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Muslims Appeased; Christians Denied

There is really quite a list of events and situations where the Obama administration has kowtowed to Islam and individual Muslims. One can only wonder why this is the case. I believe it has a great deal to do with what I have discussed before; that the global elite is so busy using the Muslim Brotherhood to topple one regime after another (eventually to be replaced with something else entirely) that they are trying to give the illusion that Islam is above the law.

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Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms

Normally, people who are opposed to guns – anti-gunners – refer to statistics to bolster their arguments that guns kill way too many people therefore they should be outlawed. What they routinely do not tell you is that the statistics they represent normally include people who do use guns, but not in the commission of a crime. The number of people who use a gun and wind up killing someone also includes the people who are using a gun to defend themselves against criminals who are attempting to do them harm.

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