Endgame: Reid Pushes Senate to Go Nuclear in Spite of What He Said in 2008 About It Being Illegal

November 25, 2013 at 7:48 AM

by Guest Writer, Janna Brock

reid_nuclear2The Democrat controlled Senate just detonated a nuclear bomb. With it, they are trashing 230 years of Congressional history. In a shocking and stunning display of outrageous hypocrisy, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided the time was right to pull the collective plug on filibustering. In a vote of 52-48, the Senate voted to end the filibuster rule on executive and judicial appointments, except for Supreme Court nominees, which would still require the necessary 60 super-majority votes to end any debate.

What happened here? The American people just got thrown under the bus by a lying pack of wolves. These carnivorous monsters, namely Majority Leader Harry Reid and those loyal to him, have made the ultimate power grab. In securing a vote of 52, they got what they needed. They only need 51 votes to secure a majority. This is majority rule, a single party system. The minority party is completely cut out of the process.

In terms of destroying the foundation of the Republic, it’s like taking the Constitution and burning it. Reid and his cohorts are attempting to give absolute power to Barack Hussein Obama. Harry Reid is a lying snake, on par with Obama himself and Bill Clinton. If his mouth is moving, he’s lying.

In a 2008 interview on CSPAN with Former Senator Tom Daschle, Reid said that the “nuclear option” would make the Senate a “unicameral legislature” like the House of Representatives, meaning that the Senate would have a single legislative chamber. He also went on to say that the Senate “was set up to be different. That was the genius of our Founding Fathers. That’s why you have the ability to filibuster and terminate filibuster.”

Then Daschle asks him if he thinks we are ever going to face circumstances where the nuclear option will come back into play. With his next breath, the pathological liar that is Harry Reid comes forth as he says, “As long as I am the leader, the answer is no. I think we should just forget that. That is a black chapter in the history of the Senate. I hope we never get to that again. That would ruin our country. In all my years in government, that was the most important thing I ever worked on.”

Reid said the “nuclear option” would ruin our country. But the simple fact of the matter is that he’s in power. His party is in complete control, and they’re drunk with it and will do whatever it takes to please the Global Elite by providing as much power to Obama as possible. Fancying themselves to be in absolute power, along the lines of Stalin and Hitler, they’re determined to destroy the very framework of this country. In 2008, these famous last words of a fool were spoken by a man whose party was not in a position of dominance and we need to understand that this was his POV at the time. The Senate was controlled then by Republicans. Pelosi was Speaker of the House. However, now that they have the power, all bets are off.

The “nuclear option” is every bit as lethal as it sounds. President Obama will get every judicial nominee he desires. They will continue to radicalize this country until it is unrecognizable. Expect the judicial nominees to be far-reaching radical progressives, homosexuals or lesbians, with the goal of stripping away our First Amendment rights to free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. The Second Amendment is also in serious jeopardy, not to mention every other Constitutional Amendment put into place that made our Founding Fathers “geniuses,” as Reid so cleverly put it. This will be the beginning of the implementation of Sharia law.

Trent Lott, the Former Republican Senate Majority Leader, is actually the one who coined the phrase “nuclear option.” And he had some strong words for Harry Reid. In an interview with CNN, he said on Thursday that “it was a mistake when we were talking about doing it.” He realized it was a mistake soon after uttering the phrase and did not pursue it. “But it will come back to bite you,” Lott said, in a stern warning to Reid.

All but three Democratic Senators voted to invoke the “nuclear option.” That is how entrenched tyranny is in the Senate. Will it come back to bite these people? In this climate, it would be lovely to think that it would.  I’m not so hopeful. By the time Obama gets through driving this ship into the ground, we’ll be wrecked. We already are.

Loose cannon and professional gaffe-a-minute VP Joe Biden also made some strong statements in 2005 opposing the nuclear option, when he was a Senator from Delaware. He said on the Senate Floor, “One thing I’ve learned in my years here. Once you change the rules and surrender the Senate’s institutional power you never get it back. We’re about to break the rules to change the rules. Under our rules you’re required to get a two-thirds vote. You cannot change the Senate rules by pure majority vote! Watch when this happens. He will make the ruling, which is a lie, a lie about the ruling. The nuclear option abandons America’s sense of fair play.” And there it is.

Joe Biden is doing exactly what he warned Republicans not to do, yet will the biased news bureaus call him on his duplicity? They’ve never called the Obama Administration out on anything before. He wasn’t the VP at the time and now that he has the power, it will simply be explained that things are different, that the GOP is just trying to tie up the government so nothing can happen. Now that Biden is on the team that has complete leverage, they can feel free to change the rules to suit them.

That’s the difference here. Republicans are far from perfect, but Lott instantly regretted using the word “nuclear” as an option for Senate control. He knew it was a mistake. He had a semblance of a conscience that is completely lacking in too many Democrats. They lie, steal, and cheat to get ahead. They race bait and blame. They have no shame. But when the most progressive liberal Democrat to ever come through the Senate is the President of the United States, the gloves come off.

In 2005, Obama himself said, “What they don’t expect is for one party – be it Republican or Democrat – to change the rules in the middle of the game so that they can make all the decisions while the other party is told to sit down and keep quiet.”

It is also worth noting that Obama said in an email in 2005 that, “I guess now that [George W. Bush] is president and his Party is in the majority in the Senate, what the Founding Fathers wanted is no longer important.”  You would think because of these statements and others, that Obama actually respected the rule of law. Proof that he doesn’t is seen repeatedly in his actions, which tell the real story.

This was all in reference to the Republican tyrant, George W. Bush. The Democrats’ biggest fear was complete Republican control. But it is funny how they were so worried about the rules being changed when they didn’t have the power and now that they have absolute authority, they detonate the nuclear bomb. Not only do they activate it, they do so with pleasure.

Christians, we know that this is full an assault by Satan himself, allowed by God. The timing is right for such madness. These men and women have no scruples. They never did, but when not in a position of absolute power, they kept up the facade that they had principles. We were fooled.

Harry Reid, who is leading the Senate into a hell hole of single party tyranny, at one time warned of the dangers of one party having complete power. Lying through his teeth, he was simply waiting for his turn. These lecherous wolves were lying in wait for everything to align for them to seize power from Conservatives and without hesitation, go nuclear. This was the plan. No doubt some of them probably thought the day would never come when they had enough momentum to do such a thing. But the time is now. They may not have realized how intoxicating power can be, but when gripped by its, it is hypnotic. The thirst is unquenchable. To a reprobate mind, power is the end all be all.

The Roman Emperor Nero actually started well. He ended secret trials and gave the Roman Senate more independence. He reduced taxes, aided the Jews, and provided assistance to cities and people suffering from various disasters. But then he turned. He catered to depravity, and took to murdering people at random. He literally let Rome burn, and was so horrible  that the people declared him public enemy number one. Anyone who found him was allowed to kill him on spot. He ended up taking his own life. We have a “Nero” in Washington D.C. on multiple fronts. There is no escaping what is coming. We are going to burn.

The Bible speaks of the days that we are living in as “perilous times.” Men are described as loving themselves over anyone or anything else. This is the very essence of what we are seeing in the Senate today. We are witnessing corrupt politicians lusting for more and more power, callously running over anyone who gets in their way, attempting to keep them from getting what they want.

This doesn’t happen by chance. God is deliberately removing his hand. With it, chaos is ensuing.

Evil is being called good and good, evil. Lying for the purpose of political gain is necessary to get things done. The most dastardly deeds that would be called out by all men and women decades before today are ignored. No one cares. The American people just got fed to a merciless pack of hungry lions. The Constitution is in its death throes, ripped to shreds by men without conscience.

Ultimately, it is by design. There is no question that the very men exercising such outrageous, tyrannical power grabs have hungered for this day. This is merely a dress rehearsal for Antichrist’s reign of absolute terror.

The only restraining force in the world is the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the only remedy for sin. For a world that has rejected Christ, men like Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Joe Biden, among others, fill the gap. They are evil, power-hungry liars who care nothing for their fellow-men, but only for their own personal gain. All they are doing is paving the way for the man of sin to be revealed. His entry onto the world’s stage may be sooner than we think.

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