we are seeing all kinds of things happening in this country that are not pleasant.  We see the rise of the New Black Panthers, who believe intimidation of white people (or anyone who does not vote their way, for their person they want in office) is ignored by the Justice Department and Eric Holder.  This is the very same Justice Department (and the same Eric Holder) who decided that the new law in Arizona was unconstitutional before even reading the law.  This is the same justice department who has opted to sue the state of Arizona because they believe the Arizona law to be racist (there is that word again).  It does not seem to matter that thugs were intimidating people at voting locations (and in spite of this intimidation being ON VIDEO, the Federal Gov’t has dropped the charges).

It does not matter that Arizona approved a law that gave them the ability to do what the Federal Government said they should do.  None of that seems to matter. The Federal Gov’t has decided it is time to sue Arizona and with amazing hypocrisy, the president of Mexico wants to join in the law suit.  This is of course, in spite of the fact that Mexico’s immigration laws for illegal immigrants are tougher than America’s.  There, they do not refer to illegal aliens as “visiting immigrants.”  They are often brutalized in any number of ways, or deported (if they are lucky).  Many of the illegals coming from Mexico often brutalize other illegal aliens also coming from Mexico, or force them to be drug runners for the cartels.  No one cares about that though.  The Federal Gov’t seems not to care that states like Arizona cannot continue to foot the bill for the healthcare and education overload that illegal immigrants place on the system.  Instead of doing what it should be doing to protect our borders, our Federal Gov’t seems intent on pulling down the borders either by eliminating the fence and border patrol, granting blanket citizenship to those who are here illegally, or both.

It appears that all that matters is that it seems to be time for racists of color to come together and create a sense of ill will between the races, allowed and encouraged by our own Federal Gov’t under the Obama administration.  Unfortunately, people like this are starting to come out of the woodwork.  Whether these individuals want to intimidate voters, or wish to exterminate whites (as at least one black college professor has publicly stated), the reality is that this is a growing concern, and the Federal Gov’t seems to be willing to do absolutely nothing about it.  By doing nothing, they encourage it.

However, if we keep all things in perspective, it is still true that God is in charge.  There is no doubt.  This does not remove culpability from people.  It simply means that they are allowed to do what they do under the banner of God’s full sovereignty.  The world cannot arrive to a place of anarchy that is needed in order for the coming last world dictator to come to the throne.  We cannot have peace one day and anarchy the next.  The system must break down in stages and President Obama is simply one in a long line of individuals from across the globe who are playing their part in the coming human holocaust.  In that sense then, God’s will is being accomplished, though President Obama and other leaders believe it to be their will.

It is really difficult to discern how bad it will get before the Antichrist makes his appearance and is revealed to the world.  He will be revealed when he steps up onto the world’s stage and enters into or brokers a covenant with Israel and other countries, guaranteeing her safety for seven years (the last “week” of Daniel 9:27).  That is when the world will see this leader and go “Ooh, ahh!”  That is when he will be seen, but it will not be for three and a half years that he will be seen for what he truly is and until then, most will be taken by his disguise.

When President Obama was first elected, some thought, “Wow, this guy could be the Antichrist!”  I seriously doubt it, because the Antichrist – I believe – will play his Antisemitism much closer to his chest.  He will pretend to be the friend to the Jew.  He will not talk about how much he can take away from Israel, but how much he can do for them, while placating the Islamic world at the same time.  President Obama’s intentions seem to be only (and pointedly) for Muslims.  It is as if he is president of the United States in name only, but is doing all he can to further the cause of Islam.  There will be no such distinction with the coming one-world ruler.  That man will seem to be for the Jew and Israel.  Obama is anything but and is only held in check by conservatives in Congress (and the United States) who actually see what he is doing and want him to stop.

Though President Obama appears to not notice, he has changed his tune somewhat.  However, he seems to be ready to change it again if what the P.A. is stating, that the United States supports the idea of carving up parts of Israel and Jerusalem.  The P.A. has also been told by this administration not to worry about the results of the coming November election as this will not in any way affect Obama’s foreign policy.

As Christians, we must pray for our leaders and so we should.  We can do this by earnestly praying that God and only God’s purposes will be accomplished in and through President Obama and the other leaders of this nation.  That is a prayer God will honor and in doing so, the authentic Christian will be blessed.  After all, whose will do you want in your life (if you are an authentic Christian)?  If it’s not God’s then there is a huge problem.

[2] Ibid
[4] Ibid

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