Why is Ukraine exploding in civil strife and disobedience?

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What lies below the surface in Ukraine’s civil strife? by Fred DeRuvo

Ukraine riots

We see images of Ukraine before and after and things do not appear to be good, promising, or uplifting. Toward the end of 2013, it appeared as though all the ducks were in a row so that Ukraine would take its place as another nation within the EU. Then, something went wrong. President Yanukovych balked.

As can be expected, many have commented on why Ukraine has much to gain from joining the EU, while others believe it has much to lose. Is there any way to know for certain?

One article notes three specific reasons why it would be a bad idea for Ukraine to join the EU:

  1. No financial guarantees
  2. Trade losses
  3. Gas prices

Yet, another article weighs the pros with the cons and believes the pros outweigh the cons, leaving Ukraine in a perfect “win-win” situation. “The deep and comprehensive free trade area, envisaged in the context of the Association Agreement, will be of mutual economic benefit both to the EU and Ukraine.”

Again, who is right? Obviously, both cannot be, so how can truth be determined? Like many things today, truth is relative for the world. In order to find out the actual (or absolute) truth of any given situation, it becomes necessary to look below the surface to what might lie in the shadows.

It seems that on the surface, the civil strife is due to two main factions. One faction supports the current leader of Ukraine, President Viktor Yanukovych, who is accused of “abruptly refusing to sign a trade treaty with the European Union,” which is the direct cause of the current demonstrations. The other faction is obviously opposed to Yanukovych and wants new elections in which he will probably lose. They want to join the EU for a variety of reasons. Since his 11th hour U-turn, he has been given 60 days to form a new government.

But none of this – in this writer’s estimation – represents the real issue, which lies below the surface. Focusing on the things mentioned above completely redirects our gaze away from any form of “shadow government” or Global Elite (GE) working behind the scenes to control leaders and change the course of future history. Because we do not see these movers and shakers, it is easy to believe that they do not exist and any thought of them moves the conversation into the realm of “conspiracy.”

memoirsProbably one of the biggest facts in favor of believing in a GE that is doing its utter best to gain and keep control of the world for its own purposes is when David Rockefeller admitted that he was part of that group. He did so in his book “Memoirs,” first published in 2002. With all of the various groups, agencies, and organizations that are tied to the Rockefeller name, it is ludicrous to believe that what he has done has been done because of “good will.” The only good will that Rockefeller understands is when it is directed to him and his dynasty.

All of this leads us back to the question regarding Ukraine. What is behind all of it? Who gains if the Ukraine joins the EU? From where this writer sits, it is clear that the GE gains if Ukraine joins the EU. Currently, the EU is not in the greatest shape financially. They need more countries to join in order for new money to be added to the mix. At least four countries – Italy, Spain, Greece, and Portugal – have serious money problems and are part of the EU. Because of this, they are creating tremendous weight within the EU. If more countries like Ukraine join the EU, then at least – for the time being – new money and additional natural resources will be added to the mix to help lighten the burden.

But what is the EU? Yes, it’s a group of countries joined together under one banner, but again, who benefits from that union? In reality, only one group actually benefits and that is the Global Elite. It is as Daniel Estulin has stated, “the resources of any country do not belong to that country, but to the World Company Incorporated run by the Elite.” [1] The more the GE can gain control over one country after another, the better position they will be in to gain control of that country’s wealth and natural resources as well as create a complete global economic crash allowing them to seize full control of what is left of the world. Yes, that sounds like a conspiracy, but what if it’s true?

The elite already control the banking system, most corporations, and even much of the political arena. However, they do not yet control countries like the Ukraine (which is backed by Russia, which also supports Syria). The elite’s goal is to gain control over all major countries of the globe in order to bring about their goals.

The so-called Arab Spring was put into effect to allow the elite to gain control over Northern Africa by toppling one government after another and attempting to replace one dictator with a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). They have been working to topple Syria’s Assad and if they succeed, will replace him with another MB puppet.

The GE have been working from behind the scenes to woo the Ukraine into the EU and by doing so, will automatically gain control over that nation’s finances via the EU banking system. Did President Yanukovych  wake up to that truth, possibly through Putin? Is this why he has made a complete U-turn? It’s also very possible that those who are fighting him are “imports” from other GE-controlled countries.

The GE works best by creating chaos throughout the globe. It is how they get things done. The situation in the Ukraine may be no different.

[1] Daniel Estulin TransEvolution (2013), p. 26

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