Is a one-world company controlled by a one-world government on its way?

February 19, 2014 at 11:38 AM

by Fred DeRuvo

Daniel Estulin's latest book

Daniel Estulin’s latest book

In Daniel Estulin’s newest book, “TransEvolution,” he details what the Global Elite (GE) came up with in the 1960s, trumpeted by George Ball. Ball was “a senior managing director for Lehman Brothers as well as the Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs with JFK and President Lyndon B. Johnson.” [1] The more you study history, the more you see the same names in high places.

Ball’s grand idea was to create a “world company,” that would transcend all governments. In essence, this world company would become part of a one-world government system. As Estulin further notes, “The idea world globalists like to promote is that nation-states are outmoded and an archaic form of government, and that in a Malthusian world they can’t be relied on to address modern needs of society.” [2]

Malthusian refers to The Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus FRS (13 February 1766 – 23 December 1834[1]) who “was an English cleric and scholar, influential in the fields of political economy and demography.” The goal of a world built on “Malthusian” concepts and ideas is to understand that the population must be controlled, but first it must be severely reduced, because it is believed there are not enough natural resources to supply the world’s total population (over 7 billion) for long.

To put Malthus’ ideas into practice, the GE came up with the idea of a world company equaling a new form of government. This world company (or government) would be controlled by the GE. What stands in their way of making this happen? The individual nation-state.

Each individual country of the world must be overcome or at least weakened severely. People need to look beyond their own borders and eradicate a nationalist dogma because it only serves as “the most important impediment to the creation of a neo-colonial world empire.” [3] Once the GE gains control through the creation of their world company, no government will be able to stand in their way. They’ve ensured this to be the case by the fact that the have spent decades looting countries of their wealth and natural resources.

But it isn’t simply Daniel Estulin who has been writing about this coming situation that will overtake the world. Others like Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Bertram Gross, Aaron Dykes, Servando Gonzalez, Aldous Huxley, Ruth Barton, Ann Lawler, and many others besides these. These people have done what they can to uncover and in some cases, hide in plain sight, the intentions of those who are part of the GE.

One might ask, why do we not pay attention? Why do we ignore the warnings? One individual reviewed Estulin’s book and had this to say about it (in part):

“Do you believe that the elite want to literally starve the world so they have enough eat? Then this book is for you.

“Such thinking is comical. Let’s assume that the elite are the top 1% of a society. Don’t you think they could afford the price of food no matter what the price? Won’t they be the last people on Earth who can’t afford to buy food? So why would they, out of all the people in the world, care if food gets expensive? Why would they want to reduce the supply of food (thereby raising the price and causing problems)? Just so they can have an extra chicken on the table? If you believe such a theory, then this book is for you.

“TransEvolution is full of ludicrous ideas and half-baked arguments.”

In spite of all that has taken place in society for the past few hundred years, people like this refuse to acknowledge what appears so clear to many of us. Of course for Christians, the notion of a one-world government (or company) bears quite a bit of resemblance to Scripture’s revelation of what the last few years of this age of humanity will be like, just prior to the return of Jesus.

Daniel2We know for instance, that Daniel chapters two and seven discuss in detail the final main world empires. We learn that beginning with Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom of Babylon, the “Times of the Gentiles” begins and will continue until the Lord Jesus Himself returns physically to this earth. He will destroy that coming final human empire and set up His own Kingdom reign.

What begins with the Babylonian Kingdom, segues into the Medo-Persian Empire, then into the Grecian Empire, and finally the Roman Empire. However, the Bible tells us that this final kingdom will be a type of revived Roman Empire, yet it will be different from all the previous kingdoms. The Bible has a good deal to say about this final human kingdom and how one man (who rises out of the original ten horns to become supreme ruler over all the earth) will take his future place as the Antichrist. On one hand, he is the eleventh horn (because he rises from among the ten horns, though he is not one of the ten horns).

If this is what the Bible teaches us, then would we not see this occurring within society today (if we are drawing close to that time of the final revived empire)? Most assuredly. Does that mean I am saying that this final kingdom will be here at any moment? No, not at all. I’m simply stating that the Bible tells us how history will look as it leads up to that final empire. The Bible even tells us when that final empire will technically begin with the Antichrist running things.

People who can look at society today and not see that things are desperately moving toward the final chapter when the last human empire will control all of the earth are blind. They are so due either to their own unwillingness to put the pieces together that allows them to see, or they can’t see it for the lack of study.

We’ll be back with more from Daniel Estulin’s book soon!

[1] Daniel Estulin, TransEvolution – the Coming Age of Human Deconstruction (2014), p 26.

[2] Ibid, p. 26

[3] Ibid, p. 26

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